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Deep-Sea Echinoderms of New Zealand

Family Echinasteridae

Family Echinasteridae

Echinaster Mueller & Troschel, 1840

Echinaster farquhari Benham

  • Benham, W. B., 1909. Rec. Cant. Mus. 1 (2) p. 98–100, Pl. VIII.

Material Examined: Two deep-water specimens, one of them from 330 fathoms, the other from 290 fathoms, from Stations 41 and 59 respectively, of the Chatham Islands 1954 Expedition.

Remarks: Other specimens have recently been taken by F. Abernethy on the Cook Strait shelf. The species has, until now, been known only from Benham's holotype specimen, from Otago, 18–28 fathoms.

Henricia Gray, 1840

Henricia compact a (Sladen)

  • Cribrella compacta Sladen, W. B., 1889. Rpt. on Asteroidea. Challenger Sci. Rslts., Zoology, 30, p. 543, Pl. XCVI 1–2, Pl. XCVIII 3–4. Henricia compacta Mortensen, Th. Vid. Medd. dansk. naturh. For., 79, p. 307–8.

Material Examined: Five specimens from the following stations of the Chatham Islands Expedition, 1954: 280 fathoms, Chatham Rise, Station 7, 1 specimen; 220 fathoms, Chatham Rise, Station 6, 4 specimens.

Remarks: The holotype was taken by the Challenger in 275 fathoms, at Station 166, west of Cape Farewell.