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21 Battalion

Decided to Go Forward

Decided to Go Forward

‘We seemed to be getting nowhere fast, so it was eventually decided that we should go forward, firing as we went and attempt a capture. To this end I yelled across to the unknown gunner to give us covering fire and forward we went. Almost immediately two pairs of hands went up and we wondered why we hadn't tried it before! All the same we badly wished to see that third pair of hands and in the most lurid language told the opposition what we wanted. They were desperately trying to tell us something, and one of the two lowered a hand to indicate the third member who hadn't shown up. The movement nearly cost him his life!

‘We had visions of a Jerry trick and were awake to surrendering enemy heaving ugly hand-grenades. However, I had caught the word “blessé” and a vague memory of schoolboy French came to my aid. Wounded he was, across the shoulder blade. And very luckily for us, because he was the bloke who was carrying the Germans' tommy-gun and our shot had made him drop it in the back of the car.