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The New Zealand Medical Service in the Great War 1914-1918

I. Medical Schools of Instruction. New Zealand Division January, 1917

I. Medical Schools of Instruction. New Zealand Division January, 1917.

Corps Medical Officers' Training School, Estaires.

The following is a list of lectures and demonstrations included in the curriculum—

Organisation and Administration.

1.Rank in the Army distinguishing Badges. Customs of the Service.
2Routine Correspondence. Returns and Reports.
3Military Books and Manuals and their uses.
4The Composition of a Division.
5Duties of the General Staff branch of a Division.
6Duties of "A" and "Q" Branch.
7Medical Arrangements of a Division.
10Discipline, Military Law.
11The Ordnance Department.
12Administration of a Section of Field Ambulance.

Field Work.

1Military Map Reading and use of the Compass.
2Construction of Dug-outs and splinter proofs.
3Gas Defence and Box Respirator Drill.
4Inter-communication, the Signal Service.
5Duties of an R.M.O. during active operations.
6Evacuation of wounded by Field Ambulances.
7Horse management and common ailments of the horse.
8Riding lessons.
9Care of Motors and Motor Transport.

Military Hygiene.

1Duties of an R.M.O. i/c. of a Unit.
2Hygiene of the March.
3Sources of Water Supply, the use of the Water Cart. Water Testing.
4Sanitation of Billets. Rations and cooking. Rest.
5Lecture and Demonstration. Field Sanitation.
6Demonstration of Sanitary appliances and water purification on large scale by Water Filtration Barges.
7Biology of the Louse. Louse infestation.
8Organisation of Divisional Baths and Laundries.
9Anti-typhoid Inoculations.

Medical and Surgical Subjects.

1Treatment of Wounded in Field Ambulances.
2Treatment of Wounded in C.C.S.
3After Treatment of wounded in Stationary and Base Hospitals.
4Treatment of gassed cases at C C S.
5Trench Foot etiology and treatment.
6P.U.O. and Trench Fever.
7War Nephritis.
8Shell Shock Neurasthenia and Malingering.