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The New Zealand Medical Service in the Great War 1914-1918

18. Self-Inflicted and Accidental Wounds

18. Self-Inflicted and Accidental Wounds.

The occurrence of these must be immediately reported to the O.C. of the soldier's Company, Battery, etc., and a note made on the Tally that the case is one of self-inflicted (or suspected self-inflicted wound) by marking it distinctly with the letters "S.I."

It must be remembered that a self-inflicted wound may be accidental or intentional, but in either case a Court-Martial will be required. The M.O. will, therefore, particularly note the position, direction, etc., of the wound, and especially if there is any blackening of the skin or burning of clothing, showing proximity of the weapon. He will note anything the man volunteers about it.

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