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Royal New Zealand Air Force


page 333


ADU Aerodrome Defence Unit
AGTS Advanced Ground Training Squadron
AMP Air Member for Personnel
AMS Air Member for Supply
AOC Air Officer Commanding
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
ATC Air Training Corps
B17 Flying Fortress
B24 Liberator
B25 Mitchell
B26 Marauder
BR Bomber Reconnaissance
C47 Dakota
C60 Lodestar
CAS Chief of Air Staff
CHL Chain Home, Low-flying
COL Chain Overseas, Low-flying
D Director (of Training, etc.)
DB Dive Bomber
DCAS Deputy Chief of Air Staff
D/F Direction Finding
DOSD Director of Organisation and Staff Duties
EFTS Elementary Flying Training School
EGTS Elementary Ground Training Squadron
F Fighter
F4F Wildcat
F4F-4 Wildcat
F4U Corsair
F6F Hellcat
FB Flying Boat
FOTU Fighter Operational Training Unit
FTS Flying Training School
GCI Ground Control Interception
GR General Reconnaissance
GTD Ground Training Depot
ITW Initial Training Wing
LCI Landing Craft, Infantry
LST Landing Ship, Tankpage 334
NCO non-commissioned officer
NZLO New Zealand Liaison Officer
NZPAF New Zealand Permanent Air Force
NZSC New Zealand Staff Corps
NZTAF New Zealand Territorial Air Force
ONS Organisation for National Security
P38 Lightning
P39 Airacobra
P40 Kittyhawk
P70 Havoc
PBO Hudson
PBJ Mitchell
PBY Catalina
PC Submarine chaser
PPI Plan Position Indicator
PT (boat) Patrol Torpedo Boat
PV1 Ventura
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAF Royal Air Force
RAPWI Repatriation of Allied Prisoners of War and Internees
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
RFC Royal Flying Corps
RNAS Royal Naval Air Service
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force
R/T Radio Telephony
SBD Dauntless
SFTS Service Flying Training School
SSC Short Service Commission
TBF Avenger
TEA Tasman Empire Airways
TRU Transportable Radar Unit
TTS Technical Training School
USAAF United States Army Air Force
USMC United States Marine Corps
USN United States Navy
VCAS Vice-Chief of Air Staff
VHF Very High Frequency
WAAF Women's Auxiliary Air Force
W/T Wireless Telegraphy