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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 76 and 77

Family Cletodidae

Family Cletodidae

1.Thistle (1980) describes two new species of Enhydrosoma, reviews the genus, comments on several species and provides a key; as a consequence —
(a) Enhydrosoma franklini Thistle, 1980: Because segments 1-2 of P.2-P.4 exopod are fused together this species has the same codon in KGG 1 (p. 155) as Enhydrosomella, but the line of fusion is obvious and E. franklini cannot be confused with any species of Enhydrosomella,
(b) Enhydrosoma woodini Thistle, 1980 requires a new codon in KGG 500 (p. 165) — 2:3/a/d:3:2/d:2:2/♀,
(c)amendments to several codons in KGG 500 (p. 165) are required — 2:3/a/d:3:4/d:2-3:4/s — E. curticauda
2:2-3/a/d:3:5/d:2-3:5/m — E. curvirostre
2:2-3/a/d:3:4-5/d:2:2/♀ — E. propinquum
2:3/a/d:3:4/d:3:4/m-s — E. sarsi
2. Heteropsyllus pseudonunni Coull & Palmer, 1980 to codon for H. confluens in KGG 1 (p. 158).
3.New codons are required in KGG 1 (p. 154) for two new monotypic genera described by Apostolov (1980) —
3:2/3:3:3/2:2/5:5:6/3:3 — Pontocletodes ponticus
2:1/3:3:3/2:2/5:6:6/4:4 — Miroslauia longicaudata
4. Enhydrosoma variabile Wells, Hicks & Coull, 1982 requires a new codon in KGG 500 (p. 165) — 2:3/a/d:2:3-4/d:2:2/s.