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Episodes & Studies Volume 2

First Leander

First Leander

Built 1780. Fourth rate of 1000 tons and 50 guns. In 1782 took part in reduction of Accra and other Dutch forts on Gold Coast, West Africa.

In 1783, while on convoy duty in the West Indies, the Leander sighted and engaged the French ship of the line Pluton, 74 guns. After a fierce action lasting two hours, though reduced to a wreck, three times set on fire, and repeatedly attacked by boarders, she put the Frenchman to flight.

In 1797, when Nelson made his ill-fated attack on Santa Cruz (and lost his arm), the Leander was one of his squadron.

In 1798 the Leander fought in the Battle of the Nile. A fortnight later she fought her famous action with the French ship of the line Genereux, 80 guns, by whom she was taken.

In 1799 the Leander was taken from the French by a Russian and Turkish force at the capture of Corfu and was restored to Britain by the Russian Emperor.

In 1805 the Leander captured the French 48-gun ship Ville de Milan, together with the latter's prize, the British 38-gun Cleopatra, taken a week previously.

In 1817 the Leander was sold out of the service for £2100.