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Bardia to Enfidaville

1 Armoured Division

1 Armoured Division

Although 28 Battalion had not captured Point 209 by nightfall, the result of the attacks of 23 and 24 Battalions was to open the gap for 1 Armoured Division, which advanced at the appointed time, and by last light was some four miles beyond the final objective. The appearance of the mass of tanks and other vehicles moving steadily forward was a very comforting sight.1

The 1st Armoured Division halted until the moon rose (about 11 p.m.) and then continued its advance towards El Hamma, disregarding the scattered fighting still going on in NZ Corps' area, and disregarding also the German troops and their defences still in position between NZ Corps' final objective and El Hamma. The division was thus passing through the remnants of 164 Light Division, and even more spectacularly was passing through 21 Panzer Division, which although only a shadow of its former strength was still a foe to be respected. During its advance the division charged through the headquarters of both the German divisions, so increasing the confusion.

For the moment, however, the activities of 1 Armoured Division had ceased to be the concern of NZ Corps.

1 1 Armoured Division arrived in its assembly area south-west of the start line just in time, the last vehicle only thirty minutes before zero hour. In effect the division went straight into action after its approach march.