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Studies on the Two New Zealand Bats



In C. tuberculatus there is no differentiation of hair as overhair and underhair. The long, fine filaments are of fairly uniform diameter and lack a medulla. Filament length is from 4 to 7 mm with the maximum diameter, 15μ, occurring both above and below the midpoint (diameter 12μ). Distal scales are about 15μ in diameter and the hair ends as an acute projection formed from two or three incompletely developed scales.

Melanin is concentrated in the proximal half of the filament; the maximum density occurring about a third of the distance along the hair. Within each scale the melanin is arranged dis.tally except in the distal portion of the hair where the few granules are scattered irregularly. Scale arrangement is annular. Scale form in the proximal half of the hair is medium, divergent or divaricate, equal or unequal hastate coronal but distally it becomes short, slightly divergent, equal hastate coronal. The terminal scales are slightly longer than those preceding them.