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With the Machine Gunners in France and Palestine

List of Illustrations

page 7

List of Illustrations

Lieut-Col. Blair, D.S.O., M.C. Facing title page
Major J. H. Luxford 14
Major Inglis, M.C. 15
Major Chaytor. M.C. 15
The Vickers Machine Gun 32
3rd Company N.Z. Machine Gun Corps 33
Major R. D. Hardie, D.S.O. 48
Major J. M. Rose, M.C. 48
Major C. G. Hayter, M.C. 49
Sergt. L. P. Magee, D.C.M. 49
Operations of October 26th and 30th, 1917 52
Condition of Ground, Ravebeek, October, 1917 53
Ghastly Slaughter, caused by enemy airmen 60
Captured German Machine Gun in Action Again Enemy 60
Lieut-Col. J. B. Parks, M.C. 61
Major A. C. Finlayson 61
Major L. S. Cimino 61
Major J. W. D. McKnight 96
T/Capt. A. R. Curtis. M.C. and Bar 96
Major A. C. Hinman 97
Sergt. S. L. Emerson, D.C.M. 97
Officers of 5th Divisional Company at Grantham 112
Transport Officers and Sergeants Machine Gun Corps receiving Orders 113
The Battalion Listening to Political Leaders 128
The Battalion 128
Mr. Massey Listening to Gunner's Tale of Hardship 144
Belt Filling Machine at Work 144
Machine Gun taking advantage of Natural Cover 145 page 8
No. 4 Section Wellington Company near Bapaurne 145
The Harper 160
The Road Down to Goranieh 161
Gunners Going to Jordan Valley 161
Squadron Camp at Masaiid 176
Captured Machine Gun in Action near La Signy Farm 177
Machine Gunners in a Captured Position 177
Auckland No.'s 1 and 2 Subsections 192
Wellington No. 1 Subsection 192
Canterbury No.'s 1 and 2 Subsections 193
Wellington No. 2 Subsection 193
Lieut. L. A. Craven's Section getting a Direct Hit 208
Major E. C. Fraser 208
Squadron Officers at El Arish, December, 1916 209
Squadron Mess, Tel el Fara, May, 1917 209
Squadron Officers, 1st September, 1917 209
First Shell at Gaza lands near the Squadron 224
The Squadron Scatters to avoid Enemy Airmen's Bombs 224
Machine Gun Corps Draft passing over Bridge on the Rhine 224
Enemy Slaughter on Beyrout Road 225
Christmas Day, 1918, in Germany 236
Battalion Headquarters and Company Commanders, Germany, 1919 236
Major Chaytor, M.C., with N.C.O.'s at Grantham, 1919 237