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Official War History of the Wellington Mounted Rifles Regiment 1914-1919

List of Illustrations

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List of Illustrations

Brigadier-General W. Meldrum, C. B., C.M.G., D.S.O. Frontispiece
The Regiment, under Lieut.-Colonel W. Meldrum, at Awapuni Camp, prior to embarkation Frontispiece
Original 9th Squadron, when at Awapuni, before embarkation Frontispiece
Major James Elmslie Frontispiece
(1) A baby "ship of the desert," (2) W.M.R. party near Sakhara Pyramid Frontispiece
(1) Captain (now Lieut.-Colonel) H. J. McLean having a rest on the desert near Cairo, (2) Horses of the W.M.R. swimming the Nile on an endless rope, (3) 2nd Squadron Officers at Zeitoun. just prior to Gallipoli, (4) Gallant W.M.R. Officers, all killed on Gallipoli 16
(1) A W.M.R. crew "wrecked" in the Nile, (2) At the Barrage, near Cairo 17
(1) Some W.M.R. Officers at Zeitoun, prior to Gallipoli, (2) Armistice Day on Gallipoli 32
(1) Anzac Beach, (2) The road from Anzac Beach to Walker's Ridge 33
Looking from Anzac towards Suvla Bay 48
W.M.R. working party constructing road up Walker's Ridge, Gallipoli 49
(1) Firing a periscopic rifle from the trenches on Gallipoli, (2) W.M.R trooper firing a periscopic rifle at Gallipoli, (3) Some valant Main Body Officers of the 2nd Squadron bathing at Gallipoli 64
Big Table Top, a Turkish stronghold, captured by the W.M.R 65
W.M.R. "dug-outs" on "Wellington Terrace" 65
W.M.R. "dug-outs" on "Wellington Terrace," Gallipoli 80
Destroyer Ridge. Gallipoli captured by the Wellington Mounted Rifles 80
The accomplishment of a formidable task: Big Table Top captured by the W.M.R. during the August operations 81
Some of the Turkish rifles captured by the W.M.R. on Big Table Top 81
Major C. Dick, who commanded the W.M.R. advanced guard in the advance against Table Top, Gallipoli 96
Captain Kelsall, the regiment's first Adjutant 96
Some of the W.M.R. in reserve on Walker's Ridge, Gallipoli 97
Corporal Moseley on Gallipoli 97
Lieut.-Colonel Whyte, D.S.O. (and Bar), D.C.M. 112
Troopers Higgie and Dixon, of the W.M.R 112
No. 1 Outpost, Gallipoli 113
Corporal Frank Corrie 113
W.M.R. Outpost on Camel's Hump, Gallipoli 128
After the heavy fighting at Chunuk Bair: Some of the remnants of the W.M.R. moving from Anzac to Hill 60 129 page break
Hill 60 under shell-fire 129
Sorting an ever-welcome mail from New Zealand 144
Sergt.-Major Brown and Trooper Bailey 144
Major A. Samuel 145
(1) Portion of W.M.R. horse lines, Bir Et Maler, (2) "Bivvies" constructed of palm leaves by the W.M.R. at Bir Et Maler before tents arrived. (3) Egyptian Labour Corps constructing railway across the Sinai Desert, (4) The W.M.R. reconnoitring from Romani towards Katia 160
(1) Main Body of the 9th Squadron still in the field. August, 1916. (2) A desert haircut. (3) The effect of bombs at Katia. (4) The W.M.R. in a desert camp, (5) Camels carrying water at Katia. (6) A desert telephone cart 161
(1) Part of the battlefield after Bir El Abd, (2) Captain Herrick instructing his Lewis gun crew at Romani, (3) Turkish troops bivouacked in a hod during their advance on Romani, (4) Types of Bedouin and bints, (5) The exposed flat over which the W.M.R. advanced against the Turks at Katia 176
(1) W.M.R. horses under cover at Bir El Abd, (2) Captain Jack Sommerville and Captain (Dr.) Wood, (3) Captain Levien rereturns from a "stunt." (5) W.M.R. Officers photographed on returning from the Battle of Bir El Abd-Romani operations 177
Major C. R. Spragg 192
(1) Captain Williams and reconnoitring party locate water near Gereirat, prior to occupation of El Arish, (2) 6th W.M.R. Squadron bivouac at Mustagidda, (3) 9th W.M.R. Squadron Officers at Romani, (4) 6th W.M.R. Squadron moving to Arnussi carrying firewood to boil their billies, (5) A spell after reconnaissance: W.M.R. Officers near El Arish, (6) Senior sergeants, W.M.R., 1916 193
(1) Preparing for the raid on Maghdaba, (2) A talk on the "door-step". (3) Turkish trenches at Rafa, (4) 1600 prisoners, captured at Rafa, (5) Prisoners captured at Rafa, (6) W.M.R. teams wrestling on horseback, (7) The Wadi Ghuzze, (8) Turkish trenches at Rafa 196
(1) Bivouac of 6th W.M.R. Squadron on the beach near Khan Yunus, (2) Wadi Sultan: Led horses under cover during Ras El Nagb fight, (3) A W.M.R. troop entering Wari Fara, (4) Pits excavated by the Turks in front of their position at Weli Sheikh Nuran to retard and trap storm troops, (5) "Dad" Fitzherhert, (6) Pillars near Rafa, (7) Aotea Home, Heliopolis, (8) Dinner-time on the desert, (9) Crusaders' Church, Khan Yunus 197
(1) A snap of Major Wilder, (2) The 2nd W.M.R. Squadron. (3) W.M.R. Cemetery at Ayan Kara, (4) Scene between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, (5) Main street, Jaffa. (6) Jewish quarters, Jaffa, (7) The W.M.R. marching out from the Ras El Nagb position 204 page break
(1) The mill on the Auja River, near Jaffa, (2) The road between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, (3) The Mount of Olives, (4) Major C. Sommerville's grave in the Jordan Valley, (5) Monastery near the Jordan River at Hajlah Crossing, (6) The Mount of Olives, near Jerusalem, (7) The Mosque of Omar, Jerusalem 205
(1) Barrel bridge over the River Jordan, (2) Mar Elias Monastery, (3) Wellington Mounted Rifles returning to the Jordan Valley after raiding Amman 208 [sic: 224]
Major C. L. Sommerville 209 [sic: 225]
(1) At the entrance to a cave high up in the cliffs above the Jordan Valley, (2) The advance on Amman: Turkish party surrendered to a W.M.R. patrol, (3) After the fight at Damieh, Jordan Valley. (4) Transport abandoned by the Turks in the final advance against Amman, (5) Ready for inspection at Solomon's Pools 224 [sic: 208]
(1) The old amphitheatre at Amman, (2) The W.M.R. on trek in the Nile Delia during the Egyptian riots, (3) One of the guns captured by the W.M.R. in the final operations against Amman 225 [sic: 209]