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Documents Relating to New Zealand's Participation in the Second World War 1939–45: Volume III

366 — Major-General Barrowclough to Lieutenant-General Puttick

Major-General Barrowclough to Lieutenant-General Puttick

24 June 1943

Have received copy of the signal from comsopac to GOC New Zealand Military Forces dated 24 June.

While greatly regretting the decision I feel it essential we should accept the two-brigade basis rather than refuse the proposals for active employment of the Division. I am assured that the task allotted us will page 390 be proportionately reduced. Consider that an early reply should be made to comsopac's letter of 11 June [No. 358] to enable the plan to proceed and me to prepare. Please instruct whether I am to reorganise on a two-brigade basis. Request third Field Company fully equipped be included as a unit of this Division. General Harmon concurs. Request also all Divisional Signals with all equipment be sent as originally contemplated as no adequate provision has been made for Base Signals and I am faced with the additional problem of signals for mainyard.1 Request also as reinforcements personnel, but without equipment, of other units of this Division now in New Zealand. Request you advise usafispa of amended requirements of shipping to complete the Division on the new basis. Understand Captain Jupp2 controls only United States Navy shipping and usafispa can make available ships not under Captain Jupp's control.

2 Commodore S. D. Jupp, USN; Commanding Officer and Port Director, US Naval Operating Base, Auckland.