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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 76 and 77

Family Paramesochridae

Family Paramesochridae

1.Becker & Kunz (1981) transfer Oniscopsis to family Tetragonicipitidae; as a consequence —
(a)delete codons to O. robinsoni (p. 124) and O. pauliani (p. 125) in KGG 1,
(b)character 5 in KGG 1 is now redundant.
2.Kunz (1981) describes several new taxa —
(a) Diarthrodella secunda pacifica to species codon in KGG 1 (p. 124),
(b) Paramesochra acutata hawaiiensis requires a new codon in KGG 100 (p. 126) — 4/4:4:2/0:0:0/1:3/0:3,
(c) Kliopsyllus insularis requires a new codon in KGG 200 (p. 127) — 4:4:2/1:1:1/2:3/1:4,
(d) Kliopsyllus debilis to codon for K. enalius in KGG 200 (p. 127),
(e) Kliopsyllus californicus to codon for Kliopsyllusc) in KGG 200 (p. 127),
(f) Kliopsyllus spiniger ornatus to species codon in KGG 200 (p. 127).
3.Kunz (1981) revises the family. As a consequence changes to KGG 1 (p. 124) are necessary to accommodate —
(a)the reduction of Paraleptopsyllus to a subgenus of Leptopsyllus, and Intermedop-syllus to a subgenus of Scottopsyllus,
(b)the placement of Kliopsyllus runtzi, K. abyssalis and K. gigas in Wellsopsyllus, a new subgenus of Scottopsyllus,
(c)Kunz's formal proposal that Idyanthopsis psammophila be transferred to Diarthrodella,
(d)the transfer of Tisbisoma to this family; add a new codon — 2-3:3:3:3/3/5/8/nf.
4. Paramesochra borealis Geddes, 1981a requires a new codon in KGG 100 (p. 126) — 4/4:4:2/0:1:1/2:3/2:4.
5.Amend the codons in KGG 100 (p. 126) for these species to read —
4/4:4:2/0:0:1/2:4/0:2 Paramesochra longicaudata
4/4:4:2/0:0:1/2:3/0:3 P. helgolandica
4/4:3:2/0:0:0/1:3/0:3 P. acutata s.str.
6.Amend the codon in KGG 300 (p. 129) for Apodopsyllus camptus to read — 1/5/0:4/0:4. On further examination it is clear to me that the "inner seta" of the P.5 basendopod is only a remnant of the inner lobe.