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The New Zealanders in Sinai and Palestine


page vi


Introduction by General Sir John Maxwell vii.
Introduction by General Sir Archibald Murray xii.
Introduction by General Sir Edmund Allenby xiii.
Introduction by Lieut.-General Sir Harry Chauvel xv.
I. How the Brigade returned to their horses after Gallipoli 1
How the Brigade marched through the Land of Goshen 6
Formation of the Anzac Mounted Division 12
II. How the Brigade took the Way of the Land of the Philistines 14
The Battle of Romani 26
III. The Advance through the Desert 42
The Capture of El Arish 49
The Battle of Magdhaba 50
The Battle of Rafa 65
IV. How the Brigade entered Palestine and went up against Gaza 82
The First Battle of Gaza 84
The Second Battle of Gaza 97
The Occupation of the Line of the Wadi Ghuzzeh 106
The destruction of the Turkish railway at Asluj 110
The Shellel Mosaic 114
V. How the Turkish line was broken at Beersheba 128
How the Brigade rode through to Jaffa 142
The Action of Ayun Kara 145
The Occupation of Jaffa 155
VI. The Capture of Jerusalem 160
The Action at the River Auja 161
The Action at Khirbet Hadrah 162
How the Brigade went down to Jericho 172
VII. How the Brigade crossed the Jordan and entered Moab 190
The crossing of the Jordan 194
The Attack upon Amman 197
VIII. Down by Jericho 216
The King's Birthday Parade at Bethlehem 225
The Action at Abu Tellul 231
Formation of Chaytor's Force 236
IX. How the Brigade crossed the Jordan for the last time 238
The Advance of the N.Z.M.R. Brigade for the Final Operations 245
The Capture of Amman 250
The Surrender of the remnants of the Turkish IV. Army 253
Antimalarial Work 258
X. The Return to the Plains 263
The Departure of the C.M.R. to Gallipoli 263
The March to Rafa 267
The Return to Egypt 268
Patrolling-The Delta 269
Aotea Home 273
Abbreviations 277
Glossary 277
Commanding Officers 278
A Brigade Diary 282
Notes 284