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Episodes & Studies Volume 1


page 33


THE DIARY used in this account is that of Cpl A. A. Swanston, of 26 NZ Battalion. For the description of medical units the author relied on miscellaneous material in the records of the Medical History Section, War History Branch. The map and diagram are by L. D. McCormick, and the photographs come from many collections, which are stated where they are known:

K. G. Killoh Cover

L. V. Stewart Inside Cover

New Zealand Army Official, J. G. Brownpages 4, 7, 26 and 27

New Zealand Army Official, H. Patonpage 9 (top), page 15 (top), and page 18 (bottom)

New Zealand Army Official, G. F. Kayepage 9 (bottom), page 10, and page 11 (top, and bottom left)

New Zealand Army Official, G. R. Bullpage 11 (bottom right), page 15 (bottom), page 20 (centre and bottom)

Dr. P. V. Gravespage 12 (top) and page 14 (top)

Army Film Photograph Unit, page 13 (top), page 16 (bottom right), and page 19 (top)

Dr. G. H. Levienpage 13 (bottom)

R. H. Blanchardpage 16 (top left)

J. B. Hardcastlepage 16 (top right)

Dr. S. L. Wilsonpage 16 (bottom left)

New Zealand Army Official, C. J. Haydenpage 17 (bottom right), and page 21

Dr. D. T. Stewartpage 18 (top)

G. Morrispage 19 (bottom)

A. R. Andersonpage 20 (top)

Department of Internal Affairs, John Pascoepage 22 (top)

F. A. Marriottpage 22 (bottom) and page 23 (bottom)

New Zealand Army Official, M. D. Eliaspage 23 (top)

The Evening Post page 24