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The War Effort of New Zealand

Hornchurch Convalescent Hospital

Hornchurch Convalescent Hospital.

Hornchurch was originally a camp for convalescent New Zealand soldiers who had been in hospital. Upon the formation of the N.Z. Expeditionary Force Headquarters in England, however, it was found necessary to form a convalescent hospital, and Hornchurch was chosen as the site. It was designated the New Zealand Convalescent Hospital. Necessary alterations were made and accommodation was untimately found for 2,500 patients. In the treatment given at Hornchurch, massage and medical electricity held important places. Each department of the hospital was page 124
Staff of N.Z. Stationary Hospital, France

Staff of N.Z. Stationary Hospital, France

page 125equipped with all the latest and best appliances. Later a gymnasium was added. The curative work performed in this unit was commented on favourably by the War Office. Medical cases requiring no further active treatment at the big general hospitals were transferred to Hornchurch for convalescence. Surgical cases were sent there when the wounds were nearly healed. Each man was given the necessary massage, medical electricity, remedial exercises, or such other treatment as was deemed suitable. From Hornchurch the men were transferred to the Command Depot Codford to be rendered fit again for service.

The surroundings of the hospital and huts were healthy, and in some parts were made beautiful by well-laid-out gardens. The parade ground was sufficiently large for all necessary purposes. The New Zealand War Contingent Association, here as elsewhere, built a hall for the accommodation and amusement of the men. The New Zealand Y.M.C.A. also erected a fine edifice. The deepest gratitude was felt by all medical officers towards these two bodies for their assistance in the edification and comfort of the New Zealand sick and wounded.