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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 71, 72 and 73

Family Paramesochridae

Family Paramesochridae

1. Apodopsyllus unguiformis Coull & Hogue, 1978, to codon for A. africanus and A. schulzi in KGG 300 (p.129).
2. Apodopsyllus bermudensis Coull & Hogue, 1978, is described for all the previous records of A. africanus from Bermuda; add a new codon in KGG 300 (p.129) —
2/4/0:4/1:2 and make an appropriate note in General Note 1 (p. 130).
3. Apodopsyllus perplexus appears incorrectly in KGG 300 (p.129) as A. reductus. This species was originally described as Leptopsyllus reductus Petkovski, 1955, but as this is a junior primary homonym of L. reductus Lang, 1948, the name must be permanently rejected (Article 59(a) of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, page 4 1964). This was overlooked by Kunz (1962) in his revision of the family, in which he removed L. reductus Petkovski to Apodopsyllus but retained the homonymous trivial name. The homonymy was recognised by Wells (1963) who proposed replacement by Leptopsyllus perplexus nom. nov. This replacement name has priority over L. petkovskii nom. nov., proposed by Noodt (1964). Thus the correct name for L. reductus Petkovski is Apodopsyllus perplexus (Wells, 1963).