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Studies on the Two New Zealand Bats

Mystacina tuberculata Gray 1843

Mystacina tuberculata Gray 1843

Muzzle conical, obliquely truncated, with conspicuous array of stiffened hairs radiating from posterior margins of glandular eminences. Prominent nostrils opening sublaterally. Ears simple and extending well beyond the fur of the head; tragus long and attenuate. Fur close, grey to black. Coarse overhairs, with long distal thickening, scattered amongst short, wavy underhairs. Scale form entire to repand coronal. Robust forelimb; upper arm slightly less than 3/5 forearm length. Long metacarpals shorter than forearm. Second digit with single rudimentary phalanx Third digit with three bony phalanges. Cartilaginous tip of fifth digit extending beyond margin of chiropatagium. Wings from metacarpal of thumb and from ankles. Propatagium reduced and thickened. Plagiopatagium and uropatagium with numerous ridges on upper surface of proximal portions. Leg short and robust with large feet about 3/4 shank length. Basal talons present on the claws of toes and thumbs. Short tail perforating uropatagium. Weak calcars.