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The New Zealand Medical Service in the Great War 1914-1918


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"A" Administrative Staff.
A.A.G. Assistant Adjutant General.
A.A.M.C. or A.M.C. Australian Army Medical Corps.
A.A. & Q.M.G. Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General.
A.D.M.S. Assistant Director of Medical Services.
A.D.O. Administrative Dental Officer.
A.D.S. Advanced Dressing Station.
A.I.F. Australian Imperial Force.
A.L.H. Australian Light Horse.
A.M.S. Army Medical Service.
A. & N.Z.A.C. Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.
A.P.M. Assistant Provost Marshal.
A.Q.M.G. Assistant Quartermaster General.
A.S.C. Army Service Corps.
A.T.S. Antitetanic Serum.
B.I.P. Bismuth, Iodoform, Parolin (paste).
B.R.P. Bearer Relay Post.
C.A.M.C Canadian Army Medical Corps.
C.C.S. Casualty Clearing Station.
C.G.S. Chief of the General Staff.
C.M.D.S. Corps Main Dressing Station.
C.P.D.I. Chronic Pulmonary Disease, Ideterminate.
C.R.E. Commanding Royal Engineers.
C.S.M. Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis.
C.T. Communication Trench.
D.A.A.G. Deputy Assistant Adjutant General.
D.A.C. Divisional Ammunition Column.
D.A.D.M.S. Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services.
D.A.H. Disordered Action of the Heart.
D.A.Q.M.G. Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General.
D.D.M.S. Deputy Director of Medical Services.
D.G.M.S. Director General of Medical Services.
D.D.S. Director of Dental Services.
D.M.H. Director of Military Hospitals,
D.O.R.A. Defence of the Realm Act.
D.R.S. Divisional Rest Station.
E.T. Early Treatment (V.D.).
"G" General Staff.
G.H.Q. General Headquarters.
G.O.C General Officer Commanding.
G.S. General Service.
I.G.S. Imperial General Staff.
I.M.S. Indian Medical Service.
L.O.C. Lines of Communication.
M.A.C. Motor Ambulance Convoy.
M.C.V. Mixed Catarrhal Vaccine.
M.E.F. Mediterranean Expeditionary Force.
M.O. Medical Officer.
M.T.A.S.C. Motor Transport Army Service Corps.
N.C.O. Non-Commissioned Officer.
N.C.I. Napthalin, Camphor, Iodoform (powder).
N.T.O. Naval Transport Officer.page xi
N.Y.D. Not yet Diagnosed
N.Z.A.N.S. New Zealand Army Nursing Service.
N.Z.D.C. New Zealand Dental Corps.
N.Z.E. New Zealand Engineers.
N.Z.E.F. New Zealand Expeditionary Force.
N.Z.F.A. New Zealand Field Artillery.
N.Z.G.H. New Zealand General Hospital-
N.Z.M.B.F.A. New Zealand Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance.
N.Z.M.C. New Zealand Medical Corps.
N.Z.M.R New Zealand Mounted Rifles.
N.Z.P.S. New Zealand Permanent Staff.
N.Z.R.B. New Zealand Rifle Brigade.
N.Z.S.C. New Zealand Staff Corps.
O.C. Officer Commanding.
O.R. Other Ranks.
P.B. Permanent Base.
P.D.M.S. Principal Director of Medical Services.
P.M.O. Principal Medical Officer.
P.O.W. Prisoner of War.
P.U.O. Pyrexia of Uncertain Origin.
"Q" Quartermaster's Branch of the Staff.
Q.A.I.M.N.S. Queen Alexandra's Imperial Nursing Service.
Q.M. Quartermaster.
Q.M.G. Quartermaster-General.
R.A.M.C. Royal Army Medical Corps.
R.A.P. Regimental Aid Post.
R.E. Royal Engineers.
R.H.A Royal Horse Artillery.
R.M.O. Regimental Medical Officer.
S.B. Stretcher Bearer.
S.M.O. Senior Medical Officer.
T.A.B. Typhoid, Paratyphoid A. and B. (Vaccine).
T.F. Territorial Force.
T.V. Typhoid Vaccine.
V.A.D. Voluntary Aid Detachment.
V.D. Venereal Disease.