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Episodes & Studies Volume 2

Biographical Notes

page 32

Biographical Notes

1Vice-Admiral J. W. Rivett-Carnac, CB, CBE, DSC; born England, 12 Dec 1891; served First World War, 1914–18 (DSC); captain of HMS Leander and Commodore Commanding NZ Squadron, 1937–39; captain HMS Rodney, 1941–43; promoted Rear-Admiral, 1943; Flag Officer, British Assault Area, Normandy, 1944; Vice-Admiral (Q) British Pacific Fleet, 1945–47; retired 1947.

2Rear-Admiral H. E. Horan, DSC; born Ireland, 12 Aug 1890; served First World War, 1914–18 (DSC, Aug 1914); captain HMS Barham, 1937–38; Chief of Naval Staff, New Zealand, 1938–40; captain HMS Leander, 1940; Combined Operations Headquarters, 1941–43; Rear-Admiral (retd.) commanding Combined Operations Bases (Western Approaches), 1943–46.

3Captain R. H. Bevan, RN; born England, 26 May 1892; served First World War, 1914–18; captain HMS Leander, 1940–42; retired (ill-health) 1942; commanded HMS Collingwood (training establishment) 1943–45.

4Rear-Admiral C. A. L. Mansergh, CB, DSC, m.i.d., US Silver Star; born England, 7 Oct 1898; served First World War, 1914–18 (DSC); captain HMNZS Achilles, 1942–43; HMNZS Leander, Feb-Oct 1943; commanded HMS Implacable, 1946–47; promoted Rear-Admiral, 1948.

5Chief Engine-room Artificer M. Buckley, m.i.d., RN; born Northwich, Cheshire, England, 3 Dec 1914; fitter; joined Royal Navy14 Jan 1936; took discharge 7 May 1948.

6Chief Shipwright J. W. Stewart, DSM, RN; born Ardrossan, Scotland, 21 Feb 1903; shipwright; joined New Zealand Division Royal Navy 21 Jun 1923; took discharge 4 Oct 1946.

7Stoker Petty Officer A. Fickling, DSM, RNZN; born Tottenham, London, 15 Apr 1909; joined New Zealand Division Royal Navy 15 Nov 1927; took discharge 23 Oct 1946.

8Petty Officer Stoker Mechanician J. R. Haliday, RNZN; born Thames, 9 Aug 1921; joined RNZNOct 1940; now Petty Officer Stoker Mechanician.

9Captain S. W. Roskill, DSC, RN; born England, 1 Aug 1903; acting-captain in command of Leander, Oct 1943-Apr 1944; promoted captain Jun 1944; retired 1949.

10Seaman Boy, 1st Class, M. A. Kelly; born Waimate, 4 Feb 1926; joined RNZN14 May 1942; took discharge 2 Apr 1947.

11Petty Officer C. A. Patchett, m.i.d., RNZN; born Blenheim, 4 Sep 1912; joined New Zealand Division Royal Navy5 Feb 1928; Long Service and Good Conduct Medals.

12Chief Electrical Artificer W. R. J. Jones, DSM, RN; born Pretoria, South Africa, 22 Dec 1905; joined Royal Navy21 Mar 1927.

13Sick Berth Attendant N. Craven, m.i.d., RNZN; born Whangarei, 30 Mar 1921; joined RNZN30 Jan 1942; took discharge 18 Apr 1946.

14Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist C. J. Rosbrook, m.i.d., RN; born London, 18 May 1905; joined Royal Navy as boy, 17 Aug 1921.

15Surgeon Captain E. S. McPhail, VRD, m.i.d., RNZNVR; born Invercargill, 25 Dec 1899; now Surgeon Captain, RNZN, Director of Naval Medical Services.