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21 Battalion

Excellent Supplies

Excellent Supplies

‘Bob and I then waited. By this time von Ravenstein was completely composed. He indicated in broken French and much German that some food would be a good idea. We suspected a page 447 trick when he pointed to the back of his car. However, we were curious, so, making it perfectly clear that we were still very trigger-happy, I gave permission to the German driver to open up the back.

‘In a compartment we had not discovered were two excellent loaves of German bread beautifully wrapped in celophane, delicious German butter and some of the best cheese I have ever tasted. There was also a packet of raisins and another of dried figs. Still suspicious, we made the general eat first; the sight was too much for us so Bob and I took turns at covering the enemy while the other had a good feed of the enemy's excellent supplies.

‘Both Bob and I had noticed the keen but surreptitious glances the middle-aged German had directed toward the spot we knew must contain the enemy. Had they made a lightning raid the tables would have turned with a vengeance and I was a relieved subaltern when Cliff Vause returned with carrier, driver and an n.c.o. We off-loaded all the car's possessions excepting the jar of rum and the remnants of our breakfast, which we intended to return to 21st Battalion boys.