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Episodes & Studies Volume 2


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THIS SERIES will be completed in 24 numbers, of which this is the 17th. It presents detailed accounts of episodes characteristic of the fighting in the Second World War and studies of certain aspects of New Zealand's war experience, illustrated with material for which space will not otherwise be available. Binding cases for this series can be obtained from booksellers.

This number deals with the services of New Zealand airmen in the defence of Malta, vital to the success of our operations in the Mediterranean and Middle East. Other numbers of this series dealing with the experiences of New Zealanders serving in the RAF are Aircraft against U-Boat, Early Operations with Bomber Command, and New Zealanders in the Battle of Britain. The research and preliminary narratives for the full story have nearly been completed by a team of New Zealand Air Force officers working in London. The first volume, written by Wing-Commander H. L. Thompson, will be ready for publication this year.

The Assault on Rabaul deals with one of the operations of the Royal New Zealand Air Force. The history of the RNZAF, from its birth in 1923 to the end of the war, has been completed in draft form by Squadron-Leader J. M. S. Ross and should also be ready for publication during 1951. In both cases printing difficulties are likely to delay actual publication.




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