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Bardia to Enfidaville

Position at the End of 6 April

Position at the End of 6 April

At the end of the day the flanking divisions of 30 Corps had achieved their objectives, although there was still some doubt about the possession of the northern spur of Djebel er Roumana. In the centre progress had been slow. Forward elements of 8 Armoured Brigade were well north of the anti-tank ditch, part of the gun group was forward and in action, and the ditch had been cleared and filled sufficiently for 10 Corps to cross. The 1st Armoured Division had been relieved by ‘L’ Force during the morning and was concentrated south-west of Oudref.

The enemy had in fact prevented a clean break through, but Montgomery clearly had the initiative and therefore decided to launch a ‘blitz’ attack next morning. This was to be made at 9.30 a.m. by 6 NZ Infantry Brigade and 8 Armoured Brigade, with an artillery barrage and extensive air support, from a start line 3000 yards north of the gaps.

Tactical Headquarters of both 2 NZ Division and 8 Armoured Brigade moved forward to the ditch to be in close touch with the forward situation, but for the time being 6 Infantry Brigade did not move. Brigadier Gentry kept himself informed of any developments by visits to General Freyberg and by wireless. The CRA and his staff began preparing barrage tables for the attack.