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The History of the Canterbury Mounted Rifles 1914-1919



Jan. 20 Moved to Nalin.
Feb. 3 Moved to Ayun Kara (Rishon le Zion).
17 Arrived at Bethlehem.
19-20-21 Advance on Jericho.
22 Reconnaissance of Jordan.
22-23 Marched up to Jerusalem.
26 Returned to Rishon le Zion.
Mar. 13-18 March to Bethlehem.
20 Arrived at Talaat ed Dumm (in the Wilderness).
24 Crossed the Jordan.
25-26 Climbing Mountains of Moab.
27-30 Attack upon Amman and capture of Hill 3039.
31 Retirement to edge of plateau.
April 1 Descent to the Jordan.
2 Camped near Jericho.
30 Action on east side of the Jordan.
May 1-6 Raid on Es Salt.
16 Moved to Talaat ed Dumm.
27 8th Squadron goes to Richon.
28 Regiment camped near King Solomon's Pools.
June 3 Special King's Birthday Parade at Bethlehem.
14 Back in Jordan Valley—camping at Ain ed Duk.
26 The Turks began long range shelling with "Jericho Jane."
July 14 Combined German-Turk attack driven off.
19 Camped at Talaat ed Dumm.
27 Camped near King Solomon's Pools.
Aug. 16 Returned to the Valley of the Auja River.
Sept. 21 Advanced up west bank of Jordan.
22 Captured Damieh Bridge.
23 Capture of Es Salt.
24 Regiment moved to Suweile.
25 Capture of Amman.
Oct. 2 8th Squadron goes to Madeba.
3 Regiment moved to Kissir.
4 Return to the Jordan.
8 The Regiment rode out of the Valley for the last time.
14 Reached Ayun Kara.
Nov. 13 The Regiment, without horses, entrained at Ludd.
14 Arrived at Kantara.
27 Embarked on " Huntscastle."
Dec. 5 Disembarked at Maidos, at the Dardanelles. Visits to the old battlefields.