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Bardia to Enfidaville

List of Illustrations

page ix

List of Illustrations

On to Tunis NZ Army (H. Paton)
Following page 86
The left hook at El Agheila F. T. Allan
A 25-pounder and its limber are winched up a rise F. T. Allan
New Zealand Vickers guns in position near Wadi Matratin
General Freyberg confers with his O Group near Nofilia J. C. White
Bypassing a demolished bridge on the Via Balbia near Sirte NZ Army
Engineers search the roadside for mines NZ Army
A sapper removes an S-mine from a landing field NZ Army (H. Paton)
An enemy shell bursts among advancing transport to the south of Buerat J. C. White
The Division, in desert formation, advances from Wadi Zemzem towards Beni Ulid NZ Army (H. Paton)
Beni Ulid - from a painting by R. L. Kay
New Zealand engineers clear a track on the route between Beni Ulid and Azizia NZ Army (H. Paton)
A British armoured car near Tarhuna NZ Army (H. Paton)
A New Zealand column approaches Tarhuna NZ Army (H. Paton)
On the road to Azizia NZ Army (H. Paton)
New Zealand sappers make friends with an Italian family on the way to Tripoli NZ Army (H. Paton)
Following page 170
General Freyberg confers with a Royal Scots Greys officer and Brigadier Weir near Azizia NZ Army (H. Paton)
Entering Tripoli. Four Maori soldiers share a tin of bully beef; Maori anti-tank gunners drive through an avenue of bluegums NZ Army (H. Paton) page x
A New Zealand battalion on an Eighth Army church parade in Tripoli NZ Army (H. Paton)
Unloading supplies from a lighter at Tripoli NZ Army
Divisional parade for Mr Churchill at Castel Benito, 4 February 1943 NZ Army (H. Paton)
Mr Churchill takes the salute NZ Army (H. Paton)
Medenine J. M. Mitchell
Soft sand on the route to the Tebaga Gap G. V. Turnbull
Operation SUPERCHARGE: an aerial mosaic of the Tebaga Gap Army Air Photograph Interpretation Unit
A 1 Armoured Division tank on its way to the Tebaga Gap K. G. Killob
The breakthrough at Tebaga. British tanks assemble for the advance to El Hamma British official photograph
Following page 234
Passing through Gabes. The inhabitants fill in a crossing over Wadi Gabes NZ Army (H. Paton)
A Hurricane drops a message at New Zealand Corps Headquarters J. C. White
Stretcher bearers carry wounded to an ambulance plane near Tebaga Gap NZ Army (H. Paton)
Eighth Army advances to attack the Wadi Akarit position Indian official photograph
NZASC vehicles pass through the Wadi Akarit defences O. Bracegirdle
The Enfidaville battlefield—a relief model made by New Zealand engineers
Takrouna, from the east French official photograph
5 Brigade's sector, showing the axes of advance of the three battalions of 5 Brigade
Takrouna. The Ledge, taken from the Pinnacle NZ Army (M. D. Elias)
Looking south-east from Takrouna K. G. Killoh page xi
The lower village K. G. Killoh
New Zealand field artillery in action near Takrouna NZ Army (M. D. Elias)
A convoy passes through a field of daisies NZ Army (M. D. Elias)
Black diamond signs and cactus hedges mark the route forward NZ Army (M. D. Elias)
Italian troops surrender north of Enfidaville NZ Army (M. D. Elias)
General Montgomery NZ Army (H. Paton)
Lieutenant-General Horrocks British official photograph
10 Corps Headquarters awaits word of the enemy's capitulation, 13 May 1943
10 Corps' message to 1 Italian Army, 9.5 p.m., 12 May 1943, and situation report on 13 May notifying the surrender of the Italians War Diary, G Branch, 2 NZ Division
Field Marshal Messe surrenders to General Freyberg, 13 May 1943 J. C. White
General Mannerini, GOC Saharan Group, with his Chief of Staff at Divisional Headquarters, 8 April 1943 NZ Army (H. Paton)
General von Liebenstein, GOC 164 Light Africa Division, surrenders on 13 May J. C. White
German prisoners in Tunisia NZ Army (M. D. Elias)
An Italian taken at Akarit NZ Army (H. Paton)
War cemetery at Enfidaville French official photograph
The Division returns to Egypt NZ Army (H. Paton)
The end of a 2000-mile journey. Passing through Maadi township; arriving at Maadi Camp NZ Army (H. Paton)