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Royal New Zealand Air Force



The landing of the 2nd Marine Parachute Battalion on Choiseul was carried out shortly after midnight on the night of 27–28 October. Some of the landing craft that had taken part in the Treasury landing returned to Guadalcanal and embarked the men for the Choiseul operation. The Marines went ashore at Voza on the south-west coast of the island, the operation being uneventful except for an attack by a Japanese seaplane, which dropped two bombs some 200 yards from one of the ships. The Marines were unopposed in their landing but were discovered shortly afterwards. In the ensuing week, before they were withdrawn on 4 November, they patrolled and raided along a 25-mile strip of the coast, destroying enemy installations, barges and supplies. Their activity created the impression that the force was larger than the 800 men it comprised, and apparently led the enemy into believing that a major landing had taken place, as by 2 November he had begun to gather strong detachments to oppose the raiders.

On 30 October an American striking force of twelve TBFs escorted by twenty-six fighters, including twelve from the RNZAF Wing, bombed and strafed Japanese positions near Sangigai on Choiseul in support of the Marines. No enemy aircraft were seen and only slight anti-aircraft fire of light calibre was met.