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Armageddon or Calvary: The Conscientious Objectors of New Zealand and "The Process of Their Conversion"

Appendix III

page 176

Appendix III.

The Parliamentary Order Paper, September 3, 1919, contained the following:—"Mr. Holland to move: That there be laid before this House a return showing—(1) The number of members of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force who, whilst on active service, have been sentenced to undergo punishment; (2) the number who actually served sentences so inflicted, and the nature of their punishment; (3) the number still undergoing punishment, and the nature of their sentences; (4) the number sentenced to death by order of court-martial; (5) the number of cases in which the death sentence was actually carried out; (6) the nature of the alleged offence for which soldiers were sentenced to either punishment or death; and (7) the names of the officers constituting the various courtsmartial, and whether they were in every case New Zealand officers."

In my Address-in-Reply speech on Septembr 5, I said: "Both Briggs and Baxter have said that when they first refused duty in France they were threatened with the death penalty. The General Orders were taken down and shown to them, and those orders, according to the officers who showed them, purported to contain lists of New Zealanders who were courtmartialled and ordered to be shot for refusing to obey orders."