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Documents Relating to New Zealand's Participation in the Second World War 1939–45: Volume III



Prime Minister's Office,
5 November 1942

To: The General Officer Commanding,

2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force in Pacific.

1. In addition to the powers and authorities vested in you as General Officer Commanding the 2nd NZEF in Pacific by virtue of any relevant statute or regulations, you are hereby vested with the following powers, all of which may be exercised from time to time as occasion demands:


Power to increase or vary the scale of rations if in your opinion this should seem necessary in the interests of the health of your troops but subject to supplies being available locally or from American or New Zealand sources.


Power to purchase equipment and material (in accordance with appropriate war equipment tables) which cannot be obtained or which cannot without unreasonable delay be obtained from normal sources.


Power to incur expenditure which cannot be foreseen at present and which you in your discretion may think necessary for the protection, safety and health of your troops.


Power to incur expenditure, not exceeding £250 for any one transaction, for the provision of recreation and other amenities for your troops.


Power to disburse at your discretion from an entertainment fund which will be provided amounts not exceeding in the aggregate £500 per annum.


To establish such administration headquarters and base and line of communication units as are necessary for the functions of command, organisation and administration with which you have been vested, and to fix and determine the establishments and war equipment tables of such headquarters and units, provided the same are in conformity with the establishments and equipment tables customarily adopted in British military practice.

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To fix, determine and alter the establishments, equipment tables and composition of existing units and formations as the exigencies of the service may in your opinion from time to time require.


To make promotions and appointments of officers, warrant officers and non-commissioned officers within establishments. (All appointments and promotions of officers to be subject to confirmation by the Governor-General and published in the New Zealand Gazette.)

Provided in respect of the foregoing paragraphs (a) to (h) that additional demands on New Zealand manpower and equipment are not thereby created and that the ranks laid down in British or New Zealand War Establishments are not exceeded, and in the case of appointments provided otherwise than in War Establishments that the ranks authorised for such appointments are not exceeded.

2. You will be directly responsible to the New Zealand Government for the discipline and internal administration of the troops under your command, but you will at all times conform with any local orders of the Commander under whose command you may from time to time be serving in respect of general discipline and administration so far as the same can reasonably by made applicable to your force, and in the event of any difference between you and such commander in respect of any of these matters you are authorised to make representations thereon to His Majesty's Government in New Zealand.

3. Your normal channel of communication with His Majesty's Government in New Zealand will be through Army Headquarters in New Zealand but in exceptional circumstances (or for special reasons) you are to have the right of direct communication with the New Zealand Government.

(Sgd) P. Fraser


Prime Minister

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