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Documents Relating to New Zealand's Participation in the Second World War 1939–45: Volume II

422 — General Freyberg to the Prime Minister (London)1 — [Extract]

General Freyberg to the Prime Minister (London)1

7 April 1945

We are now in the line on the eve of active operations. We are up to strength, everybody is in very good health, and morale could not be higher. I consider that the Division has never been in better condition.

From the medical point of view it is very desirable that the end should come quickly as we are in the worst malarial area in Italy. I am hopeful that we shall either move north or withdraw south before the difficult months of June to September.

For your information the following is the text of my telegram of 28 March to the Minister of Defence.

[Text of No. 421]

1 Mr. Fraser had gone to London at the end of March to attend discussions between representatives of Governments of the British Commonwealth as a preliminary to the United Nations Conference at San Francisco (25 Apr – 26 Jun) at which he lead the New Zealand Delegation. He returned to New Zealand early in July.