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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 71, 72 and 73



A collection of Collembola from Zaire contained several hundred specimens of Ceratrimeria leleupi Salmon and Adams, 1979. In the majority of specimens examined, the buccal cone was closed and dissection of the cone and mouth-parts was necessary for identification purposes. In a few specimens however, the buccal cone was open and the mandibles and maxillae were exserted from the mouth. These specimens were selected for detailed examination of the mouth and mouth-parts in situ.

In order to view the mouth-parts in their natural extended position no attempt was made to dissect them out of the cone. Whole specimens were mounted with the buccal cone uppermost. The following description of the mouth-parts of C. leleupi is from observations with the scanning electron microscope.

Specimens were prepared using the critical point drying method. They were fixed to a standard Cambridge S.E.M. stub with silver dag, sputter coated with gold and viewed on a Cambridge Mk. 11.A scanning electron microscope.