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The New Zealand Division 1916 - 1919: A Popular History Based on Official Records



  • General Officer Commanding—Major-Gen. Sir A. H. Russell, K.C.B., K.C.M.G.
  • Aides-de-Camp—Capt. R. E. W. Riddiford, M.C.,1 Lt. A. T. Williams
  • General Staff Officer, 1st Grade—Lt.-Col. H. M. Wilson, D.S.O., (British) Rifle Brigade2
  • General Staff Officer, 2nd Grade—Major H. M. W. Richardson, D.S.O., M.C., N.Z.S.C.3
  • General Staff Officer, 3rd Grade—Major O. Opie, R.N.Z.A.
  • A.A. and Q.M.G.—Lt.-Col. H. E. Avery, D.S.O., N.Z.S.C.
  • D.A.A G.—Major W. L. Robinson, N.Z.S.C.4
  • D.A.Q.M.G.—Capt. (Temp. Major) A. S. Muir
  • Intelligence Officer—Capt, S. Cory Wright, M.C.

    1 Died February 1919.

    2 Rejoined British Army, April 1910.

    3 Vice Major Eastwood, rejoined British Army, Oct. 1918.

    4 Succeeded in December by Capt. C. W. Salmon, D.C.M., who in turn was succeeded in February by Major J. B. Le Mottee.

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  • Musketry Officer—(No appointment)
  • A.D.M.S.—Col. D. J. McGavin, D.S.O.1
  • D.A.D.M.S.—Capt. (Temp. Major) F. W. Kemp, M.C.2
  • A.D.V.S.—Major (Temp. Lt.-Col.) H. A. Reid
  • D.A.D.O.S.—Lt. (Temp. Major) C. I. Gossage
  • A.P.M.—Major C. A. Herman
  • Courts Martial Officer—(No appointment)

1 Succeeded by Lt.-Col. Murray in January.

2 There had been several changes in this appointment. Major A. V. Short, M.C., Major R. H. Walton, Major K. MacCormick, D.S.O., holding it in succession.