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Official War History of the Wellington Mounted Rifles Regiment 1914-1919


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This History has been compiled from the official records of the Regiment, the New Zealand Rifles Brigade, the Anzac Mounted Division, and other sources. It also records impressions of events as they occurred from time to time in the field. The movements of other units of the New Zealand Mounted Rifle Brigade having been closely connected with those of the Regiment during the campaign, these have been interwoven in the description given of battles.

War diaries are not overburdened with detail, as a rule, and thanks is due to the following Officers and other ranks for furnishing further information and rendering assistance generally in the compilation of the history:—
  • Lieut.-Colonel W. Foster, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., Headquarters, Australian Force, Egypt.
  • Major Anderson, Headquarters, Australian Force, Egypt.
  • Lieutenant Stevenson, Headquarters, Australian Force, Egypt.
  • Lieutenant Durring, Headquarters, Australian Force, Egypt.
  • Warrant Officer A. Murray, Headquarters, Australian Force, Egypt.
  • Lieut.-Colonel H. J. McLean, New Zealand Medical Corps.
  • Lieut.-Colonel C. Dick, Wellington Mounted Rifles.
  • Major C. R. Spragg, Wellington Mounted Rifles.
  • Major A. S. Wilder, D.S.O., M.C., Wellington Mounted Rifles.
  • Major W. R. Foley, M.C., Wellington Mounted Rifles.
  • Major E. Levien, M.C., Wellington Mounted Rifles.
  • Captain W. J. Hardham, V.C., Wellington Mounted Rifles.
  • Captain E. G. Jago, Wellington Mounted Rifles.
  • Captain I. B. Cruickshank, Wellington Mounted Rifles.
  • Captain E. R. Black, M.C., Wellington Mounted Rifles.
  • Sergt.-Major D. McMillan, Wellington Mounted Rifles.
  • Sergeant C. Nurse, Wellington Mounted Rifles.
  • Trooper G. A. Taylor, Wellington Mounted Rifles.
  • Trooper Clayton, Wellington Mounted Rifles.
  • Captain Gotch, Survey Department, Map Section, Egypt, who secured for the author the right to reproduce in the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade History and in the Official History of the Wellington Mounted Rifles the maps used in General Allenby's Official History of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force.page break
  • Major A. Hinman, New Zealand Machine-gun Squadron.
  • Major Robertson, Camel Corps.
  • Corporal Hogg, C.M.R. (tracing maps).

(Subsequent to the compilation of the manuscript of this History, instructions were received restricting the size of the volume. As a result, much of the original draft has been deleted.)

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