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The History of the Canterbury Regiment, N.Z.E.F. 1914 - 1919

Appendix "C."

page 302

Appendix "C."

Dispositions of the Canterbury Battalions when in the front line trenches, from April, 1918 to the final offensive.

Battn. Date in Date out Companies in Line Coy. in Support Coy. in Reserve
Right Left
1918 1918
1st 17/18 April 22/23 April 1st 12th 13th 2nd
2nd 22/23 April 27/28 April 2nd 1st 13th 12th
1st 27/28 April 30 Apr./1 May 13th 2nd 1st 12th
2nd 6/7 May 9/10 May 12th 13th 2nd (R)
1st (L)
2nd 9/10 May 12/13 May 2nd 1st 12th (R)
13th (L)
1st 12/13 May 15/16 May 1st 12th 2nd 13th
1st 15/16 May 18/19 May 13th 2nd 12th 1st
2nd 24/25 May 1/2 June 13th 12th 2nd 1st
1st 1/2 June 7/8 June 1st 12th 13th 2nd
1st 9/10 July 14/15 July 2nd 13th 12th 1st
1st 14/15 July 17/18 July 1st 12th 13th 2nd
2nd 9/10 July 17/18 July 12th 13th 2nd 1st
1st 2/3 August 6/7 August 2nd 13th 1st 12th
2nd 2/3 August 10/11 August 1st 2nd 13th 12th