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The Story of Two Campaigns: Official War History of the Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment, 1914-1919

Honours and Awards

page 264

Honours and Awards.

13/610 Mackesy, C. E. R., Colonel, C.M.G., C.B.E., D.S.O., mentioned in despatches three times.
13/158 Wyman, R., Major, D.S.O., mentioned in despatches.
13/148 McCarroll, J. N., Lieut.-Col., C.M.G., D.S.O., Bar to D.S.O., mentioned in despatches.
13/161 Herrold, J. H., Major, D.S.O.
13/150 Finlayson, A. C. M., Major, M.G. and Bar, mentioned in despatches three times.
13/699 Johnson, M. E., Capt., M.C. and Bar.
13/395 McGregor, E. J., Lieut., M.C., mentioned in despatches.
13/129 Reid, S. C., Lieut., M.C.
McCathie, D. S., Lieut., M.C.
Collins, H. A., Lieut., M.C.
13/528 Palmer, W., W.O. I., M.C., mentioned in despatches.
13/5 Armstrong, L. J., Lieut., D.C.M., mentioned in despatches.
13/178 Donaldson, T. D. S., Sgt., D.C.M.
13/791 De Lautour, A. G., Sgt., D.C.M.
13/48 Eisenhut, H., W.O. I., D.C.M.
13/2559 Hardy, F. H., T/Cpl., D.C.M.
13/438 White, C. N., Sgt., D.C.M.
13/479 Watson, J. W., 2nd Lieut., M.M.
13/340 Gilbert, M., 2nd Lieut., M.M.
13/994 Clarke, S. B., W.O. II., M.M., mentioned in despatches.
13/2040 Going, L. R., Sgt., M.M.
13/2571 Grant, C. O., T/Sgt., M.M.
13/2473 Pilcher, D., Sgt., M.M.
13/3082 Smillie, J., Sgt., M.M.
13/446 Sweetman, E. P. S., Sgt., M.M.
13/2628 Watt, G. S., Sgt., M.M.
13/164 Buckland, A. F., L/Cpl., T/Cpl., M.M.
13/2587 Laurie, W. R. D., Tpr., M.M.
24941 Tomkins, W. E., Tpr., M.M.
13/963 Underwood, H., L/Cpl., M.M.
13/149 Warder, H., Cpl., M.M.
13/2095 Wilkinson, J., L/Cpl., M.M.
13/245 Young, O. F. T., T/Cpl., M.M.
13/634 Chapman, F., Major, mentioned in despatches.
13/633 Wood, F. A., Major, M.C., mentioned in despatches.
13/264 Allsopp, F., Capt., mentioned in despatches.
13/75 Haeata, W., Capt., mentioned in despatches twice.page 265
13/301 Bigg-Wither, C. V., Lieut., mentioned in despatches.
13/119 Palmer, W. T., 2nd Lieut., mentioned in despatches.
13/607 Patten, J. C., W.O. II., mentioned in deapatches.
13/990 Reed, M. R., Capt., mentioned in despatches.
Wright, S. L., Lieut., mentioned in despatches.
13/237 Stevens, K. M., L/Sgt., mentioned in despatches.
13/1054 Jefcoate, W. H., Cpl., mentioned in despatches.
13/273 Mason, A., Tpr., mentioned in despatches.
13/438 Rollett, R. R. C., Tpr., mentioned in despatches.
13/2096 Wilkinson, R., Tpr., mentioned in despatches.
Civil Decorations.
13/73 Hovey, G., T/Major, O.B.E.
13/160 Smedley, C. F., Capt., M.B.E.
Foreign Decorations.
Whitehorn, H. S., Major, Croix de Chevalier.
13/23a Carpell, J, M., Sgt., Belgian Croix de Guerre.
13/448 Simpkins, J., Sgt., Medaille Militaire, mentioned in despatches.
13/2309 Carter, A., Tpr., Russian Decoration, Medal St. George, third class
13/536 Champney, N. D., Tpr., Serbian Decorations, Silver Medal, mentioned in despatches.