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Documents Relating to New Zealand's Participation in the Second World War 1939–45: Volume I

Mytchett Place — Mytchett, Aldershot 15 August 1940

Mytchett Place
Mytchett, Aldershot
15 August 1940


I have the honour to report that I have just received your welcome letter of 27 May,1 which followed me by a belated route to page 137 England. I am happy that the actions and advice I have tendered have met with your approval. I hope that the relationship existing between us will continue because, even with complete understanding between two departments such as ours, the distance and the time lag in correspondence make co-operation difficult.

Since my last report to you the situation has changed completely. The French are now out of the war and for the moment almost hostile, and the Spanish from all accounts are only waiting their moment to remove General Franco and come in with the Axis powers. Japan also has given evidence of hostile intentions.

I know from the copies of cipher messages I have read that His Majesty's Government in New Zealand have experienced most anxious times during the last weeks. I wish, therefore, to give all the help I can in the difficult decisions you are forced to make.

1 This letter is not published. An extract dealing with the proposed formation of the Anzac Corps is included in Volume II.