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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 71, 72 and 73

Family Cylindropsyllidae

Family Cylindropsyllidae

1. Notopontia stephanieae Bodiou, 1977, a new genus and species, requires a new codon in KGG 1 (p. 141) —
2. Stenocaris kerguelenensis Bodiou, 1977; the female to the codon for S. minor and S. kliei and add a new codon for the male—
2:1:2/ns/2:2/na (both in KGG 200, p.143).
3.KGG 300 (p.144)—
(a)Character 2 should read "P.1 Enp.".
(b) Leptastacus naylori McLachlan & Moore, 1978, requires a new codon—
p/2/0:0:1/3:4:5/1:1:0/1 :2:1.
4.KGG 500 (p.148)—
(a)Character 1 should read "P.1 Exp."; there is only one segment in this ramus.
(b) Psammastacus erasmusi McLachlan & Moore, 1978, to codon for P. spinicaudatus.
5. Arenopontia (N.) sakagamii ltô, 1978, to codon for Arenopontia c) in KGG 600 (p.149); add to footnote c) (p.150).