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Operation order from R. W. Wrightson, Captain and Adjutant, to 1st Battalion, Wellington Infantry Regiment, 26th September, 1916

1st Battalion.
Wellington Infantry Regt.

26th September, 1916.
The following positions will be captured by the Battalion:
a.Gird Support Trenches from left of Auckland at M 26 b.93 to M 24 b.4.6.
b.Gird Trench from left of Auckland at M 26 b.9.3 to M 24 b.2.4.
c.Goose Alley from M 24 b.6.5 to M 24 c.8.6.

W.W.C. Co. will capture, consolidate and garrison the objectives in B and C.

A Company 4th Battn., N.Z.R.B. will capture, consolidate and garrison the objective in A.

Each company will erect a block 60 yards west of the junction of Goose Alley with Gird Trenches and Gird Support.

One Stokes Mortar and one section of Battalion bombers is allotted to each company.

W.W.C. Co. will attack from Goose Alley and the company of the 4th Battn. N.Z.R.B. will attack from left of Auckland at M.26.b.9.3.

The attacks will be simultaneous and will be made at 4 a.m., 27/9/16. The attack will be preceded by five minutes' intensive bombardment of Stokes Mortars commencing at 3.55 a.m.

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A tank may be available, and, if so, it will precede the advance of A Company along Gird Support and there will not then be any bombardment of Stokes Mortars.

R. W. Wrightson.
Captain and Adjutant.