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22 Battalion


page ix


The author, on ending his two and a half years' task and all too conscious of so many brave men and acts unrecorded, wishes particularly to thank Brigadier Andrew, VC, Colonel A. W. O'Reilly, Majors Stan Johnson, R. E. Johnston, Bob Knox, Keith Hutcheson, Len Turner, and Captain E. B. Paterson, Padres Thorpe, Champion, Martin Sullivan and Sergel; R. R. Foreman, Mick Bradford, Bart Cox, Stewart Nairn, Lloyd Grieve, George Orsler, Bob Grant, Ian Ferguson, John Collins, Doug George, C. H. Stone, and many others for ungrudging and generous help; Tom De Lisle (unit historian, who blazed a brave preliminary trail through a jungle of war diaries); branches and officials of the 22 Battalion Association (especially Taranaki); the anonymous war diarist who covered the Alamein attack; the understanding and patient Editor-in-Chief and staff of the War History Branch; and ‘my wife Jill who stoically endured every campaign of the Battalion.’

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