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Episodes & Studies Volume 1


page 33


THE SOURCES consulted in the preparation of this account include books written by former prisoners of war, as well as eye-witness accounts and interviews recorded by the author of the official prisoner-of-war volume (Wynne Mason).

The sketches are by A. G. Douglas (page 13, pages 16 and 17, page 19, and foot of page 21 and outside back cover), and by Nevile Lodge (top of page 21).

The photographs come from many collections, which are stated where they are known:

Cover, Inside Cover, page 18, page 23 (top), and page 24, Lee Hill

page 9, page 11 (bottom), L. Steward

page 10, page 11 (top), page 12 (top), page 23 (bottom), H. R. Dixon

page 14 (top), A. C. W. Mantell-Harding (bottom), C. C. Johansen

page 15 C. N. Armstrong

page 12 (bottom), page 20, W. A. Weakley

page 22 (top), P. W. Bates

The photographers risked severe punishment and showed considerable resource in overcoming the technical difficulties of taking and printing photographs while prisoners of war.