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Italy Volume I: The Sangro to Cassino

(e) Engineers:

(e) Engineers:


The need for a properly designed armoured bulldozer, already evident from the Orsogna battles, was again and even more forcefully demonstrated. In Cassino it was seldom possible to use unarmoured mechanical equipment, and bulldozers drew fire on themselves and on the troops in their locality.


The use of standard types of mine detector in clearing large numbers of non-metallic mines was shown to be impracticable under assault conditions. Flail tanks or mine gapping charges were necessary.


The erection of Bailey bridges in full view and within close range of the enemy was expensive: some less conspicuous form of assault bridging was sought.


Closer liaison between artillery and engineers was believed to be necessary. To give the engineers the protection which they need for special tasks, it was suggested that in certain circumstances the presence of a Forward Observation Officer with a working party of engineers might reduce casualties and save time over the task.