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Deep-Sea Echinoderms of New Zealand

Pentagonaster Gray, 1840 — Pentagonaster pulchellus Gray

Pentagonaster Gray, 1840

Pentagonaster pulchellus Gray

  • Gray, J. E., 1840. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. VI, p. 280.

Material Examined: Although this beautiful sea-star is well-known from quite shallow water, 3–40 fathoms, it has not previously been taken from the continental slope. Seven specimens now in the Dominion Museum were taken by Dr. R. K. Dell from the edge of Canyon A, off East Otago, at Dom. Mus. Station B.S.189 in 120 fathoms. Dell (personal communication) considers it not unlikely that they had fallen into the canyon, as some shelf mollusca were found to be living under similar circumstances.