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The War Effort of New Zealand

Brockenhurst Hospital

Brockenhurst Hospital.

Brockenhurst Hospital was taken over by the New Zealand authorities from the War Office in June, 1916. It had previously been a hospital for Indian soldiers. Brockenhurst consisted of the main section known as the Lady Hardinge Hospital, and two minor sections, Balmerlawn and Forest Park. There were also several auxiliary hospitals attached, all of which, together with the sections and main hospital, were administered by the Officer Commanding No. 1 New Zealand General Hospital, by which name the whole establishment was known. Although there were only a few hundreds in the hospital during the earlier months it proved its efficiency when, after the first big "push," the wards were completely filled up. During 1918 there were occasions when nearly 1,600 patients were accommodated there. This number included 100 officers located at Forest Park, and about twenty officers at Lord Manner's Convalescent Home a few miles distant. As at Walton, the local people came forward and offered every hospitality to our officers and page 122
N.Z. Stationary Hospital at Wisque, France.

N.Z. Stationary Hospital at Wisque, France.

page 123men, and very materially helped to brighten the lives of the patients during their sojourn there. But yet of all people there appeared, from one's experience, to be none more clannish than New Zealanders, and the delight of our lads in meeting their old friends in New Zealand hospitals was always evident.

The main surgical work for "other ranks" was performed at the Lady Hardinge hospital, Balmerlawn being used for medical cases. The administration of this hospital was most satisfactory. The work of the medical officers, the nursing sisters, medical orderlies, v.a.d's., and all those connected with the hospital, was, at Brockenhurst, as in all New Zealand hospitals, of a very high order.