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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 71, 72 and 73

Family Diosaccidae

page 3

Family Diosaccidae

1. Pseudostenhelia wellsi Coull & Fleeger, 1977, to genus codon in KGG 1 (p.70) which now requires amendment as follows—
3/2/2/4/2-3:2-3:2-3; add to General Note 2 (p.99).
2. Haloschizopera latisetifera Marinov, 1973a, to codon for Haloschizopera a) in KGG 100 (p.72) ; add to footnote a) (p.73).
3.Delete Metamphiascopsis nicobaricus from footnote c) of KGG 260 (p.84) and add a new codon for this species in KGG 250 (p. 82—
4. Amphiascus longarticulatus Marcus (see Wells, 1978 p.3) is re-described by Bodin (1977). His specimens have a weak third inner seta on P.2 Exp.3. It is not known if this seta is present in Marcus's material. The species must now be added to footnote b) of KGG 260 (p.84). Bodin considers Amphiascus sp. Wells, 1968, to be this species.
5. Stenhelia (D) krishnensis Radhakrishna & Reddy, 1978, to codon for S. madrasensis in KGG 500 (p.88). These two species probably are synonymous.
6. Protopsammotopa wilsoni Wells, 1977, to genus codon in KGG 1100 (p.98) ; amend entry in General Note 2 (p.99).
7.Add Schizopcra issykkulica Mauyilova, 1966, to General Note 4 (p. 99).