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The History of the Canterbury Mounted Rifles 1914-1919



Jan. 8 Night march on Rafa.
9 Battle of Rafa.
10 Return to El Arish.
Feb. 23 Reconnaissance of Khan Yunus.
Camped on beach at Rafa.
March 11 First reconnaissance of Gaza.
25 Final reconnaissance of Gaza and the crossings of the Wadi Ghuzze.
26 First Battle, of Gaza.
April 17-18-19 Regiment crosses Wadi Ghuzze at Shellal. Second Battle of Gaza.
April 20-May 22 Reconnaissances east of Wadi Ghuzze.
May 22-23 Raid upon Beersheba-Asluj railway.
June 8 On beach at Marakeb.
Oct. 16 Special parade for presentation of honours and awards by General Allenby.
24 Moved to Esani.
29 Moved to Asluj.
30 Advance on Beersheba by all-night march.
31 Action of Beersheba and capture of Tel el Saba.
Nov. 1-6 Actions of Ras el Nagh and Tel Khuweilfeh.
7-8-9 Occupying position Kb el Ras.
10-11-12 Rode north through Plain of Philistines and reached Hamame (near Ascalon).
13 Advanced to Yebna.
14 Action of Ayun Kara.
17 Took over the City of Jaffa.
24 Advanced across River Auja and seized enemy covering positions.
25 Action of Khirbet Hadrah and withdrawal across river.page 267
Dec. 4-10 Holding lines between Jaffa and foothills.
11 Allenby's entry into Jerusalem.
13 Moved to sandhills at Esdud.