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New Zealand Artillery in the Field, 1914-18

Distinguished Conduct Medal

Distinguished Conduct Medal.

  • *Corporal A. N. Andrews.
  • B.S.M. A. Bailey.
  • B.S.M. G. R. Bain.
  • *Sergeant R. Birnie.
  • Fitter N. Clark.
  • Sergeant V. R. Davy.
  • Gunner A. S. Driver.
  • Lieut. C. J. K. Edwards.
  • Corporal A. Gapes.
  • Corporal W. B. Goile.
  • Sergeant F. Greig.
  • R.S.M. W. A. Gustafsen.
  • Sergeant J. F. Hill.
  • Sergeant F. N. Holder.
  • Lieut. W. Ibbotson.
  • Bdr.-Fitter D. C. Inglis.
  • B.S.M. J. P. Joyce.
  • B.S.M. P. D. McCrae.
  • Bdr. W. McQueen.
  • B.S.M. L. G. Morrison.
  • Corporal H. Muir.
  • Corporal G. W. Osbourne.
  • B.S.M. W. L. F. Porter.
  • B.S.M. J. J. Riddett, Bar to D.C.M.
  • Corporal T. W. Sharp.
  • Sergeant J. M. Stringer.
  • *Bdr. G. Syme.
  • Sergeant J. H. Taplin.
  • Bdr. J. P. Thompson.
  • B.S.M. G. Varrall.
  • Driver S. Wade.