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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 71, 72 and 73

Family Thalestridae

Family Thalestridae

1.Delete Paradactylopodia oculata from KGG 200 (p.62). This species requires a new codon in KGG 1 (p. 58) — 3:3/7 :8:7/2 :2/3/p :d.
2.There are several errors with regard to species of Pseudotachidius; correct as follows—
(a)in KGG 1 (p.58)
(i)delete the codon for P. coronatus and P. similis.
(ii)add a new codon for P. similis
(iii)add a new codon for P. vikingus ♀ —
(b)In KGG 200 (p.62) add a new codon for P. peruanus Becker, 1974—
4-5/1/less than or equal to Enp.1.
(c)in KGG 300 (p.63)
(i)add a new codon for P. coronatus
(ii)codon for P. vikingus refers to the male only.
(iii)delete the codon for P. peruanus.
3. Paradactylopodia hexarticulata is incorrectly spelt by Wells, (1978, p.3).