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The New Zealand Medical Service in the Great War 1914-1918

Note to the Student of Military Medical History:—

Note to the Student of Military Medical History:—

The History of the New Zealand Medical Services should be read in conjunction with the Official History of New Zealand's Effort in the Great War, (4 vols.) published by the New Zealand Government, of which the text, the maps, and I many illustrations will supplement deficiencies. For more detailed information on the Medical Administration and Operations of the N.Z.E.F. at the Overseas Bases, in Egypt, Gallipoli and France, the student is directed to the collators' typescript notes and compilations bound in four volumes quarto to be found in the Library of General Headquarters at Wellington. The compilation, upon which most of this volume is based, includes a daily precis of events for the years 1915, 1916, 1917, inclusive, copies of all important operation orders, medical memoranda and correspondence with historical notes on the principal war diseases, all arranged in chronological order with indices I and a bibliography. The fourth volume contains all the sanitary memoranda issued to the A.D.M.S. of the Division during the period covered. In the G.H.Q. library also is included a series of contemporary works dealing with war medicine and surgery collected at London Headquarters in 1916-1919, with many official pamplets and memoranda issued by the armies in France or by the War Office.

For matters appertaining to Medical Administration in New Zealand reference should be made to the Appendices to Parliamentary Papers, more especially the reports of the D.M.S. and the D.G.M.S, included in the annual reports of the G.O.C., New Zealand Forces from 1912 onwards. In the New Zealand Year Book some information as to Statistics, Medical and Military is available, but fuller details will be found in the annual reports on the Health of the Troops in New Zealand Camps, compiled by the A.D.M.S. Sanitary for the years 1916-1919.

The war volumes of The New Zealand Medical Journal, edited by Lt.-Col J. S. Elliott, N.Z.M.C., contain a number of valuable articles on war medical matters and medical administration in New Zealand.

The short Bibliography which follows comprises only those books to which reference is made in the text or those which have been found most helpful to the compiler. The references in Medical Literature are to contemporary articles written by immediate observers and, in most instances, are the earliest references known to the compiler; amongst them will be found many contributions by N.Z.M.C. officers.