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Studies on the Two New Zealand Bats



Mystacina tuberculata Gray is a small bat with a close, compact layer of fur which is generally frosted in appearance. The elongate head tapers conspicuously forwards to prominent nostrils. The simple ears have a long, narrow tragus. The thin flight membranes are exceptionally tough and the reduced propatagium, medial portions of the plagiopatagium, and the basal part of the uropatagium are conspicuously thickened. With the exception of the slender metacarpals and phalanges of the chiropatagium limb elements are robust; the feet being very large and turned outwards. The short tail penetrates the uropatagium dorsally.

This species is represented in New Zealand as two distinct forms which are here described as subspecies. One ranges throughout the North Island and is present in at least northern areas of the South Island. but the other is at present only recognised from Stewart Island and a few neighbouring islets. A specimen from Okarito, Westland, was in too poor condition to enable subspecific determination.