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The Wellington Regiment (NZEF) 1914 - 1919

Mentioned in Army Corps Routine Orders

Mentioned in Army Corps Routine Orders.

10/626 Pte. Dufflill, G.
10/127 2nd. Lieut. Grace, T. M. P.
10/1674 Pte. Swan, J. W.
page 346
Nominal Roll of Honour of Members of the Regiment who died while serving with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force during the Great War:
Reg. No.Rank.Name.Date Death.Cause.Place.
182072/LtAckhurst, George4-10-17K in AFrance
5/1388APte.Adams, Reginald L.16-9-16K in AFrance
16740Pte.Adams, Victor H.17-7-17K in AFrance
37959Pte.Adamson, Alex. J.4-10-17K in AFrance
54798Pte.Addis, John F.4-11-18K in AFrance
23/1924Pte.Ahern, Joseph31-8-18K in AFrance
39510Pte.Aitchison, F. W. D.22-10-17K in AFrance
10/956L/Sgt.Aitken, Gordon8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1391AW/O.2.Aitken, John8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1392aPte.Alabaster, Edward H.21-4-17K in AFrance
10/2510Pte.Aldridge, Ailbe19-9-16D of WFrance
10/1393Pte.Aldridge, Francis E.27-9-16D of WFrance
10/2834L/Cpl.Alexander, Charles16-9-16K in AFrance
10/3824Pte.Alexander, Eric D.14-12-17K in AFrance
10/205Pte.Alexander, William A.23-8-15D of WMalta ex Gal.
10/4047Pte.Algie, Robert19-11-16D of WFrance
30500Pte.Allardice, Henry J.4-10-17Kin AFrance
8/3462Pte.Allaway, Albert E.3-6-16K in AFrance
10/2056Pte.Allen, Edward L.16-9-16K in AFrance
23774Pte.Allen, Frederick A.2-10-16K in AFrance
10/3805Pte.Allen, Frederick A.19-11-16D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
42007Pte.Allen, Stanley4-10-17K in AFrance
10/2512Pte.Allgood, William25-6-17K in AFrance
10288L/Cpl.Allington, William G.4-10-17K in AFrance
47384Pte.Ambrose, Albert T.1-10-18D of WFrance
26/1562Pte.Ambrose, Charles W.25-10-17D of WFrance
63991Pte.Ambury, Raymond J.30-8-18K in AFrance
9/1522T/Sgt.Amos, Phili. M. M.7-5-18K in AFrance
10/398Pte.Amos, Willia. H. J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/878Pte.Amundsen, Ralph8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/2840Pte.Andersen, Robert27-9-16K in AFrance
30501Pte.Anderson, Bertie T.24-10-17D of WFrance
10/2514Pte.Anderson, Gordon D.3-7-16K in AFrance
30335Pte.Anderson, Herber. J. L.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/665Cpl.Anderson, John F.8-8-15D of WGallipoli
35153Pte.Anderson, Thomas R.4-10-17K in AFrance
52552Pte.Anderson, William5-4-18K in AFrance
31202Pte.Anderson, William16-7-17D of WFrancepage 347
10/2060Pte.Andersen, Charle. L. R.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
52057Pte.Andrew, Charles26-11-17K in AFrance
10/13974APte.Andrew, John8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2842Pte.Andrewes, Leonard C.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/477L/Cpl.Andrews, Hugh D.16-9-16K in AFrance
33500Pte.Andrews, Thomas13-6-17K in AFrance
10/1175Pte.Annabell, Fred. F.27-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/3469Pte.Anstis, Norman E.5-8-16D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
10/3828Pte.Apted, Albert4-10-17K in AFrance
61485Pte.Archer, Charles R.30-8-18K in AFrance
10/959APte.Argrave, George8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1398APte.Arguile, Clarence8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1399APte.Argyle, Leonard C.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1400aPte.Argyle, Percival8-8-15K in AGallipoli
40275Pte.Armer, Keith27-7-17K in AFrance
10/478Pte.Armstrong, L. C.9-5-15D of WAt sea ex GaL
10/1727Pte.Armstrong, Martin8-8-15K in AGallipoli
52358Pte.Arnaboldi, Philip G.15-10-17K in AFrance
10/1069Cpl.Arnold, Harry27-4-15K in AGallipoli
13/2410L/CpLArnott, William P.31-7-17K in AFrance
50978Pte.Arrowsmith, Alfred14-12-17K in AFrance
10/792Pte.Arthur, Hedley C.7-8-15DiseaseGib. ex Gal.
33274Pte.Ash, Henry E.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1401BPte.Ashman, Thomas G.1-10-15D of WTurkey ex Gallipoli
23780Pte.Ashworth, Ernest2-10-16K in AFrance
10/1402Pte.Ashworth, Robert8-8-15K in AGallipoli
11/2022L/Cpl.Astbury, Eric D.9-6-17K in AFrance
10/1176Pte.Aston, Eardley H.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/179Pte.Attwood, Edward B.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1178Cpl.Auld, Robert W.26-8-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
10/3175Pte.Austin, Horace5-10-17D of WFrance
10/2518Pte.Bacon, Thomas R.15-8-16K in AFrance
17744Pte.Bailey, Leonard W.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/3177Pte.Bailey, William E.28-11-17K in AFrance
10/716Pte.Baily, Ronald H.24-9-15D of WU.K ex Gal.
10/1404Pte.Bain, James5-8-15SicknessAt Sea ex Gallipoli
10/1730Lt.Bain, John S.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/198L/Sgt.Baines, Arthur8-8-15K in AGallipoli
24/1587Pte.Baker, Arthur20-9-16K in AFrance
10/288Pte.Baker, Cecil F.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
5/513APte.Baker, Frederick G.21-10-17K in AFrancepage 348
10/3178Pte.Baker, Henry J.2-10-16K in AFrance
10/2846Pte.Baker, Montrose A.12-10-16D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
30/2847L/Sgt.Baldwin, Stanley21-8-17K in AFrance
23/1545L/Cpl.Ballard, Frank E.28-7-16K in AFrance
29351Pte.Ballinger, Thomas E.23-6-17K in AFrance
10/1405Pte.Banks, Arthur G.15-8-15D of WGallipoli
33098Lt.Banks, Henry D.4-11-19K in AFrance
10/2849Pte.Banks, Harold V.1-2-18K in AFrance
42013Pte.Bannatyne, Charles E.20-12-17K in AFrance
10/167Pte.Bannerman, E. I.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
14557Pte.Bannister, Alex. M.6-11-19DiseaseN.Z. ex F'ce.
14558Pte.Bannister, Stanley M.20-6-17D of WFrance
10/2404Sgt.Barber, James14-6-16Accd. K.France
12/3908Pte.Barber, Thomas E.17-9-16K in AFrance
7/1175Pte.Barber, Valentine J.14-7-16K in AFrance
12/2207Sgt.Barlow, Alfred11-10-18K in AFrance
10/3180Pte.Barlow, John B.29-11-17K in AFrance
10/1408Pte.Barnby, Henry8-8-15K in AGallipoli
33503Cpl.Barnes, Harry F.17-10-17D of WFrance
45811Pte.Barnes, John4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1733Pte.Barnes, Victor J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
11/1405Pte.Barnett, Herbert E.10-6-17K in AFrance
10/2664Pte.Barns, Daniel24-10-17D of WFrance
51299Pte.Barriball, A. E. C.12-10-18K in AFrance
10/2852L/Cpl.Barter, James H.3-8-18DiseaseU.K.
49138Pte.Bartlett, Stan. A.27-3-18K in AFrance
10277Pte.Barton, Fran. A. J.31-7-17K in AFrance
41723Pte.Barton, Harry C.1-8-17K in AFrance
15661Pte.Bartosh, Richard A.2-5-17K in AFrance
29339Pte.Barugh, John24-8-18K in AFrance
56529Pte.Bate, Thomas16-10-18D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
10/3846Pte.Batley, Norman P.10-7-16K in AFrance
10/2067Sgt.Battison, Walter28-9-16K in AFrance
10/275Pte.Baxter, Bernard E.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/278Pte.Baxter, Edgar T.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1736L/Cpl.Bayler, Frank W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2068Pte.Bayne, George A.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/44Pte.Bayne, James4-9-15K in AGallipoli
31943Pte.Beach, Edward26-7-17K in AFrance
10/3181Pte.Beach, Harold L.16-9-16D of WFrance
10/1410Pte.Bealing, Francis W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1411Pte.Beard, Charles8-8-15K in AGallipoli
39741Pte.Beattie, Charles L.7-8-17D of WFrance
47844Pte.Beattie, Phillip E.27-3-18K in AFrance
11801Pte.Beattie, Robert A.14-9-16K in AFrance
348page 349
10/2853Pte.Beatty, Arthur30-3-18K in AFrance
23788Pte.Beauchamp, P. F. W.6-2-19DiseaseU.K.
10/2855Sgt.Beck, Matthias4-10-17K in AFrance (M.M. and Bar)
36941Pte.Beech, John T.10-8-17K in AFrance
10/2069Pte.Behrent, Walter H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2070Pte.Bell, Cameron27-9-16K in AFrance
10/125Pte.Bell, Henr. G. T.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
.38646Pte.Bell, Richard27-3-18K in AFrance
10/636Pte.Bell, Roy C.17-6-15DiseaseAustralia ex Gallipoli
14562L/Cpl.Benington, H. S.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/123Pte.Bennell, Robert. T.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
14372Pte.Bennet, Charles E.26-10-16K in AFrance
19/13Pte.Bennett, Henry10-10-18DiseaseN.Z. ex F'ce.
49664Pte.Bennett, William B.20-12-17K in AFrance
10/2071Pte.Benson, Isaac R.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1740Pte.Bentley, Edgar N.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/3482Sgt.Benton, Joseph L.1-10-18D of WFrance
10/649Pte.Beresford, W. R.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
29352Pte.Bern, James R.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/783L/Sgt.Bernard, Arthur C.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
47393Pte.Berry, Charles R.1-10-18K in AFrance
21143Sgt.Berry, Willia. J. V.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/3188Pte.Bertaud, Harold I.16-9-16K in AFrance
20288Pte.Best, Frederick J.24-8-18D of WFrance
14374Pte.Best, James31-7-17K in AFrance
10/1417Pte.Bethune, Roderick9-5-15D of WAt sea ex Gallipoli
15671Pte.Betteley, Fred.5-4-18K in AFrance
10/1742Pte.Bickens, Henry F.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1322/Lt.Bicknell, Cyril A.23-6-16InjuriesFrance
13/3003Pte.Biddick, George J.28-9-16K in AFrance
59304Pte,Biddle, Walter E.20-12-17K in AFranee
44691Pte.Bidgood, Andrew4-10-17K in AFrance
41713Pte.Bidmead, John V.30-3-18K in AFrance
11619Pte.Biggs, Bertie4-10-17K in AFrance
10/755Pte.Biggs, William H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
72614Pte.Billesden, John W.4-11-18K in AFrance
10/3832L/Cpl.Billing, E. A. (M.M.)12-4-18D of WFrance
59305Pte.Birbeck, Joh. R. S.28-12-17K in AFrance
2/1138Pte.Birnie, Charles25-8-17D of WFrance
10/304Pte.Bissett, G. F. McG.27-4-15K in AGallipoli
28612T. L/Sgt.Bjermquist, C. H.4-10-17K in AFrance
10208Cpl.Black, Alfred R.30-3-18K in AFrance
349page 350
19109Pte.Black, Fred. R.5-4-17DiseaseU.K. ex F'ce.
10150Sgt.Black, Harry29-3-18D of WFrance
31214Pte.Black, Hugh R.7-6-17K in AFrance
10/3488Pte.Black, John11-10-16D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
1/528Sgt.Black, John W.4-10-17K in AFrance
15673Pte.Black, Sydney M.26-8-18K in AFrance
10/280Pte.Black, William2-10-15DiseaseMalta ex Gallipoli
14747Pte.Black, William21-2-17K in AFrance
10/2075Pte.Blackburn, Samuel A.16-9-16K in AFrance
10291Pte.Blackmore, Arthur8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/680Pte.Blackstock, Irving24-4-15K in AGallipoli
28420Pte.Blain, Edward3-7-17D of WFrance
10/1746Pte.Blake, Arthur S.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/808Cpl.Blake, Phillip8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1420Pte.Blake, Thomas M.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
24/976Pte.Blakemore, H. B.4-10-17K in AFrance (M.M.)
10304Pte.Blaramberg, C. D.10-12-16K in AFrance
23070(Lt.)Blennerhassett, A. R.4-11-18K in AFrance (A/Cap.) (M.I.D.)
48160Pte.Body, Frank27-3-18K in AFrance
48432Pte.Boggs, Joseph W.27-2-20Accd. K.N.Z.
13723Pte.Bogun, Charles P.18-4-18D of WFrance
10/10242/Lt.Bollinger, George W.10-6-17D of WFrance
45630Pte.Bolstad, John A.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1116Sgt/Mjr.Bonar, Archibal. J. M.28-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/3839Pte.Booth, William15-6-16K in AFrance
41733Pte.Booth, Willie22-7-18K in AFrance
10/3195Pte.Borthwick, John R.7-6-17K in AFrance
13/11Capt.Boscawen, Hugh T.4-10-17K in AFrance
31940Pte.Bosse, Albert31-7-17K in AFrance
10/2866Pte.Bosworth, William27-9-16K in AFrance
61507Pte.Bougen, John1-9-18D of WFrance
10/4439W.O.1Bould, Charles W.H.27-9-16K in AFrance
10/4056Pte.Boult, Charles15-10-16D of WFrance
10/943Pte.Bourgeous, Arthur8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3196Pte.Bouttell, John A.8-6-17K in AFrance
50009Pte.Bouvett, Albert14-11-17DiseaseFrance
52565Pte.Bowden, Alfre. H. F.9-10-18D of WFrance
33509Pte:Bowden. Edward J.6-10-17D of WFrance
10/645Cpl.Bowden, Keble R.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
22683Pte.Bowden, Willia. R. H.17-6-17K in AFrance
65333Pte.Bowen, Rober. C. B.29-9-18D of WFrance
37963Pte.Bowers, Charles W.17-10-17K in AFrance
350page 351
61509Pte.Bowie, Henry J.29-9-18K in AFrance
10/1421Pte.Bowker, George A.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2077L/Cpl.Bowles, Edmond12-10-18K in AFrance
13/3133Pte.Boyle, Claude15-9-16K in AFrance
33289Pte.Bracken, William J.13-9-18K in AFrance
29345Pte.Bradley, Victor S.18-6-17K in AFrance
23/1566Pte.Bradley, William G.12-7-16D of WFrance
52370Pte.Brame, Albert V.24-8-18D of WFrance
45815Pte.Brandon, Leonard V.13-9-18K in AFrance
50993Pte.Brannigan, Edward14-5-18D of WFrance
10/1749Pte.Breach, Edward2-9-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
10/2078Pte.Breen, James J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/277Pte.Brettargh, Ronald O.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
23/1570Pte.Brew, Percival S.2-10-16K in AFrance
10/2079Pte.Brewer, Charles T.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/950Pte.Brewer, James W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1423Pte.Brierley, Fred.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1073Sgt.Brimer, Cyril T.23-9-16K in AFrance
50995Pte.Brinkman, Norman H.24-8-18K in AFrance
61515Pte.Bristow, George H.18-10-18K in AFrance
10/969L/Sgt.Britten, Vivian R.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
69758Pte.Broadhead, Ben.13-8-18K in AFrance
10/2488Sgt.Brodie, Gordon24-11-15K in AGallipoli
10/3201T/Cpl.Brodribb, Fred. J.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/295Cpl.Brokker, Alfred E.20-4-17D of WFrance
15677Pte.Brooking, Arnold W.5-11-18D of WFrance
10/273Pte.Broome, Harr. E. M.10-5-15K in AGallipoli
30339Pte.Brough, Julian P.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/3841Pte.Brough, William28-9-16K in AFrance
10/806Pte.Brown, Alan7-5-15K in AGallipoli
64004Pte.Brown, Albert24-8-18K in AFrance
10/2083Pte.Brown, David B.4-10-17K in AFrance
38114Pte.Brown, David T.12-6-17D of WFrance
10/662Pte.Brown, Frank R.26-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/4065Pte.Brown, Frank R.3-10-16K in AFrance
10/1192Pte.Brown, Herbert W.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/2084Pte.Brown, James P.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
63287Pte.Brown, John30-9-18K in AFrance
10/283Pte.Brown, John Love8-5-15K in AGallipoli
2/1424APte.Brown, John M.28-8-15DiseaseMalta ex Gallipoli
39749Pte.Brown, Michael17-8-17K in AFrance
38112Pte.Brown, Reginald E.4-10-17K in AFrance
22226Sgt.Brown, William G. N20-10-18DiseaseU.K.
351page 352
10/4067Pte.Brown, William R.17-7-18DiseaseFrance
54826Pte.Bruce, Daniel L.18-11-17K in AFrance
10/1426Pte.Bruce, David8-8-15K in AGallipoli
28082Pte.Bruce, William1-10-18K in AFrance
10/2536Pte.Bruen, Austin H.10-11-15K in AGallipoli
29341Pte.Brunt, Arthur30-3-18K in AFrance
10/298Pte.Bryant, Hedley10-5-15D of WGallipoli
9/2155Pte.Bryce, Hamish T.20-9-16K in AFrance
10/2875Pte.Buchan, James16-9-16K in AFrance
14383Pte.Bullen, Thomas J.31-10-16D of WFrance
13588L/CpLBullick, T. (M.M.)29-9-18K in AFrance C.D.G. (Belgian)
10/2876Cpl.Bullock, Walter W.4-10-17K in AFrance (D.C.M.)
10/3844Pte.Bunyan, John3-7-16K in AFrance
67516Pte.Burgess, Charles D.14-10-18K in AFrance
10/16L/Cpl.Burgess, Charles W.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
12/3570Pte.Burgess, Claude E.11-7-16D of WFrance
28072Pte.Burgess, Thomas J.24-8-18K in AFrance
10/3833Pte.Burkitt, Frank E.12-6-16K in AFrance
11810Pte.Burn, Gordon S.27-3-18D of WFrance
10/540L/Cpl.Burns, Allan C.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/805Pte.Burr, Gordon8-8-15K in AGallipoli
23/88Pte.Burr, James16-9-16D of WFrance
10/1671Pte.Burridge, Richard S.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
44440Pte.Burrow, Robert17-12-17K in AFrance
10/862Cpl.Burrows, John H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1764Pte.Bussell, James17-10-16DiseaseTurkey ex Gallipoli
10/2089L/Cpl.Butcher, Albert16-9-16K in AFrance
10/297Pte.Butcher, Joseph15-8-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
10/4069Pte.Butler, Danie. D. D.29-6-16K in AFrance
38655Pte.Butler, Josep. C. T.27-348K in AFrance
47620Pte.Butler, Joseph T.4-10-17K in AFrance
54420Cpl.Butler, L. A. G. J.26-8-18K in AFrance
10/1429Pte.Butler, Richard P.1-10-16K in AFrance
10/276Pte.Butler, Willia. J. I.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
14386Pte.Butterworth, J. S.29-9-18D of WFrance (M.M.)
28100Pte.Calcinai, Alfred B.26-7-17D of WFrance
31220Pte.Calder, Willie B.8-6-17K in AFrance
59465Pte.Callaghan, C. H. L.11-10-18K in AFrance
23141Pte.Callaghan, Claude29-9-16K in AFrance
37972Pte.Callaghan, Edward4-10-17K in AFrancepage 353
1/9Pte.Cameron, Harry J.18-7-18K in AFrance
33514Pte.Cameron, James31-3-18D of WFrance
28099Pte.Cammock, Frank H.14-10-17K in AFrance
10/1060L/Cpl.Cammock, "William R.16-8-15D of WMalta ex Gallipoli
10/802Pte.Campbell, Archibald10-8-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipnli
10/1203L/Sgt.Campbell, Ernest W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
13294L/Cpl.Campbell, George C.21-6-17D of WFrance
10/310L/Cpl.Campbell, JamesS-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/1201Pte.Campbell, John8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1028Pte.Campbell, John A.14-12-14DiseaseEgypt
62129,Pte.Campbell, M. McL.30-3-18K in AFrance
10/1202Pte.Campbell, William13-9-15DiseaseEgypt ex Gallipoli
10/3850Pte.Campbell, William A.23-9-16D of WFrance
31165Pte.Cannell, Hugh N.2-10-18K in AFrance
29358Pte.Capstick, Arthur A.8-10-17D of WFrance
10/706Pte.Carbines, Arthur V. (M.I.D.)S-8-15K in AGallipoli
6/39592/Lt.Carey, Cyril F.7-11-16D of Injs. (accidental). U.K.
23755Pte.Carey, Elija J.14-10-16D of WFrance
10/7402/Lt.Cargo, James R.3-6-15K in AGallipoli
30349L/Cpl.Carley, Sydney E.4-10-17K in AFrance
33110Pte.Carrnody, James4-10-17K in AFrance
10/2387Pte.Carpenter, George S.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1156Pte.Carr, Edward J.30-4-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
15685Pte.Carr, Percy R.9-6-17K in AFrance,
15686Pte.Carrington, Bernard31-7-17K in AFrance
22492Pte.Carroll, John21-2-17Kin AFrance
3/852/LtCarruthers, Walter (M.M. &Bar)29-9-18K in AFrance
61357Pte.Carswell, George A.16-5-18K in AFrance
10/142Pte.Carswell, Norman E.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
33298Pte.Carter, Albert B.4-10-17K in AFrance
24529Pte.Carter, Charles16-9-16K in AFrance
10/2098Pte.Carter, Felix8-8-15K in AGallipoli
15687PteCarter, Herbert41-7-17K in AFrench
10/1435Pte.Carter, John8-8-15K in AGallipoli
65653Pte.Cartwright, Archie L.1-10-18D of WFrance
51556Pte.Cassidy, Samuel E.30-3-18K in AFrance
17/382Pte.Caswell, William23-6-17K in AFrance
10/3216L/Cpl.Cattell, Sam.20-7-16D of WFrance
353page 354
10/3503Pte.Cattermole, James13-10-16D of WFrance
24/1615Pte.Chambers, Harry16-9-16K in AFrance
11828Pte.Chambers, James F.15-9-16K in AFrance
10/1439Pte.Chapman, Frank T.7-5-15K in AGailipoli
10/3505T/Cpl.Chapman, Frederick2-4-17D of WFrance
10/709Pte.Chapman, Fred. o.11-7-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
69464Pte.Chapman, James W.30-9-18K in AFrance
10/2411Pte.Chapman, Sydney P.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
28094L/C pl.Chard, Albert H.1-10-18K in AFrance
10/1440Pte.Charles, Edward H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/845L/C pl.Charleston, Alex. A.16-9-16K in AFrance
39758Pte.Charlesworth, George12-8-18DiseaseU.K.
10/2547Pte.Charman, William H.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/1773Sgt.Chatfield, Joseph20-7-18D of WFrance
10/237Pte.Chinnery, Daniel C.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/3508Pte.Chisnall, Richard W.3-7-16K in AFrance
10/1206Pte.Christensen, A. O.20-7-15DiseaseAt Sea ex Gallipoli
23763L/Cpl,Christensen, A. R.9-6-17D of WFrance
10/2548Pte.Christiansen, G. W. F.23-5-18K in AFrance
61218Pte.Christie, Alexander16-10-18D of WFrance
15691Pte.Christie, Anderson14-12-17K in AFrance
10/765Pte.Christie, Augustus1-6-17D of WFrance
44455Pte.Christieson, William J.4-10-17D of WFrance
10/719Cpl.Claffey, Joseph15-5-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
28323Pte.Claffey, Patrick J.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/3217Pte.Clague, William A.8-6-17K in AFrance
28429Pte.Clapham, Harry C.16-3-18DiseaseFrance
10/2367Lt.Clark, Alexander J.13-8-15K in AGallipoli
32818Pte.Clark, Daniel S.18-7-17K in AFrance
10/1775Pte.Clark, Ernest W.26-8-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
51688Pte.Clark, George26-10-17D of WFrance
10/3857Pte.Clark, Ian C.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/2103Pte.Clark, James16-5-17DiseaseU.K. ex Gal
10/2890Pte.Clark, James D.16-9-16K in AFrance
49292Pte.Clark, Percy N.30-3-18K in AFrance
10/1132L/Cpl.Clark, Samuel G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
37768Pte.Clark, Sydney17-10-17D of WFrance
51300Pte.Clark. Willie H.21-4-18D of WFrance
286162/Lt.Clarke, Ernest24-8-18K in AFrance
52576Pte.Claxton, Alber. P. J.1-9-18K in AFrance
11/2308Pte.Clay, Blakeman J.16-9-16K in AFrancepage 355
14757Pte.Cleary, Sidney31-7-17D of WFrance
31222Pte.Clegg, James Elias27-7-17D of WFrance
9/1413L/Cpl.Clemens, Herbert J.11-10-18K in AFrance
51005Pte.Olemeot, Mark20-10-17K in AFrance
10/977Pte.Clement, Sydney G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
17697L/Cpl.Cliff, James E.7-7-18DiseaseAt Sea ex Gallipoli
33520Pte.Clifford, Leslie James4-10-17K in AFrance
69466Pte.Close, Frank4-11-18K in AFrance
31958Pte.Cobeldick, Eric W.26-7-17K in AFrance
10/313Pte.Cochrane, Albert D.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
25817Pte.Codd, Albert C.18-10-17D of WFrance
28093Pte.Codd. Herbert H.7-6-17K in AFrance
15696Pte.Codd, William E.15-8-17K in AFrance
10/842L/Cpl.Cogar, Charles L.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/843Pte.Cogar, Richard5-6-15K in AGallipoli
41741Pte.Cole, Arthur12-6-18DiseaseU.K. ex F'ce.
10/931Sgt.Cole, Charles H.30-7-15K in AGallipoli
11832Pte.Cole, Rex8-2-18K in AFrance
31953Pte,Coleman, Cecil12-10-17D of WFrance
10/1778Pte.Coleman, CharlesS-8-15K in AGallipoli
26/1574Pte.Coles, James1-10-18K in AFrance
10/1446Pte.Colhoun, Albert8-8-15K in AGallipoli
47622Pte.Collett, Charles W.25-8-18K in AFrance
59326Pte.Collier, William11-8-18K in AFrance
6/2492Pte.Collin, Rupert16-9-16K in AFrance
10/2893Pte.Collinson, Robert W.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/3221Cpl.Comeskey, James29-7-18Accd. KFrance
10/2894Pte.Comeskey, Pete. L. C.16-9-16Kin AFrance
10/317L/Cpl.Comyns, Claude L.25-9-15Accd. KN.Z.
29360Pte.Connell, Alfred H.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/3223Pte.Connell, Henry J.9-7-16Accd. K.France
10/3517Pte.Connolly, John3-9-18D of WFrance
47405Pte.Connolly, Patrick29-8-18K in AFrance
10/1948Pte.Connolly, Robert H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
51106Pte.Connor, John2-4-18K in AFrance
10/4077Pte.Conwell. Robert1-3-17D of WFrance
10/543Lt.-Col.Cook, Charles F. D. (D.S.O., M.I.D.) (2)2-5-18DiseaseU.K. ex F'ce.
13/3014Pte.Cook, Graham W.11-7-16D of WFrance
10/1006L/Cpl.Cook, Henry G.7-6-17K in AFrance
47407Pte.Cook, James J.4-12-17K in AFrance
10/2896Pte.Cook, Robert J.22-5-16D of WFrance
13738L/Cpl.Coombe, Reginald T.24-8-18K in AFrance
10/1215Sgt.Coonan, John T.8-8-15K in AGallipolipage 356
10/380APte.Cooper, Albert G.2642-14DiseaseEgypt
11837L/Cpl.Cooper, Arthur27-3-18D of WFrance
54471Pte.Cooper, Douglas H.30-9-18K in AFrance
10/1448Pte.Cooper, Ernest8-8-15K in AGallipoli
8/1438Pte.Cooper. John H.1-10-16K in AFrance
10/1780Pte.Cooper, Victor W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/666Cpl.Copeland, William J.2-5-15K in AGallipoli
15694Pte.Corbett, Albert23-6-17K in AFrance
20305L/Cpl.Corbett, Robert S.1-10-18D of WFrance
33521Pte.Corcoran, Thomas30-11-17D of WFrance
11/407Pte.Corlett. Alfred H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2562Sgt.Corlett, Arthur B.11-8-16K in AFrance
10/307Pte.Corlett, Franklin8-8-15K in AGallipoli
24/1003Pte.Corsar, Charles S.19-5-16Accd. KFrance
52582Pte.Coster, Alfre. C. C.30-3-18K in AFrance
12355Pte.Courtney, Eugene L.29-9-16D of WFrance
10/116Lt.Cowan, Andrew R.15-5-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
20971Pte.Cowan, James L.8-6-17D of WFrance
10/38092/Lt.Cowie, Alfred C.2-10-16K in AFrance
10/1216Pte.Cowley, James8-8-15K in AGallipoli
11839Pte.Cowling, Frank W.10-12-16K in AFrance
10/173Pte.Cox, George T.14-5-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli.
414302/Lt.Cox, Norman D.31-8-18K in AFrance
10/2903Pte.Coxhead, David17-9-16K in AFrance
29363Pte.Coxhead, George17-11-18DiseaseN.Z.
25/1699Pte.Cox-Smith, Stephen4-10-16D of WFrance
10/2108Pte.Craig, George31-10-15DiseaseN Z ex Gal.
10186Pte.Craig, James30-9-16K in AFrance
10/2563Pte.Cranney, Angustin J.29-11-17K in AFrance
8/3225Cpl.Crannitch, John1-8-17D of WFrance
10/2564Pte.Cranswick, Thomas B7-6-17K in AFrance
23803Pte.Crawford, Hugh, M.4-5-17D of WFrance
13426Pte.Crawford, James19-3-16K in AFrance
10/322GPte.Crawford, James T.19-3-19DiseaseGermany after Armistice
10/2908Sgt.Crawford, L. J. B. C.12-10-13K in AFrance
10/3445Pte.Creamer, Robert H.8-6-17K in AFrance
12974Pte.Creaney, Mark O.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/2567Pte.Cress, Leonard J.17-9-16D of WFrance
45829Pte.Cress-well, Edward G.29-11-17K in AFrance
10/1783Pte.Crocombe, Walter8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3227L/Cpl.Crofskey, John23-6-17K in AFrancepage 357
10/3158Cpl.Crombie, Fred. W.7-6-17K in AFrance
10/718Cpl.Croinpton, Thomas S.5-3-17K in AFrance
10/729Pte.Crone, C. (M.I.D.)8-8-15K in AGallipoli
51696Pte.Cronin, Edward J.3-4-18K in AFrance
14589Pte.Crosbie, Andrew26-6-17K in AFrance
33313Pte.Grossman, Edwin L.13-9-18K in AFrance
26998Cpl.Crothers, Fred. C.4-11-18D of WFrance
46121Pie.Crouch, Frank4-10-17K in AFrance
9/1537Pte.Crowley, Michael3-10-16D of WFrance
10/2390Cpl.Crowther, Albert S.21-30-17D of WFrance
10/3869Pte.Cruickshank, William14-12-16Ace. In.France
23807Pte.Crump, Ernest F.24-11-16K in AFrance
23/1962Pte.Cimming, Greig3-7-16Kin AFrance
10/306Pte.Cummins. Colin G.8-8-15K in AGallipoll
10/1460L/Sgt.Cunningham, D.22-6-17D of WFrance
18/2571Pte.Cunningham, L. J.2-12-15DiseaseAt Sea ex Mudros
24/1633Cpl.Curran, Clifford H.13-9-16K in AFrance
10/3526Pte.Cttrrie, Arthur7-6-17K in AFrance
10/2572Pte.Currie, George C.5-6-16D of WFrance
61227Pte.Currie, James23-8-18K in AFrance
10/3870Cpl.Currie, Walter4-10-17K in AFrance
31231Pte.Curry, Albert B.17-10-17D of WFrance
10/3232Pte.Curtis, Norma. H. E.29-9,16K in AFrance
28091Cpl.Cuthbert, John31-7-17K in AFrance
10/3233Pte.Cutten, George11-3-18DiseaseAt Sea on route to N.Z.
64031Pte.Dalzell, Alex. G.27-5-19DiseaseU.K.
10/2398Pte.Daniel, Robert J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1787Pte.Darville, Percy L.28-6-15K in AGallipoli,
12358Pte.D'Ath, Cuthbert10-6-17D of WFrance
10/2417Pte.Davidson, Joseph H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/882L/Cpl.Davidson, Karl N.16-9-16D of WFrance
10/11242/Lt.Davidson, Thomas A.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2578Pte.Davidson, William A.8-12-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
10/664Pte.Davidson, William P.31-8-15D of WGallipoli
16/2916Pte.Davies, James2-8-17D of WFrance
10/334Pte.Davies, William8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2112Pte.Davis, Fred. A.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1044Sgt.Davis, Llewelyn T.5-9-15D of WGallipoli
13430Cpl.Davis, Sydney G.27-7-17K in AFrance
10/1222Pte.Davis, Thomas8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/2114Pte.Davy, Nelson8-8-15K in AGallipoli
27734Pte.Dawe, Thoma. W. E.540-18D of WFrancepage 358
10/1790Pte.Dawson, Basil F.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2583T/Sgt.Dawson, James W.25-9-16K in AFrance
20309Pte.Dawson, Samuel J.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1464Pte.Day, Robert J.10-5-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
47623Pte.Daysh, William E.24-8-18K in AFrance
10/1465pte.Dellow, John8-8-15K in AGallipoli
38358L/Cpl.Dempsey, Earnest H.24-11-17K in AFrance
28620Pte.Dempster, Thomas D.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/621Cpl.Demsey, George D.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2418Pte.Dennehy, B. J.3-7-16K in AFrance
10/633Pte.Denny, Richard J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
61560Pte.Denton, Ernest H.13-9-18K in AFrance
36741Pte.Depree, John G.24-8-18K in AFrance
10/1467Pte.Dew, Arthur L.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
5/332Pte.Deverson, Bertie G.16-9-16K in AFrance
23810Pte.Dewar, Davidson B.11-12-16D of WFrance
13428Pte.Dewar, Ernest15-9-16K in AFrance
11844L/Cpl.Diamond, Herbert A.22-10-17K in AFrance
51048Pte.Dickie, John D.5-4-18K in AFrance
10/1468Pte.Dickson, Donald McK.18-7-15K in AGallipoli
59874Pte.Diggleman, Otto4-11-18D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
20311L/Cpl.Dillon, William A.4-10-17K in AFrance
20117Pte.Dimond, Harry1-8-17K in AFrance
28106Pte.Dixon, James A.20-6-17D of WFrance
7/2376L/Cpl.Doak, Davi. J. W.30-3-18D of WFrance
27666Pte.Doak, Stephen4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1470Pte.Dobbie, Reg. H. V.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3240T/L.S.Dobbyn, Joseph. L.2-10-16K in AFrance
10/3807Lt.Dobson, Reg. H.18-9-16K in AFrance
28109Pte.Dodunski, Paul4-10-17K in AFrance
23812Pte.Doherty, Adam T.7-6-17K in AFrance
32788Cpl.Doig, James4-10-17K in AFrance
28111L/Cpl.Donald, William K.15-6-17D of WFrance
10/1795Pte.Donkin, William S.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
36956Pte.Donne, John A.7-7-17D of WFrance
10/2588Pte.Donnelly, Francis P.2-10-16K in AFrance
10/157Pte.Donnelly, George J.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
19128Cpl.Doran, Edmund J.2-9-18D of WFrance
51020Pte.Doran, Fred. A.20-10-17K in AFrance
23/1375Pte.Doria, Leonard J.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/2589Pte.Dorset, David A.26-9-16K in AFrance
10/326Pte.Dorsett, Charles H.9-5-15D of WGallipoli
243532/Lt.Doughty, William T.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/4502Pte.Douglas, James17-9-16K in AFrancepage 359
29750Pte.Douglas, William6-4-18D of WFrance
10/2826Cpl.Downard, Sam.C. G.23-7-16D of WFrance
10/2119Sgt.Downing, Albert J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2582Pte.Dowson, Tom27-9-16K in AFrance
31239Pte.Dowthwaite, Henry A.31-7-17K in AFrance
25489Pte.Doyle, Arthur E.8-6-17K in AFrance
25/212/Lt.Doyle, Henry T.10-10-18DrownedAt Sea
52972Pte.Driscoll, Thomas27-3-18K in AFrance
10/580Pte.Driver, Thomas8-8-15K in AGallipoli
29377Pte.Druitt, Alfred4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1473Pte.Drummond, Robert19-9-16D of WFrance
70760Pte.Dudley, W. A. De V.9-11-18D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
10/626Pte.Duffill, George (Serbian Gold Medal)4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1801Pte.Duggan, Clarence K.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
33525Pte.Duggan, James30-3-18K in AFrance
10/4090Pte.Duller, Arthur L.25-9-16K in AFrance
10/1802Pte.Dunbar, Alex. C.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/236Pte.Dunbar, Robert8-6-17K in AFrance
10/966Cpl.Duncan, Alex. G. (M.I.D.)7-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3247Pte.Dunlop, Matthew A.15-9-16K in AFrance
18587Pte.Dunn, Alexander J.6-8-17D of WFrance
24/1032Pte.Dunn, Allan4-10-17K in AFrance
10/594Pte.Dunn, John R.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/328Pte.Dunn, Robert C.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/113Pte.Dunnage, Robert G.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
61578Pte.Dunne, Jock D.24-8-18K in AFrance
38803Pte.Dunne, William P.23-10-17K in AFrance
37998Pte.Durose, Harold23-4-18D of WFrance
10/330L/Sgt.Dust, Gilbert F.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/1229Pte.Dustin, Claude16-5-15K in AGallipoli
27248Pte.Duval, William11-2-18K in AFrance
10/2593Pte.Dyett, Arthur F.23-10-16InjuriesFrance
11850Pte.Dyke, William H.3-10-16K in AFrance
33527Pte.Eagleson, Robert30-8-18K in AFrance
61579Pte.Eames, Leslie J.4-5-18K in AFrance
10/340Pte.Earles, Robert W.9-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/1232Pte.Earley, Edward J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1231Pte.Earley, William8-5-15K in AGallipoli
22957Pte.Earp, Harry2-1-18K in AFranee
33147Pte.Eden, James A.9-9-18D of WFrance
10/335Sgt.Edwards, John H.30-9-18K in AFrance
10/1475Pte.Edwards, John H.8-8-15K in AGallipolipage 360
59196Pte.Edwards, Joseph H.1-10-18K in AFrance
44461Pte.Eiffe, John K.4-10-17K in AFrance
11852L/Sgt.Elcock, Sidney J.4-11-18K in AFrance
10/2124Pte.Ellaby, Cecil A.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/962Pte.Ellery, Cecil T.4-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/1476Pte. IEllingham, Claude8-8-15K in AGallipoli
22490Pte.Elliott, Norman L.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/1234Pte.Elliott, William15-5-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
10/2925Cpl.Elliott, Willia. H. M.3-10-17D of WFrance
10/2127L/Cpl.Ellis, Alfred G.16-9-16D of WFrance
10/2129Pte.Elmes, John E.18-11-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
17/51Pte.Elrick, John14-7-16K in AFrance
9/1555Pte.Garrard-Elsworth, E. G.1-10-16K in AFrance
38792Pte.Elton, Charle. E. S.15-9-18DiseaseU.K. ex F'ce.
10/337Cpl.Enright, Percy8-8-15K in AGallipoli
52398Pte.Ernest, David3-4-18K in AFrance
237512/Lt.Esam, Stanley O.16-9-16K in AFrance
22567Pte.Esselborn, W. R. L.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1805Pte.Eustace, Alfred21-8-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
51561Pte.Evans, Robert E.12-9-18D of WFrance
14600L/Cpl.Evans, Walter A. (M.M.)3-10-18K in AFrance
36166Pte.Evans, William J.25-8-18K in AFrance
10/2597Pte.Evers-Swindell, Fred.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/3875Pte.Ewing, Alexandra16-9-16K in AFrance
61585Pte.Ewing, John C. L.24-8-18K in AFrance
28003Pte.Exell, Benjamin5-10-17D of WFrance
21237Pte.Fair, Bertram R.20-4-17K in AFrance
33531Pte.Fair, Richard A.4-10-17K in AFrance
20131Pte.Falconer, James J.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/777Pte.Falconer, William C.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
23817Pte.Farmer, Reuben A.4-10-17K in AFrance
5/1483APte.Farrell, William F.20-10-17K in AFrance
10/50Pte.Fayen, Louis W.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/704Pte.Fearon, Henry G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
29381Pte.Feek, Gordon S.30-3-18K in AFrance
10/2816Lt.Fell, Gerald H.7-6-17K in AFrance
52075Pte.Fenemor, Edwin J.1-9-18K in AFrance
39788Pte.Ferguson, David24-10-17K in AFrance
28119Pte.Ferguson, John A.4-10-17K in AFrance
46984Pte.Ferris, Robert A.4-11-18K in AFrancepage 361
11857Pte.Fever, Harold J.1-10-16D of WFrance
10/347Pte.Field, Henry G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
19136Pte.Fife, Douglas A.22-6-17K in AFrance
39789Pte.Fill, Henry V.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/344Pte.Findlay, Matthew19-5-16D of WU.K. ex Gallipoli
29383Pte.Finlay, Andrew C.8-6-17K in AFrance
33532Pte.Finlay, George R.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/2602Pte.Finlayson, Robert L.30-7-18D of WFrance
10/1166Pte.Fisher, Edward H.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/628L/Cpl.Fisher, George J.2-10-16K in AFrance
47871Pte.Fitzell, Robert T.14-4-18K in AFrance
52402Pte.Fitzgerald, C. F.21-10-17K in AFrance
11/1546Pte.Fitzgerald, John (M.M.)2-10-16K in AFrance
10/2604Pte.Fitzgerald, Joseph30-8-18K in AFrance
31247Pte.Fitzmaurice, H. S.7-6-17K in AFrance
39577Pte.Fitzsimons, E. J. P.9-8-17D of WFrance
10/2935Cpl.Flavell, Carleton7-6-17K in AFrance
32511Pte.Fleming, William G.18-8-17K in AFrance
10/1812Pte.Fletcher, Herbert8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3798Pte.Fletcher, Samuel14-10-16D of WFrance
5/244A2/Lt.Flood, John W.8-11-18D of WFrance
10/1157Pte.Flynn, Robert S.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2136L/Cpl.Fogarty, Thomas J.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/1813L/Cpl.Foley, John C. T.17-7-15K in AGallipoli
37796Pte.Forbes, Colin26-11-18DiseaseU.K.
11/475Pte.Ford, Charles A.28-9-16K in AFrance
38679Pte.Forde, Norman A.3-10-17K in AFrance
64051Pte.Forster, George1-10-18K in AFrance
10/1054L/Cpl.Forsyth, Archibald J.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/2607Pte.Foster, Alfred J.17-9-16K in AFrance
10/3258Pte.Foster, Alfred M.10-6-17D of WFrance
10/1815Pte.Foster, Francis J.17-9-16K in AFrance
52405Pte.Fowler, William5-4-18K in AFrance
10/2137Pte.Fox, George D.8-6-17K in AFrance
25504Pte.Fox, James11-4-18K in AFrance
24532Pte.Fox, Thomas16-9-16K in AFrance
10/3880Pte.Frampton, Albert E.6-10-16D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
11/1314Pte.Francis, Frederick W.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/2138Pte.Francis, Gilbert B.13-11-15D of Dis.Malta ex Gallipoli
10/2139L/Sgt.Francis, William A. (M.M.)7-5-17K in AFrance
10/1169Capt.Frandi, AteoBetween May 6 & 10, 1915K in AGallipolipage 362
38005Pte.Frank, Karl W.16-8-17D of WFrance
10/4424Pte.Franklin, Lovel W. H.15-9-16K in AFrance
37191Pte.Franklin, Samuel W.31-10-17DiseaseFrance
33344Pte.Franklyn, Henry W.10-10-17D of WFrance
10/1817Pte.Fraser, Arthur J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
51033Pte.Fraser, Donald17-10-18DiseaseN.Z.
31251Pte.Fraser, Douglas8-6-17K in AFrance
10/957Pte.Fraser, Kinnear G.27-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/252Pte.Fraser, Malcolm8-8-15Kin AGallipoli
28120Pte.Freeman, Charle. H. C.3-5-17K in AFrance
47418Pte.Freeman, John4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1489Pte.Freeman, Joseph A.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
36965Pte.Freeman, Norman5-10-17D of WFrance
10/2142Sgt.Freeman, R. (M.I.D.)22-5-18K in AFrance
8/2596Pte.Frew, David H.7-6-17K in AFrance
10/263Pte.Friis, Franklyn21-9-16D of WFrance
10/213W.O.11.Frost, W. E. (D.C.M.) (Croix-de-Guerre, French)17-8-16D of WFrance
10/1072Sgt.Fryday, Edward John12-5-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
12/2550Sgt.Fulcher, Harry E.4-10-17K in AFrance
12/4529Cpl.Funke, Harold H.27-3-18K in AFrance
10/3883Pte.Furze, Claude N.18-9-16K in AFrance
10/3884Pte.Furze, James H.16-9-16K in AFrance
44470Pte.Gage, Charles4-10-17D of WFrance
10/3263Pte.Galbraith, Robert16-9-16K in AFrance
10/2147Pte.Galloway, Robert8-8-15K in AGallipoli
29387L/Cpl.Gandy, William F.4-10-17K in AFrance
31993Pte.Garaway, Frank D.26-7-17K in AFrance
10/923Pte.Gardner, Alfred8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1820Pte.Garland, William J.1-9-1DiseaseAt Sea ex Mudros
64053Pte.Garven, George J.24-8-18K in AFrance
41780Pte.Gaskell, Ephraim11-10-18K in AFrance
56586Pte.Gaskell, Norman11-11-18DiseaseU.K.
10/573Pte.Gaskin, Herbert H.8-6-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
24425Pte.George, Frank W.4-10-17K in AFrance
31254Pte.Gerrard, Thomas13-8-18D of WFrance
30573Pte.Geyger, Leon2-5-18D of WFrance
10/2943L/Cpl.Gibb, George A.11-2-17K in AFrance
15712Pte.Gibbons, Arnol. W. R.31-10-16K in AFrance
10/91APte.Gibbons, Austin20-9-16D of WFrancepage 363
17/303L/Cpl.Gibbons, Walter J.30-9-16K in AFrance
12380Pte.Gibbs, Arthu. C. G.2-10-16K in AFrance
10/2945Pte.Gibbs, Joseph17-9-16D of WFrance
11767Lt.Gibbs, Walter G.26-9-18D of WFrance
11858Pte.Giblin, Percy3-9-18D of WFrance
38010Pte.Gibson, Llywelyn G.4-11-18K in AFrance
23824Pte.Gibson, Percy N.19-4-17K in AFrance
24/1663Pte.Giddens, John T.2-10-16K in AFrance
10/1822Pte.Gifford, Robert8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3562Sgt.Gilchrist, Hugh30-5-16D of WFrance
11864Pte.Gilchrist, William H.17-9-16D of WFrance
45852Pte.Gill, David Roy30-9-18K in AFrance
10/2617Cpl.Gill, William J.19-5-18K in AFrance
10/3265Pte.Gillies, Duncan14-6-16K in AFrance
38151Pte.Gillies, Walter9-10-17D of WFrance
39525Cpl.Gilligan, James F.4-5-18K in AFrance
25508Pte.Gisborne, Henry4-10-17K in AFrance
10/3813Pte.Given, John E.16-9-16K in AFrance
44468Pte.Given, William4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1825Pte.Glasgow, John M.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
28460Pte.Glendinning, John27-3-18K in AFrance
10/2368Pte.Glenny, George H.25-9-15DiseaseMudros ex Gallipoli
49889Pte.Glover, John S.11-10-18K in AFrance
3/498L/Cpl.Goddard, Douglas26-11-16K in AFrance
59354Pte.Godfrey, Frazil E.12-10-18K in AFrance
10/4459Pte.Godfrey, Josep. F. W.22-7-16D of WFrance
1/279Pte.Godsell, Amos W.7-6-17K in AFrance
10341L/Cpl.Goldsmith, Fred.22-10-17K in AFrance
51035Pte.Goldsmith, Fred. P.7-2-18K in AFrance
10/2159Pte.Goldstone, William8-8-15K in AGallipoli
71394Pte.Gooding, Arthur J.22-11-18D of WFrance
10/1495Pte.Goodwin, Charles8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3889Pte.Goodwin, Walter E.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1496Pte.Gordon, George A.2-8-15K in AGallipoli
29390Pte.Gordon, Robert10-6-17D of WFrance
10/2392Pte.Gosling, John T.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/4460Pte.Gould, Frank20-9-16K in AFrance
33539Pte.Gould, John E.4-10-17K in AFrance
48493Pte.Goulstone, John W.30-3-18K in AFrance
59358Pte.Gourlay, Albert J.1-11-18D of WU.K. ex F'ce
28464Pte.Gowland, Wilfred21-10-17K in AFrance
10/1272/Lt.Grace, Thoma. M. P.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/366Pte.Graham, Alex. H.1-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/3570Pte.Graham, Frederick29-10-16K in AFrancepage 364
10/261Pte.Graham, Hugh28-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/1829Pte.Graham, John8-8-15K in AGallipoli
24006Pte.Granger, Claude A.1-10-17D of WFrance
31838Pte.Grant, Arnold E.27-3-18K in AFrance
10/2163Pte.Grant, Charles K.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
22428Pte.Grant, Robert31-7-17K in AFrance
46988Pte.Gray, Alex. R.1-9-18K in AFrance
10/361Pte.Gray, Douglas W.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/3572/Lt.Gray, James H.9-5-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
20332Pte.Gray, Percy S.29-11-17K in AFrance
10/1498Pte.Gray, W. A. (M.M.)1-4-18K in AGallipoli
10/2429Sgt.Gray, W. A. (M.M.)1-4-18K in AFrance
23/1649Pte.Green, Albert J.14-7-16D of WU.K. exF'ce.
49813Pte.Green, Fred. L.14-12-17K in AFrance
51040Pte.Greenaway, Finlay31-8-18D of WFrance
10/833Pte.Greene, Jasper A.16-9-16K in AFrance
59362Pte.Greenwell, John27-8-18D of WFrance
48494Pte.Greenwood, Joseph E.30-3-18K in AFrance
10/3137Pte.Greig, Robert W.1-6-16K in AFrance
10/2626Pte.Greg, William16-9-16K in AFrance
10/3315Pte.Grennell, Richard P.28-4-16D of Sickness,France
10/735Pte.Grey, John2-12-17K in AFrance
10/1504Sgt.Griffin, Martin (M.M.)12-10-18K in AFrance
29393Pte.Griffiths, Alfred V.21-10-17K in AFrance
10/1505Pte.Griffiths, Richard8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/883Cpl.Griffiths, Sidney J.15-8-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
10/354Pte.Griffiths, William J.30-4-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
10/721Pte.Grimmer, Frank W.10-8-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
10/4108Pte.Grooby, Henry A.16-9-16K in AFrance
42092Pte.Grundy, William T.26-11-17D of WFrance
15714L/Cpl.Guest. John18-4-18D of WFrance
10/3576L/Cpl.Guilford, Cecil4-5-18D of WFrance
10/364Sgt.Gunn, William A.30-4-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
45859Pte.Hacket, Lawrence4-10-17K in AFrance
10/3276Pte.Haddon, Eustace F.13-10-17D of WFrance
10/1831Sgt.Hadfield, Frederic W.30-8-18K in AFrance
10/610Pte.Hagenson, Alfred13-7-15K in AGallipoli
10/368Sgt.Haines, Lance H.8-815K in AGallipoli
10/218Pte.Haining, William8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/371L/Cpl.Hales, Howard W.16-9-16K in AFrancepage 365
39589Pte.Hales, Wilfred F.15-6-17D of WFrance
31263Pte.Haliday, Edwar. A. R.8-6-17K in AFrance
23/2195SgtHall, Arthur T.4-10-17K in AFrance
68330Pte.Hall, Francis4-11-18K in AFrance
39802Pte.Hall, George4-10-17K in AFrance
61290Pte.Hall, Hugh13-9-18K in AFrance
6/245Pte.Hall, Jack1-12-17K in AFrance
49814Pte.Hall, John24-11-17K in AFrance
10/3278Pte.Hall, Reynolds17-9-16K in AFrance
10/401L/Cpl.Hall, Stacey M.16-9-16K in AFrance
31259Pte.Hall, Thomas B.7-6-17K in AFrance
10/651Cpl.Hall, Vincen. J. B.2-6-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
33356Pte.Hall, William J.21-7-17K in AFrance
13438Pte.Hallett, James T.8-6-17K in AFrance
47425Pte.Hallgarth, Albert J.14-12-17K in AFrance
44481Pte.Hambling, H. L. E.28-2-18D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
10/3915Pte.Hamblyn, Henry John3-10-16K in AFrance
10/3894Pte.Hamblyn, James E.27-7-17K in AFrance
25517Pte.Hamblyn, Tbomas D.8-6-17K in AFrance
25516Pte.Hamblyn, William C.8-6-17K in AFrance
11/1803Pte.Hamilton, Albert S.3-4-18D of WFrance
10/4464Pte.Hamilton, David8-10-16D of WFrance
10/3578L/Sgt.Hamilton, John M.5-6-16K in AFrance
39527Pte.Hamilton, Noel27-348D of WFrance
10/2952Pte.Hamilton, William4-5-18K in AFrance
65390Pte.Hampton, William H.13-9-18K in AFrance
52419Pte.Handley, Thomas3-4-18K in AFrance
10/3580Pte.Hanify, Godfrey P.16-9-16K in AFrance
61274Pte.Hanlon, Berti. A. M.21-9-18D of WFrance
11/194Pte.Hannett, Arthur A.11-10-16D of WFrance'
10/2953Cpl.Hansen, C. W. (M.M.)4-10-17K in AFrance
10/73Pte.Hansen, Charles8-5-15K in AGallipoli
41797Pte.Hansen, David31-8-18D of WFrance
25868Pte.Hansen, Viggo8-6-17K in AFrance
10/637Cpl.Hansford, W. W.5-10-17D of WFrance
23767Pte.Hansen, Clarence J.31-7-17D of WFrance
10/1510Pte.Happer, Thomas6-6-15K in AGallipoli
10/1511Pte.Harding, Alfred H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/738Pte.Harding, Alfred R.F.26-4-15K in AGallipoli
64059Pte.Hardy, Harry24-8-18K in AFrance
10/1834Pte.Hardy, Joe8-8-15K in AGallipoli
15716Pte.Hardy, Lancelot26-7-17K in AFrance
61291Pte.Hare, Robert22-5-18D of WFrance
31267Pte.Harkness, Alex. D.16-8-18D of WFrancepage 366
243652nd Lt.Harle, Douglas A.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/2430Pte.Barlen, Percy14-11-15DiseaseMudros ex Gallipoli
10/4114Pte.Harmell, Anton F.27-9-16K in AFrance
29401Pte.Harnett, Francis J.8-6-17K in AFrance
8/397Pte.Harnett, James16-9-16D of WFrance
145452/Lt.Harper, Arthu. H. S.9-12-16DiseaseFrance
62057Pte.Harre, William11-10-18K in AFrance
10/598Pte.Harris, Alexander8-8-15K in AGallipoli
11871Pte.Harris, Allen R.24-8-18K in AFrance
10/881Sgt.Harris, Ernest J.12-11-16D of WFrance
10/372Pte.Harris, Frank A.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
24/1388Pte.Harris, Frederick C. (M.M.)14-1-18DiseaseU.K.
31268Pte.Harris, George E.8-8-17K in AFrance
10/2955Pte.Harris, James21-10-17Kin AFrance
10/1515Pte.Harris, John H.15-9-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
48716Pte.Harris, Marti. E. L.24-8-18K in AFrance
10/377Pte.Harris, Stephen A.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
24618Pte.Harris, William H.8-6-17K in AFrance
20339Pte.Harrison, Arthur D.31-7-17K in AFrance
39806Pte.Harrison, Frank10-8-17K in AFrance
48024Pte.Harrison, James H.14-9-18K in AFrance
10/3898Pte.Harrold, William H.31-7-17K in AFrance
10231Pte.Hart, Harold L.16-9-16K in AFrance
33359Pte.Hart, Henry E.13-6-17D of WFrance
10/3286Pte.Hart, Samuel R.15-9-16K in AFrance
64204Pte.Hartland, Jack W.4-11-18K in AFrance
10/1837Pte.Hartley, John30-7-15K in AGallipoli
63151Pte.Hartsonge, Jeremiah1-10-18K in AFrance
20341Pte.Harvey, Charles G.20-4-17K in AFrance
29400Pte.Harvey, Claude1-8-17D of WFrance
10/859Sgt.Harvey, Jack L.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2959Sgt.Harvey, James29-11-17K in AFrance
10/2960Cpl.Harvey, Robert A.7-10-17D of WFrance
10036Pte.Harvey, Willia. C. G.9-10-17D of WFrance
10/2175Cpl.Harvey, William H.14-8-15D of WMudros ex Gallipoli
13761Pte.Harwood, Herbert R.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/3900Pte.Haslett, George27-3-18K in AFrance
5/447L/Cpl.Hastie, William E.18-5-18D of WFrance
10/1520Pte.Hastings, John E.16-9-16K in AFrance
20342Pte.Hatcher, Thomas W.30-9-17D of WFrance
65661Pte.Hawes, George W.11-10-18K in AFrancepage 367
10/2962Pie.Hawke, Ernest H.20-7-16K in AFrance
12198Pte.Hawke, Harold P.31-7-17K in AFrance
12391L/Cpl.Hawkes, Herbert A.4-10-17D of WFrance
10/4122Pte.Hawley, John27-9-16K in AFrance
10/2178Pte.Hay, Gordon G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
68570Pte.Hay, Henry22-9-18D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
10345Pte.Hay, James27-9-16K in AFrance
10/714L/Cpl.Hayden, Bill18-8-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
10/723Pte.Hayden, H.E. (M.I.D.)26-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/1841Pte.Hayes, John J.5-3-17K in AFrance
58528Pte.Hays, Frederick16-5-18K in AFrance
10/1255Pte.Hayward, Charles8-8-15K in AGallipoli
28141Pte.Hazell, Frank E.24-8-17D of WFrance
10/3288Pte.Headifen, Leonard22-6-17D of WFrance
14622Pte.Heal, Alfred C.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/470Cpl.Heald, Gilbert27-6-15K in AGallipoli
10/989Pte.Heale, Walter G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/900Pte.Heathcote, Herbert H.7-6-17K in AFrance
10/1521Pte.Heather, Douglas W.7-7-15DiseaseAt Sea ex Gallipoli
29402Pte.Hebden, Percy5-10-18D of WFrance
27655Pte.Hende, Peter B.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/1844Pte.Henderson, Alexander4-9-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
14623Pte.Henderson, C. W.16-11-16K in AFrance
10/2179Pte.Henderson, Edward G.15-8-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
15721Pte.Henderson, G. T. A.8-10-17D of WFrance
10/2369Lt.Henderson, George W.24-6-16Injuries Ac. Bomb explosionFrance
23831Pte.Henderson, Thomas2-10-16K in AFrance
1/037Pte.Henneker, George J.12-1-18K in AFrance
10/1847Pte.Hennessy, Charles M.14-8-15DiseaseAt Sea ex Gallipoli
10/2967L/Cpl.Henry, Malcolm R.16-9-16K in AFrance
51165Pte.Henzler, Robert24-8-18K in AFrance
15723Pte.Herbert, Edward L.16-11-16K in AFrance
39811Pte.Hercock, Reg. C.13-9-18K in AFrance
36865Pte.Herman, William4-10-17K in AFrance
38703Pte.Hesketh, Ernest J.1-8-17K in AFrance
23832Pte.Heys, James H.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/604Pte.Hiatt, Samue. J. R.30-7-15K in AGallipoli
4/1128Sgt.Hickson, Arnold C.7-6-17K in AFrancepage 368
18164PteHickson, Clarence H.30-9-18K in AFrance
51255Pte.Higgie, Collin L.2-4-18D of WFrancs
53012Pte.Higgins. James11-4-18K in AFrance
10/1375Sgt.Higgott, William T.9-5-15K in AGallipoli
59898Pte.Hill, Alexander14-4-18K in AFrance
10/172Pte.Hill, Louis W.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
15724Pte.Hill, Percy27-7-17D of WFrance
30/374Pte.Hill, Reginald I.8-8-15K in AGallipoli.
10233Pte.Hill, William C.27-9-16K in AFrance
10/3906Cpl.Hilliar, Charles J.23-10-17K in AFrance
280462/Lt.Hindlesmith, Arthur1-10-18D of WFrance
14627Pte.Hirst, Thomas R.31-7-17K in AFrance
53016Pte.Hishon, Daniel4-5-18K in AFrance
53015Pte.Hislop, Albert J.23-1-20DiseaseN.Z.
14629Pte.Hitchman, Hug. J. C.1-8-17K in AFrance
10/3596Pte.Hoare, Alexander J.15-9-16K in AFrance
38160Pte.Hobbs, James13-10-18Dof WFrance
44280Pte.Hobbs, Oswald31-8-18K in AFrance
22249Pte.Hodge, Harry31-7-17K in AFrance
10/3908Pte.Hodgson, Henry F.16-9-16K in AFrance
47826Pte.Hodgson, John H.21-12-17D of WFrance
39813Pte.Hodgson, Sidney B.4-10-17K in AFrance
72659Pte.Hogan, William M.30-9-18Aced. K BombFrance
10/2970Pte.Hogg, James L.29-6-16K in AFrance
52425Pte.Hogg, John A.14-4-18K in AFrance
28135Pte.Holdstock, William L.3-1-18D of WFrance
10/2648Sgt.Holland, Percy R.4-2-17D of WFrance
69407Pte.Hollins, Walter1-9-18K in AFrance
10/595Pte.Holmes, Arthur W.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
31278Pte.Holmes, Harry V.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/1075Pte.Holmes, Reuben V.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3296Sgt.Holmes, W. A. (M.M.)3-10-16D of WFrance
39534Pte.Holz, Allan13-6-17K in AFrance
39535Pte.Holz, Ernes. J. J.13-6-17K in AFrance
10/831Pte.Honnor, Edwin H.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/3297Pte.Hooper, Alex. J.16-9-16D of WFrance
36866Pte.Hope, Robert14-6-17K in AFrance
10/471Pte.Hopkins, Robert G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/25082/Lt.Hopkirk, William S.1-6-16K in AFrance
23/786Pte.Hopping, Bertram F.3-7-16K in AFrance
61648Pte.Horne, John12-10-18K in AFrance
10/2971Pte.Hornsby, John F.17-9-16D of WFrance
10/2650Pte.Hornsby, Robert7-11-15DiseaseMudrospage 369
10/2651Pte.Horsman, William E.2-12-15K in AGallipoli
53494Pte.Howard. Frank S.30-8-18K in AFrance
1/3842/Lt.Howard, Frederick8-6-17K in AFrance
10351Cpl.Howard, Harold4-10-17K in AFrance
10/2973Pte.Howell, Albert E.25-9-16K in AFrance
74051Pte.Howell, Noah A.4-11-18K in AFrance
10/2654Pte-Hudson, Francis C.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/727Cpl.Hudson, Thomas H.18-5-16DiseaseU.K.
10/3602Pte.Hughes, Fred5-5-17D of WFrance
10/7LtHugo, Lauranc. W. A.27-4-15K in AGallipoli
10142Pte.Hull, Henry V.1-10-18K in AFrance
10/1263Pte.Hulme, James22-8-15DiseaseMalta ex Gal.
59379Pte.Hume, Patrick J.13-9-18K iu AFrance
20351Pte.Hume, Samuel S.7-6-17K in AFrance
28136Pte.Humphries, W. L.23-6-17K in AFrance
13/3038Pte.Hunn, Henry23-9-16D of WFrance
7/1627Cpl.Hunt, George W.27-7-17K in AFrance
10/32Pte.Hunt, Klein8-8-15K in AGallipoli
38026Pte.Hunter, Andrew16-4-18D of WFrance
10/2436Pte.Hunter, James8-8-15K in AGallipoli
49153Pte.Hunter, John J.4-11-18K in AFrance
10/1855Pte.Hunter, William M.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
38705Pte.Hunter, William T.18-7-18D of WFrance
41800Pte.Hurley, Daniel4-10-17K in AFrance
10/2977Pte.Hurley, William4-10-17K in AFrance
22803Sgt.Hurst, Chris. J.6-11-18D of WFrance
10/2978Pte.Hurst, Thomas H.18-9-16D Of WFrance
10/3603Pte.Hutchinson, C. L.16-9-16K in AFrance
52612Pte.Hutchison, John A.28-1-18K in AFrance
10/1857Pte.Hutton, Frank R.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
12/4198Pte.Huxtable, Henry27-7-17K in AFrance
10/3605L/Sgt.Ibbotson, Herbert31-7-17K in AFrance
10/3917Pte.Inglis, John R.14-12-17K in AFrance
33548Pte.Ingram, Eric J.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/889Cpl.Ireland, Ernest J.7-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/1534Pte.Ireland, Joseph8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1098Pte.Ireland, William A.10-8-15K in AGallipoli
61652Pte.Irvine, James20-3-19DiseaseFrance
10/624Pte.Irving, Eric C.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
27656Pte.Irving, Walter J.5-6-17K in AFrance
47892Pte.Irwin, James8-5-18D of WFrance
56605Pte.Irwin, Walter D.29-8-18K in AFrance
23835Pte.Jack, Andrew20-7-17D of WFrance
aapage 370
25532Pte.Jackson, Ewan A.23-6-17K in AFrance
10/394Pte.Jackson, Henry G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/395Lt.Jackson, John K.E. (M.I.D.)28-3-18D of WFrance
30593L/Cpl.Jacobson, Ernest R.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1535Pte.Jagerhorn, George23-3-16DiseaseN.Z.
10/1267Pte.Jakes, William10-7-15DiseaseLemnos
19096Pte.James, David7-6-17K in AFrance
10/1860PteJames, George A.1-8-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
10/3918Pte.James, Leslie16-9-16K in AFrance
10/137L/Cpl.Jameson, Ian D.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/676Pte.Jamison, William8-8-15K in AGallipoli
39823Pte.Jardine, Thomas6-10-17D of WFrance
28148Pte.Jarrett, William25-8-18DiseaseU.K.
8/2956Cpl.Jeffries, Ralph S. C. (M.M.)4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1537Pte.Joffs, Thomas8-8-15K in AGallipoli
1/205Sgt.Jenkinson, Horace E.18-10-17D of WFrance
10/136Pte.Jennings, Edgar MeI.3-8-15K in AGallipoli
27903Pte.Jensen, Christoffer27-3-18K in AFrance
39823Pte.Jensen, Ernest (M.M.)4-11-18K in AFrance
10/2193Pte.Jessop, William H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
33554Pte.Johanson, Walter O.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1865Sgt.Johanson, William L. (M.M.)8-6-17K in AFrance
10/3307L/Cpl.Johns, Percival G.29-1-18K in AFrance
15733Pte.Johnson, Albert E. (M.M.)4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1268Pte.Johnson, Arthur R.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
53026Pte.Johnson, Frank W.17-9-18D of WFrance
31291Sgt.Johnson, George A.13-9-18K in AFrance
10/4125Pte.Johnson, Nilander16-9-16K in AFrance
9/1186Pte.Johnson, Walter20-10-17K in AFrance
10173Pte.Johnston, Albert30-8-18K in AFrance
31293L/Cpl.Johnston, Edward C. (M.M.)3-4-18K in AFrance
24/1403Pte.Johnston, Stanley C.2-10-16K in AFrance
10/2981Pte.Johnstone, Albert E.27-6-16K in AFrance
16/538Mjr.Jones, Alber. E. M.11-10-17D of WFrance
11/325Pte.Jones, Arthur B.31-10-16D of WFrance
38711Pte.Jones, Bertie Alma4-10-17K in AFrance
10/4127Pte.Jones, Cyril B.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/3311Pte.Jones, Ernest A.16-9-16K in AFrance
23837Pte.Jones, Frederick G.3-10-17K in AFrancepage 371
25165Pte.Jones, Henry E.7-6-17K in AFrance
10/3312Pte.Jones, Henry M.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/3615L/Cpl.Jones, James W.14-9-16K in AFrance
29413Pte.Jones, Richard W.9-6-17K in AFrance
14644Cpl.Jones, Robert24-3-19DiseaseN.Z.
10/826Pte.Jones, Thoma. B. S.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/396Pte.Jones, Walter8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/3616Pte.Jones, William16-4-18K in AFrance
25534Cpl.Jopp, James A. (M.M.)29-8-18K in AFrance
28151Pte.Jordan, John R.4-10-17K in AFrance
11486Pte.Jordan, Noel L.2-10-16K in AFrance
69494Pte.Joyce, Patrick J.1-10-18K in AFrance
38033Pte.Joyner, Arthur4-10-17K in AFrance
38713Pte.Joynt, Charles H.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/235Cpl.Juno, George8-8-15K in AGallipoli
33383Pte.Jury, Alfred W.4-10-17K in AFrance
20360Pte.Karalus, Fred. S.9-6-17D of WFrance
10/1867Pte.Kauter, William8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/193Cpl.Kay, Benjamin8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10355Pte.Kean, John8-6-17K in AFrance
10/1868Pte.Kearney, Richard19-9-16D of WFrance
10/874Pte.Keasberry, John C.28-4-15K in AGallipoli
40336Pte.Kehoe, William24-10-17K in AFrance
24/1406Pte.Keightley, Frank14-9-16K in AFrance
30100Capt.Keir, John (M.C.)23-10-17K in AFrance
11/1543Pte.Keith, John8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10235Pte.Kelliher, William10-12-16D of WFrance
38034Pte.Kells, Herbert H.21-5-18D of WFrance
10/3620Pte.Kelly, Cecil W.15-9-16K in AFrance
10/2986Pte.Kelly, Gilbert G.26-9-16K in AFrance
28157Pte.Kelly, John4-10-17K in AFrance
28158Pte.Kelly, Martin21-10-17K in AFrance
10/3314Pte.Kelly, Michael3-7-16K in AFrance
14999Pte.Kelly, Thomas B.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1117Pte.Kemshed, Frank M.19-8-17D of WFrance
10/585Sgt.Kendle, George R.27-4-15K in AGallipoli
38035Pte.Kendrick, Edward J.1-9-18K in AFrance
10/767Pte.Kennedy, Clyde7-8-15K in AGallipoli
25542Pte.Kennedy, Tom C.31-7-17K in AFrance
63167Pte.Kennelly, Charles H.12-10-18D of WFrance
24/1264Pte.Kenny, Ernes. G. B.14-6-16K in AFrance
10/3316Pte.Kent, Charles J.28-7-16K in AFrance
52619Pte.Kent, James J.12-2-18D of WFrance
10/403Cpl.Ker, Douglas27-4-15K in AGallipolipage 372
10/1546Pte.Kewley, Alfred14-5-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
41822Pte.Keys, George E.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/3622Pte.Kilbride, William G.19-8-17D of WFrance
10/2197Pte.Kimberley, Ernest H.15-8-16K in AFrance
9/1881Pte.King, Cyril V.3-7-16K in AFrance
276962/Lt.King, Lancel L.4-10-17K in AFrance
33560Pte.King, William4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1873Pte.Kingdon, Roy R.16-6-15K in AGallipoli
69244Pte.Kinsella, Peter T.20-2-19DiseaseU.K.
117742/Lt.Kinvig, James G.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/1550Pte,Kirk, Charles E.23-10-15Drowned at Salonika Torpedoed
20362Pte.Kirkland, John15-6-17D of WFrance
8/44352/Lt.Kirkley, Wilfred17-9-16K in AFrance
36984Pte.Kitchingham, Charles11-7-17K in AFrance
57401Pte.Klein, John W.11-10-18K in AFrance
10/3319Pte.Klenner, John4-10-17K in AFrance
36985Pte.Knight, Edgar S.14-6-17K in AFrance
31302Cpl.Knight, Norman R. (M.M.)16-4-18K in AFrance
59918Pte.Knott, Joseph C.30-8-18K in AFrance
48515Pte.Knowles, Francis W.4-10-17K in AFrance
20363Cpl.Knowles, Herbert R.14-12-17K in AFrance
10/1275Pte.Knyvett, Edmund C.16-17-9-16K in AFrance
32021Pte.Lack, John R.23-8-17K in AFrance
20364Pte.Laidlaw, James S.7-6-17K in AFrance
42843Pte.Lamb, Alfred D.20-2-19DiseaseFrance after Armistice.
29420Pte.Lamb, Alfred J.4-10-17K in AFrance
25547Pte.Lamberg, Charle. J. G.30-9-17K in AFrance
10/3929Pte.Lampard, James16-9-16K in AFrance
10/3321Pte.Lane, Harold H.17-6-16D of WFrance
10/3931Pte.Langdon, Charles15-9-16K in AFrance
44495Pte.Langdon, Robert L.11-2-18K in AFrance
44492Pte.Langdon, Robert W.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/3930Pte.Langley, David19-10-17DiseaseFrance
10/48Pte.Langley, Ernest27-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/107Pte.Larkin, Leonard8-8-15K in AGallipoli
48341Pte.Larking, Frank C.4-11-18K in AFrance
10/1557Pte.Larsen, Fritjof8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10360T. L/Sgt.Larsen, Harry29-8-18K in AFrance
10/822Sgt.Lascelles, D. R. B.8-8-15K in AGallipolipage 373
10/3627L/Cpl.Lassen, Godfrey2-10-16K in AFrance
38041Pte.Latham, Wilfre. J. R.12-10-18K in AFrance
28160L/Cpl.Law, George E.4-1-18D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
45872Pte.Lawrence, E. W. H.6-11-17D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
10/1880Pte.Lawrence, Thomas G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2671Cpl.Lawson, Clifford P.30-3-18K in AFrance
10/177Pte.Lawton, Walter V.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
30114Lt.Lee, Clarence E. (M.C.)26-8-18K in AFrance
10/1559Sgt.Lee, Harol. A. G.17-6-15K in AGallipoli
10/1882Pte.Leeks, Cedric W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
38809Pte.Lees, Joh. E. L.31-8-18K in AFrance
39833Pte.Lehndorf, Arthur R.4-10-17K in AFrance
11889Pte.Leith, Alex. Craig28-9-16K in AFrance
10/2206Pte.Lennox, Harry15-9-16K in AFrance
10/1561Pte.Leonard, Albert J.14-8-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
11059Pte.Leslie, James4-10-17D of WFrance
10/3936Pte.Leslie, John W.2/3-7-16K in AFrance
10/2675Cpl.Lever, Wallace20-7-16D of WFrance
10/416Pte.Levien, Victor N.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
29422Pte.Lewin, John28-10-17D of WFrance
29423Pte.Lewis, Andrew J.29-3-18K in AFrance
10/1279Pte.Lewis, Edmund K.16-5-15K in AGallipoli
27673Pte.Lewis, Lionel4-6-17D of WFrance
55118Pte.Lewis, Thomas J.H.26-8-18D of WFrance
10/2208Pte.Lewis, Watkin E.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1884Pte.Liddington, Sam. J.24-8-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
45874Pte.Liddle, Herbert29-9-18K in AFrance
20368L/Cpl.Liddy, Thomas J.14-12-17K in AFrance
20369Pte.Lilly, Clarence H.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/1885Pte.Lima, Frank7-8-15K in AGallipoli
15737Pte.Limpus, Percy7-6-17D of WFrance
10/2998Pte.Lindop, Walter H.17-9-16D of WFrance
33390Pte.Lippett, Albert H.18-6-17K in AFrance
10/2209Pte.Lister, Frank27-1-18K in AFrance
10/104Pte.Little, Walter8-8-15K in AGallipoli
47597Pte.Little, William4-9-18D of WFrance
10/535Pte.Loach, George W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2677Pte.Loader, Eric L.22-9-16D of WFrance
10/420Sgt.Lochhead, John A.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1087Pte.Lockett, Rober. L. B.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
48230Pte.Looney, James14-12-17K in AFrance
10/747L/Cpl.Looney, Wilfred G.26-4-15K in AGallipolipage 374
15739L/Cpl.Lord, Norman C.14-12-17K in AFrance
33564Pte.Lord. Sidney W.17-10-17K in AFrance
10/2210Pte.Lorenzen, Wilfrerd E.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
12421Pte.Loughman, Daniel P7-6-17K in AFrance
38721Pte.Love. Cecil4-10-17K in AFrance
48522Pte.Low, Edward Q.13-10-18D of WFrance
10/244Pte.Low. Robert M.17-5-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
64084Pte.Lowson, Albert L.2-1 0-18K in AFrance
11892L/Cpl.Lucas, Georse R.30-3-18D of WFrance
10/3941Pte.Luck. William H.31-8-16D of WU.K. ex Fce.
10/3637L/Cpl.Lugg. Albert H.20-6-17K in AFrance
13/3047Pte.Limham, Thomas21-10-16K in AFrance.
29428Pte.Lyford. Geprge H.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/606Pte.Lynch. Henry K.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1563Pte.Lynch. Owen E.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
12422Pte.Lynch, William2-10-16K in AFrance
40330Pte.Lynskey, Patrick W.31-7-17D of WFrance
10/2680Pte.Mcallister, Peter G.4-10-17D in AFrance
10/4505Sgt.McArrlmr, Alfred A.2/3-7-16K in AFrance
10/1581Pte.McArthur, John9-5-15D of WGallipoli
10/964Pte.McCarthy, Justin F.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
47451Pte.McCaughern, Thomas8-5-18K in AFrance
13349Pte.McCaw, Tliomas J.21-12-17D of WAt Sea on route N.Z. exFranc
37000Pte.McClure, John B.12-6-17K in AFrance
23/1747Cpl.McClymont, James12-9-18D of WFrance
10/18Capt.McColl, Alex. B. (M.I.D.)2-7-16K in AFrance
32042Pte.McConnell, Robert19-6-17K in AFrance
24428Pte.McCouvill, Johan H.31-5-18K in AFrance
24/853Pte.McCorkill, John30-8-18D of WFrance
33576Pte.McCormick, Davirl J.4-5-18K in AFrance
10/2216Pte.McConrnick, William11-8-15K in AGallipoli
24034Pte.McCowen, Ricliarcd O.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1888Pte.McCulloch, William8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1890Pte.Mc Diarmid, William O.7-4-16Declared Missing believed Dead U.K
10/1089W.O.1McDonald Alex.27-4-15K in AGallipoli
28626Pte.Mac Donald, Alex.21-10-17K in AFrance
10/13Pte.McDonald, Charles C.15-9-16K in AFrance
10/433L/Cpl.McDonald, Charles V8-5-15K in AGallipolipage 375
64101Pte.McDonald, Donald H.30-8-18K in AFrance
33416Pte.McDonald, Hector S.4-1 10-17K in AFrance
45876Pte.Macdonald, Horatio A.27-3-18K in AFrance
29453Pte.McDonald, John10-4-19D of WN.Z. ex F'ce
59946Pte.McDonald. John A.5-5-18D of WFrance
14668Pte.McDonald, John F.2-8-17K in AFrance
10/1891Pte.MeDomld. Kenneth12-11-15K in AGallipoli
10/242Pte.Macdonald, Kenneth8-8-15K in AGallipoli
33578L/Cpl.McDonald, Murdoch A.1-9-18K in AFrance
10/3668L/Cpl.McDonald. Noel4-10-17K in AFrance
10/2685Pte.McDowell, Charles N.22-10-17K in AFrance
24/2049Pte.McEvoy, Owen15-9-16K in AFrance
10/2830Pte.McEwan, Roy15-5-16K in AFrance
25283L/Cpl.MeEwan, William8-6-17K in AFrance
19167Pte.McEwen, Stanley H.7-6-17K in AFramce
33579Pte.McFarlane, David J.8-7-17K in AFrance
49833Pte.McFarlane, Reginald28-11-17K in AFrance
10/1584Pte.McFarlane, Robert G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1146Pte.McFarlane, William V.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
33417Pte.McGhie, Arnold J.16-7-19InjuriesN.Z.
10/3660Pte.MacGibhon, Henry J.19-9-16K in AFrance
52439L/Cpl.McGill, David20-12-17K in AFrance
24/1727Pte.McGillivray, Donald14-9-16K in AFrance
10/1115W.O.1McGlade, Matthew26-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/695Pte.McGonagle, Cyril8-6-17K in AFrance
59424Pte.MeGonagle. Daniel12-10-18K in AFrance
10/3670Pte.McGoverne, Ernest G.3-7-16K in AFrance
39867Pte.McGrath. Charles14-6-17K in AFrance
14139Pte.McGrath, John11-6-17D of WFrance
10/1586Pte.McGree, Patrick J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/4480Pte.McGuire, Edmund6-10-17D of WFrance
37851Pte.McHale, William H.3-10-17K in AFrance
3/7002/Lt.McHardie, Cyril J.22-5-18K in AFrance
22430Pte.MacInnes, Archie20-8-17K in AFrance
29967Pte.McIntosh. Robert30-8-18K in AFrance
15754Pte.McIntyre, Alexander24-8-18K in AFrance
10/2687Pte.MeIntyre, Donald J.26-9-16K in AFrance
10/3673Sgt.McKay. Andrew13-9-18K in AFrance
36473L/Cpl.McKay, Charles D.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1897Pte.Mckay, Eric G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3012Pte.McKay. Jolm28-9-16D of WFrance
24382SgtMackay, John C.21-6-17K in AFrance
12445L/Cpl.McKay, John W.10-6-17K in AFrance
23/847Pte.McKegney, Hugh7-6-17K in AFrancepage 376
32043Pte.McKelvey, Daniel A.19-6-17D of WFrance
10/67Pre.McKenzie, Dawid27-1-15K in AGallipoli
11918Pte.McKenzie, Edward W22-10-17K in AFrance
11/1351Pte.McKenzie, George29-9-16K in AFrance
10/549Pte.McKenzie, Henry8-8-15K in AGallipoli
25146Pte.McKenzie, John M.19-10-16D of WFrance
24/1711T. Cpl.McKenzie, Neil L.4-7-16D of WFrance
19087Lt.McKenzie, Seaforth W.26-1-18Accd. K (Aeroplane)France
44619Pte.McKenzie, William L.4-10-17K in AFrance
65420Pte.Mackenzie. William S.112-10-18K in AFrance
24671Pte.McKey, Michae. U. C.8-6-17K in AFrance
24/2245Pte.Mlacki, Raymond T.11-11-16D of WFrance
47568Pte.McKinna, William J.28-3-18D of WFramce
10/2225Pte.McKinnon, Hugh E.31-8-15DiseaseEgypt
10/135Mjr.McKinnon, Hugh E. (M.C. & Bar, M.I.D.)4-11-18K in AFrance
32528Pte.McKinnun, Malcolm1-8-17K in AFrance
401552nd. LtMaczLachlan, Ninian27-8-10K in AFrance
6/2224Cpl.MacLachlan, Peter31-7-17D of WFrance
38058Pte.McLarn, James H.2-8-17D of WFrance
10/922Pte.McLauchlan, Alex. R.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3966SgtMcLaughlan, Francis4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1591Pte.McLaughlan, James8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2692Pte.McLaughlan, Juhn15-9-16K in AFrance
12/4233Pte.MrLaughlan, William16-9-16K in AFrance
37004Pte.McLaughlin, Edmund23-10-17DiseaseFrance
39548Pte.McLaughlin, Edward4-10-17K in AFrance
10/3675L/Opl.McLanghlin, John J.7-6-17D of WFrance
10/4 481Cpl.Maclean, Clarence27-3-18K in AFrance
306024Pte.McLean, Donald29-3-18D of WFrance
69509pte.McLean, William J.2-9-18D of WFrance
29454Pte.McLeay, Ian McK.7-6-17K in AFrance
26/1767Pte.McLeod, Alexander17-8-17D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
41853Pte.McLeod, John L.5-10-17D of WFrance
10/3677Pte.McLeod, Murdoch T.16-9-16D of WFrance
39580Pte.Macleod, Robert B.15/12-17F of WFrance
10/1079Capt.McLernon, Leslie S.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/36/79Cpl.McMillan, Fred. T.4-4-18K in AFrance
10/814PTeMcMillan, Herbert29-4-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
10/1592Pte.MacMillan, James20-7-17K in AFrance
40350Pte.McMillan, James F.5-10-17D of WFrance
20372L/Cpl.Macmillan, K. P. H.14-12-17K in AFrance
10/2371Capt.Macmorran, James30-8-18K in AFrancepage 377
10/472Pte.McMurray, Wilfred L.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/819Pte.McNabb. Cyril30-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/830Pte.McNabb, Roy A.16-5-15K in AGallipoli
29456Pte.McNamara, Clive J.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/463Pte.McNeil, William8-8-15K in AGallipoli
48253Pte.McNeill, John1-10-18K in AFrance
10/2697Pte.McNickel, Thomas F.22-11-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
10/37L/Cpl.McPhee, Duncan8-5-15K in AGallipoli
12240Pte.McPhee, John (M.M.)9-10-17K in AFrance
39872L/Cpl.McQueen, Robert H.11-4-18K in AFrance
10369Pte.MacRae, Alexander1-10-16K in AFrance
54942Pte.McRae, Donald20-12-17K in AFrance
33588Sgt.McRae, Donald Alex.13-9-18D of WFrance
10/3342L/Cpl.McRae, Hugh30-3-18K in AFrance
13/3056Pte.McWhirter, Frank9 7-16K in AFrance
5/1562APte.McWilliam, James21-9-16D of WFrance
39843Pte.Maberly, Harold E.5-10-17D of WFrance
10/1399Pte.Mace, Henry A.28-7-17D of WFrance
69405Pte.Mace, Stanley D.31-8-18D of WFrance
38051Pte.Maddock, Richard J.14-5-18K in AFrance
42151Pte.Madsen, Charle. O. C.4-10-17K in AFrance
140262/Lt.Magnusson, Oscar4-10-17K in AFrance
10/2228L/Cpl.Mahoney, Frank (D.C.M. & M.I.D.)2-8-17K in AFrance
10/439Pte.Mailman, Alfred C.27-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/423L/Sgt.Maliman, Victor8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1901Pte.Main, James22-9-15D of WU.K ex Gal.
20373Pte.Main, Stephen R.8-6-17K in AFrance
26425Pte.Maisey, Leonard31-8-18K in AFrance
20374Pte.Major, Arthur M.31-7-17D of WFrance
10/24972/Lt.Makin, Joseph30-9-18K in AFrance
10/1564Pte.Maller, John P.5-9-15D of WU.K. ex Gal.
11/699Lt.Malone, Edmond L. (M.C.)6-4-18D of WFrance
10/1039L/Col.Malone, William G. (M.I.D.) (2)8-8-15K in AGallipoli
69252Pte.Maloney, Timothy F.12-10-18K in AFrance
10/4137Pte.Manning, Walter J.18-9-16K in AFrance
10/2498Sgt.Manoy, Reginald L.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/427Pte.Mansfield, William W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/725Pte.Marett, Robert29-6-16K in AFrance
11/2147T/Cpl.Marfell, Frank16-11-16K in AFrance
30607Pte.Marquet, Albert O.23-10-17D of WFrance
52630Pte.Marr, John A.29-7-18D of DiseaseU.K. ex F'ce.page 378
10/1904Pte.Marra, George H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
30606L/Cpl.Marris, Robert C.4-10-17K in AFrance
243872/Lt.Marsden, Harr. O. F.4-10-17K in AFrance
185802/Lt.Marsden, Joseph S.4-10-17K in AFrance
11/1828Pte.Marsh, Howard E.20-6-17K in AFrance
10/3345Pte.Marshall, Bernard4-2-17D of WFranca
10/1288Cpl.Marshall, James7-8-15K in AGallipoli
7/1874Pte.Marshall, Patrick O'C.12-7-17DiseaseN.Z.
11/897Pte.Marshall, William P.22-7-18K in AFrance
10/1001Pte.Marter, Clarence20-8-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
10/2232L/Cpl.Martin, Arthur W.16-9-16K in AFrance
39850Pte.Martin, Charles F.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/3644Pte.Martin, Frederick2-10-16D of WFrance
10/2233Pte.Martin, Harry H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1567Pte.Martin, Michael D.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/402Pte.Martin, Ranal. L. H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2004Pte.Martin, Thomas H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1909Pte.Martin, William John8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1376Cpl.Maru, Charles W.4-5-18D of WFrance
10/230Pte.Mason, Ernest8-8-15K in AGallipoli
51178Pte.Mason, Fred28-11-17K in AFrance
38052Pte.Mason, James F.21-10-17K in AFrance
10/204Pte.Mason, Leonard21-6-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
10/4138Pte.Mason, Leslie M.4-11-18K in AFrance
47447Pte.Masters, Charles G.24-8-18D of WFrance
10/1910Pte.Masters, Herbert V.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1290Pte.Matear, Robert29-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/1133Pte.Mather, Atha. B. W.27-9-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
10/3645Pte.Matheson, John3-7-16K in AFrance
10/3646L/Sgt.Mathews, John D.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/447Pte.Matthew, Samuel D.5-12-16D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
40348Pte.Maunder, Alfred R.25-4-13K in AFrance
44554Pte.Maunder, Roger E.31-8-18K in AFrance
29438Pte.Maxwell, David8-6-17K in AFrance
10/3946Pte.May, Frederick4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1914Pte.Mearns, Enoch A.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
11896Pte.Meek, Edward P.19-2-19DiseaseU.K.
10/3950Pte.Meeman, Harry C.14-9-16K in AFrance
10/1915Pte.Mellor, Arthur F.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1916L/Cpl.Mellor, Clement8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1082Lt.Menteath, C. B. S.6/10-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/2236Pte.Mercer, Basil E.8-8-15K in AGallipolipage 379
24/1746Pte.Mercer, Sydney25-9-16D of WFrance
49160Pte.Merritt, Fred. H.6-5-18K in AFrance
6/45772/Lt.Meuli, Lorenz W.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/629Pte.Midgley, James16-9-16K in AFrance
31314Pte.Miers, Ernest W.23-6-17K in AFrance
10/3954Pte.Miller, Harry20-10-16K in AFrance
33569Pte.Miller, Jack S.27-7-17D of WFrance
10/1570L/Cpl.Miller, Willia. F. S.27-9-16K in AFrance
10/465Pte.Milligan, Edward N.25-4-15K in AGallipoli
28627Cpl.Millington, William B.4-10-17K in AFrance
41838Pte.Mills, George J.4-10-17D of WFrance
10/442L/Cpl.Mills, John E.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/816Pte.Mills, Percy8-8-15K in AGallipoli
23847pteMills, Thomas G.2-10-16D of WFrance
29442Pte.Milne, Douglas9-6-17D of WFrance
45886Pte.Milne, Francis4-10-17K in AFrance
13667Pte.Milne, Garnett28-9-16K in AFrance
10/1921Pte.Milne, James8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1922Pte.Milroy, Robert8-8-15K in AGallipoli
31319Pte.Minihan, James P.22-12-17D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
10/1923Cpl.Minnell, Horace8-8-15K in AGallipoli
42156Pte.Misson, George W.22-10-18Died cause not statedGermany ex France
23/2039Pte.Mitchell, Herbert W. A4-10-17K in AFrance
10/801Pte.Mitchell, John S.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
31317Pte.Mitchell, Joseph17-6-17K in AFrance
2/435Pte.Mitchell, Leslie22-10-16D of WFrance
26750Cpl.Mitchell, Ros. E. L.2-8-17K in AFrance
10/1572Pte.Mitchell, Thomas S.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
11903Pte.Mitchell, Valentine P.31-3-18D of WFrance
10/1173Pte.Moffat, Harry7-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3034Sgt.Moffatt, George4-10-17K in AFrance
14657Pte.Moffett, Arthur G.3-5-17K in AFrance
28177Pte.Moffett, Thomas7-6-17K in AFrance
14837Pte.Moloney, James8-6-17K in AFrance
19158Pte.Monaghan, Harry1-8-17D of WFrance
10/3035Pte.Monahan, John J.25-9-17D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
10/459Pte.Monk, Bernard H.7-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/1125Cpl.Monteith, Sydney B6-6-15D of WGallipoli
32693Pte.Moody, David S.4-10-17K in AFrance
23215Pte.Moody, Oliver J.30-10-16K in AFrance
10/3352Pte.Mooney, Alexander O.13-9-16K in AFrance
10/456Pte.Moore, Frank H.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
11076Pte.Moore, Joseph W.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/1925Pte.Moore, Stanley G.8-8-15K in AGallipolipage 380
12224Pte.Moore, William31-7-17kK in AFrance
10/1926`Pte.Moore, William J.10-8-15K in AGallipoli
11505Pte.Moosman, Lewis J.1-10-16K in AFrance
10/3640Capt.Morgan, Fred. H. E. (M.C.)22-7-18D of WU.K. ex F'ce
10/3037L/Cpl.Morgan, Harry C.4-10-17K in AFrance
31323Pte.Morgan, Thomas4-6-17K in AFrance
24/1755Pte.Morris, Eric V. J.31-7-16K in AFrance
10/3653Sgt.Morris, Gerald W.23-6-17K in AFrance
45538Pte.Morris, John15-12-1D of WFrance
10 1574StgMorris, Gerald W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
15751Pte.Morris, Thomas6-10-17D of WFrance
10/1007Pte.Morrison, Edwin D. R28-4-15K in AGallipoli
31320Pte.Morrison, Evan W.5-4-18D of WFrance
20386Pte.Morrow, John4-10-17K in AFrance
24763L/Cpl.Mortland, William J.31-7-17K in AFrance
20387L/Cpl.Mosen. Walter G.29-9-18K in AFrance
31321Pte.Mott, Thomas T.27-7-17K in AFrance
28175Pte.Mowat, Herbert G.4-6-17D of DiseaseFrance
10/3353Cpl.Moy, Robert E.21-8-17D of WFrance
10/641Pte.Muhleisen. Frederick29-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/1047PteMuir, Harold I.29-6-16K in AFrance
10/751PteMulcahy, John8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3655Pte.Mulcahy, Patrick16-9-16K in AFrance
16919PteMuldrew, William J.24-8-18K in AFrance
10/825Pte.Mulholland, W. J.9-5-15K in AGallipoli
30615Pte.Mullins, Michael F.5-11-17D of WFrance
13459Pte.Mullins, Thomas15-9-16K in AFrance
10/784L/Sgt.Mulley, Martin W.27-4-15K in AGallipoli
12227Pte.Munro, Charles6-5-18K in AFrance
30/1930Lt.Munro, Kenneth3-7-16K in AFrance
10/435Cpl.Murdoch, Sidney8-8-15K in AGallipoli
24/1760SgtMurnane, Laurance J.23-7-17D of WFrance
10/1579PteMurphy, James8-8-15K in AGallipoli
45892PteMurphy, John22-10-17K in AFrance
24/2046Pte.Murphy, John31-7-17K in AFrance
14659Pte.Murray, William4-6-17D of WFrance
3343Pte.Murray, William D.31-7-17K in AFrance
11089A/Capt.Murrell, Sydney A.4-11-18K in AFrance
10 2713L/Cpl.Mutton, Charles T.7-6-17K in AFrance
10/1931Pte.Myers. Ewart G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1000Pte.Myhili, Robert10-5-15D of WGallipoli
11089Pte.Nash, Francis11-2-17K in AFrancepage 381
23/1761Sgt.Neal, Alfred23-4-18D of WFrance
23/1762Sgt.Neal, Ernest4-10-17K in AFrance
23/1763T/L-Sgt.Neal, George30-1-18K in AFrance
39531Pte.Neilsen, Alfred4-11-18K in AFrance
10/1933Pte.Nelson, Edward8-8-15K in AGallipoli
31333Pte.Nelson, Thomas8-6-17K in AFrance
33425Pte.Nelson, William G.16-6-17K in AFrance
10/468L/Cpl.Nesbit, Alfred8-8-15K in AGallipoli
33427Pte.Ness, Thomas. J. J.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/437Pte.Newcombe. C. E. H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
ll/1940L/Cpl.Ncwlove Leighton13-6-17Dof WFrance
10/3041Pte.Newman, Frederick G27-9-16K in AFrance
30629Pte.Newman, Wilfred C.4-10-17K in AFrance
30630Pte.Newman William T.10-2-18D of WFrance
13463Pte.Newport, Allan1-10-16K in AFrance
10/928Pte.Newson, Thomas J.13-9-15D of WMalta ex Gallipoli
10/708Pte.Newton, Howard2-5-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
65157Pte.Neylon, John J.30-9-18K in AFrance
30631L/C pl.Nias, George W.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1595Pte.Niccolls, Owen S.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
24/2548Sgt.Nidioll, Joseph A.4-10-17K in AFrance
23/2055Pte.Nicholls. Ernest2-10-16K in AFrance
12/609L/Cpl.Nicholls, George H.8-6-17K in AFrance
10203Pte.Nicholls, IIbert. E. A16-9-16K in AFrance
10/913Pte.Nicholson, George3-6-16K in AFrance
59432L/Cpl.Nicholson, Peter25-8-18D of WFrance
10/932Pte.Nickels, Arthur8-8-15K in AGallipoli
24/1765Pte.Nicldin, Alfred5-10-17K in AFrance
25168Pte,Nickolls, Frederick C.7-6-17K in AFrance
9/1474Pte.Nicol, George A.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/2499Lt.Nicol. Robert A.5-8-18K in APersia
29461Pte.Nield, Cyril W.4-10-17K in AFrance
64113Pte.Nielsen, Rasmus W. E14-8-19InjuriesN.Z.
10/992Pte.Nielsen, William A.7-5-15K in AGallipoli
53060Pte.Nix, Roy24-8-18K in AFrance
11/2348Pte.Norman, Edward L. F27-7-17D of WFrance
11/1944Pte.Norris, Fred. L.3-fi-16K in AFrance
25572Pte.Norris, Joh. H. M.8-6-17D of WFrance
10/996Cpl.Northey, Samuel8-8-16K in AGallipoli
10/3355L/Cpl.Northover, L. W.22-10-17K in AFrancepage 382
65440Pte.Nutsey, Charles30-8-18K in AFrance
10/1600Pte.O'Brien, Henry27-4-15K in AGallipoli
25573Pte.O'Brien, John4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1937Pte.O'Brien, Michael7-6-17K in AFrance
10/1 938Pte.O'Callaghan. D. W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3688Pte.O'Connor, George P.29-9-16K in AFrance
29462Pte.O'Connor, Michael F.9-6-17K in AFrance
10/2261Pte.O'Connor, Richard3-7-16K in AFrance
10/1603Col.O'Connor, Timothy27-7-17K in AFrance
30396Pte.O'Gorman. Thomas4/6-10-17K in AFrance
61748Pte.O'Grady, Daniel F.13-9-18K in AFrance
63062Pte.O'Halloran, A.24-8-18K in AFrance
10/112Pte.O'Keeffe, John30-4-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
10/2458PteO'Leary, Jeremiah C24-8-18K in AFrance
10/96Sgt.O'Neale, Arthur B.27-4-15K in AGallipoli
51187Pte.O'Neill, Bernard20-12-17K in AFrance
10/1605Pte.O'Neill, Richard19-8-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
10/3045Pte.O'Reilly, Francis C.23 7-17K in AFrance
22507Pte.O'Reilly, Michael9-12-17D of WFrance
10/35Pte.O'Shea George A.11-1-16DiseaseEgypt
72579Pte.O'Shea, James M.23-10-18DiseaseFrance
407522/Lt.O'Sullivan, Leo D.24-8-18D of WFrance
39875PteOakley, Robert25 7-17D of WFrance
18696Sgt.Ogden, Thomas16 5-18K in AFrance
23/2524Pte.Okey, Alfred J.4-6-16K in AFrance
10/3356Pte.Okey, Lionel G.15-9-16K in AFrance
10/761Lt.Okey, Royden L. (M.C.)30-9-18K in AFrance
10/737Sgt.Okey, Sydney M.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3968Pte.Old, Edgar7 6-17K in AFrance
10/1940L/Sgt.Old, Harold3 4-18D of WFrance
10/3822L/Cpl.Old, Harry A.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/2459Pte.Oliver, Budge W.15-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/98Pte.Oliver, Edward J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
11925Pte.Oliver, Richard A.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/97L/Cpl.Oliver, Thomas16-9-16D of WFrance
8/4196Pte.Olsen, Ingolf E.19-9-16K in AFrance
32051L/Cpl.Olsen, Peter William4-10-17K in AFrance
42180Pte.Olson, Albert A.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/3692Sgt.Ordish. Alfred W.16-9-16K in AFrance
38062Pte.Orr, James29-7-17K in AFrance
42174Pte.Osborne, Charles P.4-10-17K in AFrancepage 383
10/3038L/Cpl.Otto, Norman C.25-9-16K in AFrance
24/1767Pte.Overend, William T.9-6-16D of WFrance
10/1944Pte.Owens, Peter J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/461Pte.Oxley, Thomas8-8-15K in AG allipoli
23238Pte.Packard. Alfred R.31-7-17K in AFrance
45903Pte.Padden. Patrick4-10-17K in AFrance
10/3694Pte.Paget. Samuel F.4-10-17K in AFrance
32534Cpl.Paine, Herber. W. G.16-5-18K in AFrance
10/28Sgt.Pallant. Donald K.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
39878Pte.Palmer, Alexander C.30-9-18K in AFrance
10/496Pte.Palmer, Hector V.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/1609Pte.Panton, Joseph L.19-8-15DiseaseEgypt ex Gallipoli
22603Lt.Park, Victor H.4-3-19DiseaseFrance
10/1034Pte.Parker, Albert J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
2 3/2061Pte.Parker, Claude15-9-16K in AFrance
10/2729Pte.Parker, Edgar M.9-10-16D of WFrance
10/3050Pte.Parker, Edwar. L. C.20-10-16D of WFrance
10049Pte.Parker, Samuel C.17-9-16K in AFrance
20408Pte.Parkes, Charles31-7-17K in AFrance
10/1061Pte.Parkinson, R. W.23-7-15DiseaseMudros ex Gallipoli
10/2270SgtParkinson, Walter H.9-6-17K in AFrance
10/4167Pte.Parkyn, Richard16-9-16K in AFrance
33941Pte.Parmenter, Jack15-10-17K in AFrance
10/2730L/Sgt.Parr. Thomas A.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/785Sgt.Parrington, Hugh M.25-8-15DiseaseEgypt ex Gallipoli
38064Pte.Parsons, Albert E.5-2-19DiseaseGermany
38741Pte.Parsons, Joh. G. W.20-7-17K in AFrance
10/1309Cpl.Parsons, Reginald8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/876Pte.Pascoe, Charles H.1-8-16K in AFrance
38069L/Cpl.Patching, James A.12-10-18K in AFrance
56846Pte.Paterson, Douglas7-9-18D of WFrance
10/3699Pte.Paterson, William H.8-6-17K in AFrance
61764Pte.Patterson, Albert30-8-18K in AFrance
10/1310Pte.Patterson, William H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
11/1208Cpl.Pattison, Herbert C.23-3-18Accd. KFrance (At musketry practice)
23760L/Cpl.Paul, James C.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/22742/Lt.Paul, Sydney V.23-10-17K in AFrance
52645Pte.Payn, John F.3-10-18K in AFrance
10/619Pte.Payne, George8-5-15K in AGallipolipage 384
10/2500Sgt.Pearce, Arthur H.23-10-17K in AFrance
46143Pte.Pearce, Owen D.13-5-18D of WFrance
45908Pte.Pearce, Harold C.19-10-17D of WFrance
10/1612Cpl.Pearson, Charles E.29-1-18D of WFrance
10/2802Pte.Pearson, Gordon G.22-10-15DiseaseLemnos
10/3974Pte.Pearson, Thomas10-7-16K in AFrance
23093Pte.Peat, George W.8-7-17K in AFra nce
45909Pte.Pedder, Mervyn H.12-10-18K in AFra nce
15767L/Cpl.Pedersen, Einer3o-8-18K in AFrance
11930Pte.Pedersen, Karl B. K8-6-18D of WFrance
38742Sgt.Pelley, George W.1-9-18D of WFrance
38743Pte.Polley, Thomas H.15-11-18DiseaseN.Z.
10/1613Pte.Penney, John G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/4487L/Cpl.Penny, Walter B.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1614Pte.Pepper, James J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
31343Pte.Percival, Henry R.30-8-18K in AFrance
10/10532/Lt.Percy, Frank15-8-16D of WFrance
10/63Pte.Percy, Henry S.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
30603Pte.Percy, Leig. C. F.29-8-18K in AFrance
10/1616Pte.Perie, Joseph G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
28200Pte.Perkins, Frank G.13-10-17D of WFrance
10/908Cpl.Persse, John G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/195Pte.Persson, Martin A.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
14674Pte.Peters, Albert E.7-2-17K in AFrance
10/579Pte.Peters, Maitland H.11-6-15K in AGallipoli
11932Pte.Peters, Richard11-11-16K in AFrance
38065Pte.Peterso Timis F.4-10-17K in AFrance
13/3229Pte.Peterson, Fred. C.27-3-18K in AFrance
14477Pte.Petherick, walter V.12-8-17d of wFrance
10/3056Pte.Phelps, James27-9-16K in AFrance
11105Pte.Philips, Malcolm28-9-16K in AFrance
64121Pte.Phillips, Benjamin S.1-10-18K in AFrance
16577Pte.Phillips, Cecil9-6-17D of WFrance
10/499Pte.Phillips, Charles E.27-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/131 9Pte.Phillips, George8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3368Pte.Phillips, William J.29-6-16K in AFrance
10/1033Pte.Pickard, Joh. H. T.30-4-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
52546Pte.Pidgeon, Robert24-8-18K in AFrance
10/3057Pte.Pidwell, Henry H.16-9-16K in AFrance
24/2073Pte.Pierce, Daniel W.7-6-17Kin AFrance
10/2735Pte.Pine, George A.27-9-16K in AFrancs
10/920Pte.Pitt, Georpe P.: aboutt 16-5-17K in AGallipoli
271 85Sgt.Player, Ernest N.16-10-17D of WU.K. exF'ce.
10/39Pte.Playle, Stanley E.16-9-16K in AFrancepage 385
10/3982Pte.Pollard, Norman A.4-10-17K in AFrance
28199L/Cpl.Pooley, Reginald E.4-10-17D of WFrance
10/3058Cpl.Poole, Alber. W. G.4-10-17K in AFrance
30637Pte.Porteous, William T.4-10-17K in AFrance
15771Pte.Porter, George R.7-7-17D of WFrance
10/3983Pte.Potroz, Augustus17-9-16D of WFrance
10/467L/Cpl.Potter, John4-9-18D of WFrance
10/1142Pte.Potts, John K.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
20228Pte.Powell, Peter C. McE.20-8-18K in AFrance
33603Pte.Powell, Thomas H.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1621Pte.Power, Augustus8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3984Pte.Power, Thomas E.4-10-17K in AFrance
15772L/Cpl.Preshaw, Harold H.31-7-17Kin AFrance
29477Pte.Preston, John7-6-17K in AFrance
10/2738Pte.Preston, John24-3-17K in AFrance
20415Pte.Preston, William C.10-12-16K in AFrance
10/1170Pte.Price, William C.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
33438Pte.Prichard, Robert31-7-18DiseaseFrance
10/1621Pte.Prideaux, Thomas P.27-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/907Pte.Priest, Andrew J.27-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/4175Cpl.Priest, George27-7-17K in AFrance
10/93Pte.Prior, Morton C.29-4-15Kin AGallipoli
37013Pte.Pulford, Ernest W.24-10-18D of WFrance
10/219Pte.Pull, Frederick S.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
47463Pte.Pullen, Vivian R.4-8-19DiseaseN.Z.
27794Pte.Purcell, Robert16-11-17Accd. K (Run over by motor bus)U.K.
10/3061Pte.Pye, Wilfred O.8-8-16DiseaseFrance
10/3985Pte.Pyn, John A.3-8-16D of WFrance
11940Pte.Quarterman, Fred. C.15-9-16Kin AFrance
24/2555Pte.Quealy, Thomas3-6-17D of WFrance
10/2284Pte.Quick, Willia. B. A.10-12-16Kin AFrance
10/3708Pte.Quickenden, T. G.15-9-16K in AFrance
602942/Lt.Quillan, Cecil W.4-11-18K in AFrance
10/2285L/Cpl.Quilliam, Reg, P.3-8-16K in AFrance
33439Pte.Quin, Arthur H.30-8-18K in AFrance
36487L/Cpl.Radford, Lester R.4-10-17K in AFrance
20418Pte.Rae, Alfred W.1-8-17D of WFrance
10/1624Pte.Randall, Joseph21-8-15DiseaseMalta ex Mudros
24/1787Pte.Ratcliffe, Ernest4-10-17K in AFrance
10/776Pte.Rauch, Walter J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
bbpage 386
10/1323Pte.Rawlings, Herbert17-9-16K in AFrance
47465Pte.Raynor, Walter H.9-2-18D of WFrance
10/4490Pte.Reader, Charles W.19-12-16D of WFrance
10/1959Pte.Reardon, Herbert8-8-15K in AGallipoli
12330L/Cpl.Redmond, William J.9-6-17D of WFrance
41891Pte.Redstone, Bernard E.4-10-17K in AFrance
44868Pte.Reece, Arthur4-10-17K in AFrance
10/3712Pte.Reeves, Charles30-7-16D of WFrance
10/3064Pte.Reid, Alexander26-9-16D of WFrance
55868Pte.Reid, Frank F.16-8-18K in AFrance
39893Pte.Reid, Gavin5-10-17K in AFrance
10/3713Pte.Reid, George6-4-17D of WFrance
31350Pte.Reid, James7-6-17K in AFrance
10/1626Pte.Reilly, John8-8-15K in AGallipoli
42203Pte.Reilly, Phillip4-10-17D of WFrance
10/209Pte.Reisima, Robert R.9-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/1084Pte.Remnant, Joseph S.10-3-15DiseaseAustralia en route N.Z. ex Egypt
10/2745Pte.Renton, George17-9-16K in AFrance
10/1627Sgt.Renwick, Harold18-7-17D of WFrance
33607Pte.Reynard, Frank27-11-17K in AFrance
10/3066Pte.Reynish, Roger C.30-11-17K in AFrance
10/3067Pte.Reynish, Thomas H.30-9-17InjuriesFrance
10/353Pte.Reynolds, Samuel16-5-15K in AGallipoli
28631Pte.Rhodes, Ernest W.23-7-17K in AFrance
40131Pte.Rice, Leslie C.3-2-18D of WFrance
38071Pte.Rice, Patrick J.14-12-17K in AFrance
10/181T/Cpl.Richards, Charles H.2-8-17K in AFrance
11945Cpl.Richards, Frank H.19-4-18D of WFrance
10/2746Pte.Richards, Godfrey4-2-17D of WFrance
10/1962Pte.Richards, Herbert E.7-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2747Pte.Richards, Roy F.20-11-15K in AGallipoli
11786Pte.Richardson, Claude M.12-11-16D of WFrance
10/3068Sgt.Richardson, Frank G. (M.M.)31-8-18K in AFrance
25593Pte.Richardson, L. C.12-4-18D of WFrance
38794Pte.Richardson, Michael4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1327Sgt.Richardson, T. G. A.13-7-16DiseaseN.Z.
68322Pte.Ricketts, Leslie S.11-10-18K in AFrance
9/1623Capt.Riddiford, Richard (O.B.E., M.C., M.I.D. twice)10-2-19DiseaseU.K.
32067Pte.Riddle, Ewing S.4-11-18K in AFrance
38218Pte.Rigby, Edward4-11-18K in AFrancepage 387
25317Pte.Riley, George31-7-17K in AFrance
10/1964Pte.Rimmer, Thomas A.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2295Pte.Ringrow, Frank8-8-15K in AGallipoli
33610L/Cpl.Rintoul, Richar. W. P.7-10-17D of WFrance
10/3721Cpl.Rising, Henry N.27-7-17K in AFrance
23/2078Pte.Ritchie, John15-9-16K in AFrance
47468Pte.Ritchie, John8-2-18K in AFrance
24/13062/Lt.Robbie, George A.22-7-17K in AFrance
23/905Pte.Roberts, Frederick J.21-10-16D of WFrance
61785Pte.Roberts, John M.2-9-18D of WFrance
10/1632Pte.Roberts, Owen H.26-5-15D of WMalta ex Gal.
12261Pte.Roberts, Sam27-9-16D of WFrance
10/503Pte.Roberts, Sydney27-4-15K in AGallipoli
12076Pte.Robertson, Albert E.31-8-18K in AFrance
10/2749L/Cpl.Robertson, Albert W.22-6-16K in AFrance
33611Pte.Robertson, Charles S.29-9-18K in AFrance
37054Pte.Robertson, Douglas L.27-3-18K in AFrance
10/2463Cpl.Robertson, Arch. J.15-6-17D of WFrance
10/509Pte.Robinson, Arthur G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
29485Pte.Robinson, Claud26-6-17K in AFrance
32066Pte.Robinson, Franci. J. C.7-6-17K in AFrance
10/3379Pte.Robinson, Joseph T.10-6-16D of WFrance
10/2464Pte.Robinson, Richard8-8-15K in AGallipoli
30161L/Cpl.Robinson, Roy G.30-3-18K in AFrance
47833Pte.Robinson, Thomas S.8-1-18D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
10/1634Pte.Robinson, Thomas W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
26008Cpl.Robinson, Will. H. M.7-8-17K in AFrance
10/4182L/Cpl.Robson, James17-9-18D of WFrance
10/1052L/Cpl.Robson, Robert C.29-4-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
24/1798Cpl.Rodgers, Harry4-10-17K in AFrance
10/733T/Cpl.Rogers, Charles A.25-9-16K in AFrance
39898Pte.Rogers, David21-8-17D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
38750Pte.Rogers, George H.3-10-17K in AFrance
51578Pte.Rogers, Samuel G.29-9-18K in AFrance
15778L/Cpl.Roil, Raymond J.24-8-18D of WFrance
10/2299Pte.Ronaldson, Ernest B.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
15779Pte.Rook, Percy A.11-2-18K in AFrance
39899Pte.Rose, Charles H.13-9-18K in AFrance
9/2221Pte.Rose, Owen A.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/52Pte.Rose, Sydney8-5-15K in AGallipoli
51070Pte.Rose, William A.13-10-17K in AFrance
10/2751Pte.Rose, William V.3-9-15DiseaseAt Sea en route Egypt
10/92L/Sgt.Rosenfeldt, A. B. P.8-5-15K in AGallipolipage 388
10/2300Pte.Rosie, Donald W.16-9-16K in AFrance
14868Pte.Ross, Alfred W.3/4-10-17D of WFrance
11/1738L/Cpl.Ross, Davis A.2-4-17K in AFrance
10/3144Mjr.Ross, Fleming (M.I.D.)18-9-16K in AFrance
12263Pte.Ross, Hugh L.1-8-17K in AFrance
10/508Pte.Ross, James8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3075Pte.Ross, Munr. W. N.16-9-16K in AFrance
27140Pte.Ross, Roderick20-12-17D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
23879Pte.Rossiter, Albert A. (M.M.)23-3-18Accd. K (Shot at Musketry practice)France
45918Pte.Rowe, William Charles4-10-17K in AFrance
69523Pte.Rowland, Ernes. D. N.1-9-18K in AFrance
10/505Pte.Rowley, Norman S.27-7-15DiseaseAt Sea ex Gallipoli
10/4491Pte.Royal, James10-11-18DiseaseU.K.
59461Pte.Ruddle, Joseph13-9-18K in AFrance
10/502L/Sgt.Rule, Frank J.26-5-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
10/1972Pte.Rundle, Fred. G.25-1-17D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
24/1802Pte.Rush, William H.5-10-16D of WFrance
10/1973Pte.Russell, George G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
56660Pte.Russell, James R.24-8-18K in AFrance
10/1643Pte.Russell, Joseph14-12-18DiseaseU.K.
10/2306Pte.Russell, Richard J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3728Pte.Rutherford, H. S.31-7-17D of WFrance
28542Pte.Ryan, David W.19-6-17K in AFrance
10/702Pte.Ryan, Denis8-5-15K in AGallipoli
29492Pte.Ryan, Joseph7-6-17K in AFrance
10/486L/Sgt.Ryan, Patrick W.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/919Sgt.Ryder, William29-11-17D of WFrance
14871Pte.Sabin, John N.21-10-17K in AFrance
21163Pte.Saint, Stanle. A. A.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/3078Pte.Sally, John4-10-17K in AFrance
66227A/Capt.Salmond, William G.9-7-18K in AFrance
10056Pte.Sanderson, William2-10-16K in AFrance
17854Pte.Sattler, Charles L.30-10-16K in AFrance
24/333Pte.Saunders, Hubert M.16-8-17D of WFrance
25323Pte.Saunders, Mark4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1329Pte.Saunders, Thomas29-4-15K in AGallipoli
24/1807Cpl.Savage, Albert25-8-18K in AFrance
11/2219Pte.Sawyer, Arthur H.21-9-16D of WFrance
10/3387Pte.Saywell, George N.17-10-17K in AFrancepage 389
12483Pte.Saywell, Roy W.23-10-16D of WFrance
10/4194Pte.Scarlett, Joseph B.28-9-16K in AFrance
62643Pte.Schischka, Martin J.30-8-18K in AFrance
24/1922Pte.Schmidt, George H.4-6-16D of WFrance
10/2384Pte.School, John B. (M.M.)28-9-16D of WFrance
10/1022Pte.Schofield, Hiram27-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/1645Pte.Schofield, Joe W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/525Pte.Schulz, Herbert A.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/518Sgt.Sciascia, Charles1-8-17K in AFrance
38075L/Cpl.Scott, Arthur M.20-8-17K in AFrance
13820Pte.Scott, Daniel C.22-10-17D of WFrance
10/2482Capt.Scott, Robert F. C. (M.I.D.)9-6-17D of WFrance
42412Pte.Scrugham, William W.31-8-18K in AFrance
10/2309Pte.Scrutton, Ernest J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1647Pte.Seagrave, Ambrose7-6-17K in AFrance
12485Pte.Semmens, Arthur B.30-8-18K in AFrance
33616Pte.Serpell, Percy C.9-7-17D of WFrance
10/1978Pte.Sewell, Edgar8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/224Pte.Sewell, James W.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
38228Pte.Seymour, Felix4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1333Pte.Seymour, William8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/1979Pte.Shackleford, Harold17-9-16K in AFrance
10/528Pte.Shadlow, Stephen29-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/1649Cpl.Shakeshaft, Alfred24-10-17K in AFrance
11955Pte.Shannon, Ronald L.5-6-17D of WFrance
23897Sgt.Sharp, James H.1-10-18K in AFrance
8/2312Pte.Sharpe, Sydney A.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/1980Pte.Shaw, Alexander8-8-15K in AGallipoli
23/2528Pte.Shaw, William14-9-16K in AFrance
27701Pte.Shea, John H.11-6-17D of WFrance
29971Pte.Shearer, Charles H.8-6-17D of WFrance
61810Pte.Sheed, William R.27-3-18K in AFrance
11957Pte.Sheehan, John16-3-18DiseaseFrance
10/1981Pte.Sheerin, James8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3872Pte.Shefford, James8-6-17K in AFrance
10/1653Pte.Sheldon, Joh. J. W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
25598Pte.Shepherd, Orr7-6-17K in AFrance
31726L/Cpl.Sheppard, Thomas C.12-10-18K in AFrance
46146Pte.Sherlock, Percy J.11-10-18K in AFrance
45926Pte.Sherlock, Robert1-10-18K in AFrance
10/3735L/Cpl.Sherret, John A.14-9-16K in AFrance
10/1014Pte.Sherwood, John C.17-12-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipolipage 390
33456Pte.Sherwood, Sidney H.4-10-17K in AFrance
20434Pte.Shield, Ronald C.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/89Sgt.Shields, Philip F.16-9-16K in AFrance
32991Pte.Shirley, Thomas O.16-8-17D of In.France (Lewis Gun Accd.)
10/563Cpl.Shoebridge, Albert J.5-8-19D of W and sicknessN.Z. ex Gal.
10/1982Pte.Shoemark, James C.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
31358Cpl.Short, Hughie T.25-8-18K in AFrance
10/1160Pte.Short, Leslie H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
59467Pte.Shotter, William J.9-3-19D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
30410Cpl.Shrimpton, Arthur V.15-6-17D of WFrance
38077Pte.Shrimpton, Stanley M.31-7-17K in AFrance
49849Pte.Siegel, Charles C.30-3-18K in AFrance
10/1655Pte.Siegel, John A.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/87Sgt.Sievers, Gerald8-8-15K in AGallipoli
30649Pte.Sievers, Louis W.30-11-17K in AFrance
44239Pte.Signal, William C.1-10-18K in AFrance
12488Pte.Sim, Albert J.12-10-18K in AFrance
10/1983Pte.Sim, Walter L.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
28221Pte.Simmons, Emanuel6-6-17K in AFrance
10/690Pte.Simpson, Alan L.11-6-15D of WGallipoli
10/941Pte.Simpson, Bethel J.17-3-15DiseaseEgypt
10/1985Pte.Simpson, Claude E.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
39903Pte.Simpson, Joseph31-7-17K in AFrance
10/1986Pte.Simpson, William15-8-15K in AGallipoli
29501Pte.Simson, Charles4-7-17D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
23/2088Pte.Simson, Fred. G. O.11-6-17D of WFrance
10/203L/Cpl.Simson, Sydney16-9-16K in AFrance
10/2501Sgt.Skeet, Ernest2-7-16K in AFrance
23/2089Pte.Skellon, Tom H.21-9-16D of WFrance
33460Pte.Slight, Cecil H.23-8-17K in AFrance
47003Pte.Sly, Ernest L.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/202Sgt.Smale, Henry T.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
15791Pte.Smith, Albert E.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/3999Pte.Smith, Albert V.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/3801Pte.Smith, Alexander H.22-7-16K in AFrance
10/2767Pte.Smith, Frank16-9-16K in AFrance
13534L/Cpl.Smith, George F.27-3-18K in AFrance
59789Pte.Smith, Harold McD.19-9-18D of WFrance
10/1037Pte.Smith, James W.2-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/1340Pte.Smith, John E.16-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/534Pte.Smith, John H.6-5-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
59471Pte.Smith, John P.28-4-18D of WFrancepage 391
10/1164Pte.Smith, Sydne. C. P.10-4-16DiseaseEgypt
10/698Pte.Smith, Thoma. D. D.3-7-16K in AFrance
10/1342Pte.Smith, Walter R.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/2315Pte.Smith, Thomas W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1991Pte.Smith, Wilfred C.8-10-17D of WFrance
13477Pte.Smith, William C.1-7-17D of WFrance
10/789Sgt.Smyth, Ernest 0.28-8-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
54405Pte.Smyth, Wilfred E.2-11-19DiseaseN.Z. ex F'ce.
10/2768Pte.Snaddon, Frank11-7-16D of WFrance
10/3087T/Cpl.Snell, Edward D.30-6-16D of WFrance
52656Pte.Soal, Louis 0.25-8-18K in AFrance
10/877Sgt.Sole, Leslie P.9-5-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
10/812Sgt.Sole, Reginald G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
49850Pte.Somers, John29-9-18K in AFrance
10/1343T/Sgt.Somerton, James3-8-16D of WFrance
20441Pte.Sorrenson, William M.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/523L/Cpl.Souness, Neil4-10-17K in AFrance
52481Pte.Soutar, Phili. R. W.20-12-17K in AFrance
65067Pte.South, Sidney C.1-9-18K in AFrance
61822Pte.Sowerby, Fred. H.27-7-18K in AFrance
30655Pte.Spaccesi, Antonie4-10-17K in AFrance
38081Pte.Sparkes, Ernest P.6-5-18K in AFrance
38080Pte.Spicer, Percy D.1-12-17K in AFrance
23/1821Pte.Spillane, William22-9-16K in AFrance
10/2396Pte.Spooner, Edward J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/854Sgt.Spratt, Walter8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/782Sgt.Squire, Alan R.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
225272/Lt.Stables, Robert H.18-10-17D of WFrance
42228Pte.Standen, Sydney22-10-17K in AFrance
10/1725Cpl.Stanley, Thomas3-4-17K in AFrance ?
36490Pte.Stark, William Y.21-7-17K in AFrance
28220Pte.Steffert, Neville E.27-7-17K in AFrance
24/1489Pte.Stent, Richard3-7-16K in AFrance
30/1345Pte.Stephens, Arthu. F. N.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
11/1973Pte.Stephens, Edward15-9-16K in AFrance
10/1346Pte.Steven, John8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/4203Pte.Stevens, Arthur16-9-16K in AFrance
10/2322Cpl.Stevens, James11-10-18K in AFrance
39561Pte.Stevens, John L.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/4492Pte.Stevens, Neil J.31-8-18D of WFrance
10/2772Pte.Stevenson, Claude7-6-17K in AFrance
10/998Sgt.Stevenson, Hugh K.7-6-17K in AFrance
10/4190Pte.Stewart, Alexander28-6-17D of WFrancepage 392
48581Pte.Stewart, Arthur E.5-10-17D of WFrance
10/201Pte.Stewart, David4-7-15DiseaseMudros ex Gallipoli
8/2482Pte.Stewart, David R.21-9-16K in AFrance
10/2323Pte.Stewart, Ernest 0.27-12-15DiseaseMudros es Gallipoli
60004Pte.Stewart, George C.1-10-18K in AFrance
10/3092Pte.Stewart, Jack C.19-3-17DiseaseU.K. ex F' ce.
60002Pte.Stewart, James12-10-18K in AFrance
11/1978Pte.Stewart, John16-9-16K in AFrance
39909Pte.Stewart, Thomas10-7-17K in AFrance
10/1663Pte.Stewart, William8-8-15K in AGallipoli
28215Pte.Still, John H.14-12-17K in AFrance
10/3747T/Sgt.Stirrat, Alex. G.16-9-16K in AFrance
46087Pte.Stitt, Alexander M.1-9-18D of WFrance
10/530Pte.Stock, George8-8-15K in AGallipoli
30658Pte.Stockham, Thomas W.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1666Pte.Stokes, James F.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2775Pte.Stokes, John E.14-1-17K in AFrance
10/2325Pte!Stokes, Sydney H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
72994Pte.Stone, Thomas R.8-11-18DiseaseFrance
25611Pte.Stott, James T.9-6-17D of WFrance
10/3748Pte.Stowers, Robert S.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/28222/Lt.Strack, Karl J.4-10-17K in AFrance
15794L/Cpl.Stratton, William J.4-10-17K in AFrance
11/2489Pte.Street, Charles E.14-6-16DiseaseFrance
41169Pte.Stringfellow, George5-10-17D of WFrance
10/1670Pte.Stroud, Sidney E.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/947T/Cpl.Struthers, Andrew8-6-17K in AFrance
10/3096Pte.Stubbs, Pearson11-6-17D of WFrance
10/168Pte.Studley, Arthur8-8-15K in AGallipoli
28227Pte.Stumbles, Albert4-10-17K in AFrance
29508Pte.Sturch, Edward J.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/1671Pte.Style, Herbert H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
53085Pte.Sullivan, Cornelius1-10-18K in AFrance
10/3097Pte.Sullivan, James30-8-18D of WFrance
23/2100Pte.Sullivan, John B.31-5-16K in AFrance
35181Pte.Sullivan, Thomas5-10-17D of WFrance
65472Pte.Summers, Charles31-8-18K in AFrance
10/1673Pte.Sutherland, Peter J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
18121Pte.Sutherland, Will. C.22-7-17D of WFrance
10/2777L/Cpl.Sutton, Enoch8-6-17K in AFrance
10/488Pte.Svenson, Charles8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1674Pte.Swan, James W. (D.C.M., M.I.D.)16-9-16K in AFrancepage 393
59481Pte.Swannick, Abraham8-8-18D of In. (Accd. bomb expl)France
10/758Pte.Swindlehurst, F. R.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10061Pte.Swinney, John20-9-16D of WFrance
10/1163Pte.Sykes, Cyril G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
28229Pte.Sykes, James31-7-17K in AFrance
13481Pte.Sylvester, Will. A.4-10-17K in AFrance
31369Pte.Symes, Francis E.30-3-18K in AFrance
15797Cpl.Symons, Arthur27-3-18K in AFrance
24/2106Pte.Symons, Benjamin27-6-17K in AFrance
10/2832Cpl.Talbot, Perc. G. A.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/2778Sgt.Tannahill, John (D.C.M.)30-9-18Kin AFrance
25613Pte.Tanner, Frederick A.16-4-18K in AFrance
10/797Pte.Tanner, William H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1678Pte.Tansley, Ivan8-8-15K in AGallipoli
67721Pte.Tansley, Joh. A. L.3-10-18D of WFrance
51792Pte.Tapp, George E.14-11-17K in AFrance
10/1679Pte.Tate, Charles D.18-7-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
10/246L/Cpl.Tattle, Philip G.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
33476Pte.Taucher, Rupert S.24-11-17K in AFrance
10/1681Lt.Tayler, George W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3404T/Cpl.Taylor, Ala. G. G.3-10-16K in AFrance
10/611Pte.Taylor, Alexander N.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
46150Pte.Taylor, Alexander W.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/2331L/Cpl.Taylor, Archibald8-8-15K in AGallipoli
33477Pte.Taylor, Claude E.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/3755Pte.Taylor, Edward C.15-9-16K in AFrance
10/2334Pte.Taylor, Gilbert R.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
15801Pte.Taylor, Harold E.31-7-17K in AFrance
10/948Cpl.Brooke-Taylor, H. R.16-9-16K in AFrance
52112Pte.Taylor, Joh. B. E.3-10-18K in AFrance
11/2492Pte.Taylor, Lesli. F. C.2-12-18Accd. K (Run over by motor lorry)France
10/4043Pte.Taylor, Lionel G.9-7-16K in AFrance
34172Pte.Taylor, Orton C.4-10-17K in AFrance
8/2738L/Cpl.Taylor, Reginald20-6-17K in AFrance
10/3756Pte.Taylor, Robert16-9-16K in AFrance
28233Pte.Taylor, Robert31-7-17K in AFrance
10/83Pte.Taylor, Thomas L.14-12-17K in AFrance
49852Pte.Temperley, Arnold H.3-8-18Drownet at Sea en route U.K. fromFrancepage 394
28235Pte.Terllch, Joseph20-8-17K in AFrance
44536Pte.Terry, Percy E.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/1682T/Cpl.Thaxter, Lawrence P.15-10-16K in AFrance
10/1351Pte.Thaxter, William8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3138Pte.Thomas, Alban21-11-15D of WGallipoli
10/537Pte.Thomas, George V.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
39913Pte.Thomas, Harold S.24-8-18K in AFrance
10/2005Pte.Thomas, Hugh F.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
64169Pte.Thomas, Joseph P.26-7-18K in AFrance
10/1038L/Cpl.Thomas, Rupert J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
52113Pte.Thomason, Alfred R.31-8-18K in AFrance
10/57Pte.Thompson, Charles W.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
23/1216Pte.Thompson, Henry W.20-10-17K in AFrance
39919Pte.Thompson, James I.16-11-17K in AFrance
15803Cpl.Thompson, Mark W.5-10-17K in AFrance
10/38082/Lt.Thomson, Alister McL.17-6-16K in AFrance
44535Cpl.Thomson, Colin (M.M.)4-11-18K in AFrance
10/2338Pte.Thomson, Harold J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
63237Pte.Thorn, William A.14-9-18D of WFrance
42230Pte.Thornton, George A.6-12-17D of WFrance
11971Pte.Thrupp, Ernest8-6-17K in AFrance
10/3409Pte.Thrupp, G. E.14-6-16K in AFrance
20457Ete.Thrush, Edward W.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/1545Pte.Thurlow, William H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1354Pte.Thurlow, William J.1-5-15K in AGallipoli
12513Pte.Tobin, Frank 0.17-7-17D of WFrance
14713Cpl.Todd, George G.1-8-18K in AFrance
31376L/Cpl.Todd, Harry P.21-10-17K in AFrance
53094Pte.Todd, Samuel E.29-8-18K in AFrance
37020Pte.Todd, Victor4-10-17K in AFrance
44537Pte.Todd-Strachan, D. D.9-11-18DiseaseN.Z.
10/1012Pte.Tohill, Albert J.19-8-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
10/251Pte.Toomer, Harold J.10-5-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
10/3415Pte.Toomey, Patrick12-8-16K in AFrance
10/3112Pte.Toon, Clifford16-9-16K in AFrance
10/4013Pte.Topp, Kaj20-7-16K in AFrance
12514Pte.Tosswill, William W.4-10-17K in AFrance
45934Pte.Trainor, Peter J.22-4-18K in AFrance
10/527Pte.Travers, George8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/591Pte.Traynor, James8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/1686Pte.Tremayne, A. E.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2480Capt.Tremewan, Hugh S.16-9-16D of WFrance
52055Pte.Tucker, Edwin A.30-8-18K in AFrancepage 395
10/899Pte.Tucker, Harry E.15-6-18DiseaseU.K.
32097Pte.Tucker, Thomas H.26-7-17K in AFrance
24/1557Pte.Tunks. Wilfred D.4-10-17K in AFrance
13140Pte.Turchie, Joseph6-4-18D of WFrance
24/1218Pte.Turner. Arthur H.14-6-17D of WFrance
10/1357Pte.Turner. Arthur M.11-5-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipoli
9/2237Sgt.Turner, David5-8-17D of WFrance
10/249Pte.Turrell, Arthur G.9-8-15Kin AGallipoli
20462Pte.Tuson, James30-3-18K in AFrance
7/2323Cpl.Twisleton, Ronald B.4-10-17K in AFrance
15808Pte.Twomey, Hugh M.1-10-18K in AFrance
40391Pte.Tye. William R.21-8-17K in AFrance
11980Pte.Ulyatt, Sydney M.28-9-16K in AFrance
28242Cpl.Ure, William H.4-10-17K in AFrance
28243Pte.Ustallo, Carl31-7-17K in AFrance
15809Sit.Uzzell, Benjamin13-9-18K in AFrance
10/135SPteVarcae, Wesley E8-5-15K in AGallipoli
11/833Cpl.Vaughan, Oswald de W.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/773Pte.Velvin. Errol J.13-6-15D of WGallipoli
10/2346Pte.Vickers, Edward W.25-8-15DiseaseMalta ex Gal.
10/898Pte.Tickers, Frank L.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
6/2309Pte.Vine. William L.23-6-17K in AFrance
10/2014Pte.Virtue, William E.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1687Pte.Vyner. Arthur W.16-9-16K in AFrance
12517Pte.Waby, Benjamin7-6-17K in AFrance
10/1485Pte.Wade, David3-7-15D of WMalta ex Gal.
10/3116Pte.Wain, Stephen23-6-16K in AFrance
10/2016Pte.Wainwright, Fred.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2347Pte.Wake, Hereward L.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
6/1746Pte.Wakelin, John16-9-16K in AFrance
38774Pte.Wakerley, James A.23-7-17K in AFrance
10/78Pte.Waldie, Robert B.8-8-15Kin AGallipoli
33482Pte.Wale, Roy A.4-10-17K in AFrance
49949Pte.Walker, Andrew14-12-17K in AFrance
10/2017Pte.Walker, Frank E.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
39568Pte.Walker, James1-8-17K in AFrance
17738Pte.Wallace, George30-3-18K in AFrance
10/1690Pte.Wallace, John R.8-845K in AGallipoli
10/1081L/Cpl.Wallace, Samuel W.10-8-15D of WGallipoli
31382Pte.Wallace, Thomas20-10-17K in AFrance
48592Pte.Wallbank, William24-8-18K in AFrancepage 396
10/2020Pte.Walsh, Patrick J.S-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/4018Pte.Walsh, Hubert E.27-9-16K in AFrance
10/3423Pte.Ward. Charles K.27-7-17K in AFrance
33483Pte.Ward. Charles K.4-10-17K in AFrance
13490Pie.Ward, Edward2-11-17DiseaseFrance
60020Pte.Ward, Frank17-4-18D of WFrance
10/187PteWard, Gerge A.23-5-15D of WAt sea ex Gallipoli
36704PteWard. George H.4-10-17K in AFrance
10/2021Pte.Ward. Henrry J.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
20471Pte.Ward, Reuben o.8-6-17K in AFrance
45938PteWarner, Harry4-10-17K in AFrance
10 613W.O.2Warnock. Thomas L.15-9-16K in AFrance
44810Pte.Warren, Robert A.31-8-18K in AFrance
20472Pte.Wasiey. Alfred T.31-8-18D of WFrance
38092Pte.Waterman, Archibald21-8-17D of WFrance
19230Pte.Waters, Johm H.15-1-17K in AFrance
10 3119Pte.Watmore, George F.12-7-16K in AFrance
56114Pte.Wntson. John E.5-11-18DiseaseFrance
10/991Pte.Watson. William J.26-7-16K in AFrance
10/3771I. Cpl.Watters. Alexander27-3-18K in AFrance
10/2021Pte.Weavers, Leslie G.28-8-15D of WEgypt ex Gallipoli
10/2025Pte.Webb, Daniel8-8-15K in AGallipoli
51091Pte.Webb, Edward D.1-9-18K in AFrance
10/1021Lt.Webb, Ernes. J. H.17-11-14Injuries (Accel. on Troopship)Clombo en route Egypt
39920Pte.Webb, Thomas C.4-10-17K in AFrance
61862Pte.Webster, Charles W.1-10-18K in AFrance
11/20292/Lt.Wells. Ewart L.8-8-15K in AGatlipoli
10/4 496Pte.Wenck, A. J. D.24-9-16D of. WFrance
61867Pte.Westh. Phillip A.12-10-18K in AFrance
61919Pte.Westray, George A.1-10-18B of WFrance
13841Pte.Whelan, William31-7-17K in AFrance
10/1698Pte.Whichelo, Hubert M.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/154T/L-SgtWhisbaw, Harry C.3-7-16K in AFrance
10/1138Pte.Whitaker, James H.8-8-15K in. AGallipoli
64184Pte.White, Alexander E.26-8-18K in AFrance
10/4144Pie.White, Daniel P.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/3444L/Sgt.While, Godfrey D.27-4-18n of wFrance
64185Pte.White. Leo O.4-11-18K in AFrance
7/2578L/Cpl.White, Norman C,4-10-17K in AFrance
10/4022Pie.White, Norman G.8-8-16D of WU.K. ex F'ce.
63981Pte.White. Reg. E.31-8-18D of WFrancepage 397
315506Pte.White. Rnuald H.3-9-17DiseaseFrance
23/2115Pte.White, Ronald W.14-9-16K in AFrance
28567L/Cpl.White, Thomas E,31-7-17D of WFrance
25626pte.White, William29-9-18K in AFrance
23907Pte.Whitehorn, Sam. H.1-12-17K in AFrance
10/3123Pte.Whitelaw. Eric R.5-10-17D of WFrance
10/4495Pte.Whiteley, Harry19-9-16K in AFrance
15059Pte.Whiteman, George81-7-17K in AFrance
10/2033Pte.Whiteman, Walter T.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
53723Pte.Whiting. Albert C. H.20-12-17K in AFrance
10/2504Pte.Whitmore, Thomas H.10-11-15DiseaseMudros
10/569Pte.Whitta, Fred. V.29-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/746L/Cpl.Whittington, H. K.8-8-15KinAGallipoli
47491Pte.Whitiwell, Beaumont4-10-17K in AFrance
10/77Pte.Whyman. Fred. C2-7-16K in AFrance
44541Pte.Whyte, Walter12-10-17K in AFrance
15821Cpl.Widt, Christian S.1-9-18K in AFrance
37041Pte.Wightman, Percy10-7-17D of WFrance
10/3429Pte.Wilkie, David H,4-10-17K in AFrance
61871Pte.Wilkins, George31-8-18K in AFrance
13381Pte.Wilkinson, Carroll J.12-10-18K in AFrance
5/213Pte.Wilkinson, John F.12-10-18K in AFrance
24747Pte.Willacy, James1-8-17D of WFrance
7/1535Pte.Williams, Albert H.20-9-16D of WFrance
6/775Lt.Williams, Alfred J. (M.I.D.)1-10-18K in AFrance
33488Pte.Williams, Arthur2-8-17K in AFrance
10/2035Sgt.Williams, Arthur C.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/2473Pte.Williams, Bertram V.8-6-17K in AFrance
38095Pte.Williams, Daniel L.2-1-18D of WU.K. ex F'ce
10/3125Pte.Williams. Leslie J.16-9-16K in AFrance
10/576Pte.Williams, Noel7-7-15DiseaseMudros ex Gallipoli
55003Pte.Williams, Norman V.6-4-18K in AFrance
10/210Pte.Williams, Oliver29-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/1705Pte.Williams, William S.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
14898Cpl.Williamson, Matthew4-11-18K in AFrance
10/3432Pte.Williamson, Peter15-3-18DiseaseFrance
30415L/Cpl.Wills, Leslie J.4-10-17K in AFrance
30681L/Cpl.Wilson, Arthur13-9-1SK in AFrance
10/238Pte.Wilson, Carsoa8-8-15K in AGallipoli
11985Pte.Wilson, Charles27-9-16K in AFrance
11/1092L/Cpl.Wilson, Dave23-9-16K ia AFrance
10/732Pte.Wilson, Donald S.17-8-15D of WAt Sea ex Gallipolipage 398
10/75Lt.Wilson, Edmund R. (M.I.D.)27-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/4217Pte.Wilson, Herbert2-10-16K in AFrance
36714Pte.Wilson, Hugh4-10-17K in AFrance
10/2037Pte.Wilson, James G.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3433Pte.Wilson, John A.21-2-17K in AFrance
40416Pte.Wilson, Michael4-10-17K in AFrance
10/3783Pte.Wilson, Percy C.12-6-16D of WFrance
39570Pte.Wilson, Peter J.4-10-17K in AFrance
16023Pte.Wilson, Richard7-6-17K in AFrance
65165Pte.Wilson, Richard J.30-9-18K in AFrance
10/3127Pte.Wilson, Robert25-9-16D of WFrance
10/2039Pte.Wilson, Thomas L.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/1328Pte.Wilson, Walter7-6-17K in AFrance
10/541L/Cpl.Winter, Adrian29-4-15K in AGallipoli
10/524W.O.1Winter, William H.8-8-15K in AGallipoli
55006Pte.Wolstenholme, Roland2-8-18D of WFrance
12525L/Cpl.Wood, Finlay C.5-4-18K in AFrance
38787Pte.Wood, Joseph E.1-8-17Kin AFrance
10/554Pte.Wood, Norman H.8-5-15K in AGallipoli
10/897Pte.Wood, Percy8-8-15K in AGallipoli
10/3132Pte.Wood, Thomas16-9-16K in AFrance
38247L/Cpl.Woodford, Joseph E.11-7-17K in AFrance
10/2364Pte.Woodger, John8-8-15Kin AFrance
10/4218Pte.Woodley, Andrew22-9-16D of WU.K. ex F'ce
10/1110L/Cpl.Woods, William8-8-15K in AGallipoli
42250Pte.Woodward, Walter24-8-18K in AFrance
10/2381Pte.Worley, Robin J.28-8-15D of WMalta ex Gal.
48604Pte.Wright, Ernest M.30-9-18D of WFrance
41920L/Cpl.Wright, George H.15-8-18K in AFrance
10/165L/Cpl.Wright, John8-5-15K in AGallipoli
25629Pte.Wright, Thomas1-8-17D of WFrance
10/4220Pte.Wyber, Isaac5-10-17D of WFrance
10/2795L/Cpl.Yearbury, G. D.2-10-16K in AFrance
17849Pte.York, Henry M.7-6-17K in AFrance
1/112/Lt.Young, Albert V.1-5-17K in AFrance
16035Pte.Young, Alfred C.8-6-17K in AFrance
10/2476Pte.Young, James A.16-9-16K in AFrance