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Deep-Sea Echinoderms of New Zealand


Until now three genera of Goniasteridae have been recorded from New Zealand waters, namely Mediaster, Pentagonaster and Nectria. Three more genera can now be added to the fauna, namely Pseudarchaster, Hippasteria and Anthenoides. In view of this major change in the representation of Goniasteridae the following key to the genera may be useful.

1. Body covered by a membrane which obscures the outlines of the underlying plates and granules; inferomarginals projecting beyond the superomarginals Anthenoides
Body not covered by a membrane which obscures the plates below; both marginal series similar 2
2. Paxillae on the abactinal surface 3
No abactinal paxillae 5
3. Abactinal plates with an elevated tabula, crowned with enlarged granules Nectria
Abactinal plates with unspecialized paxillae 4
4. An unpaired (but not recurved) median tooth to each pair of mouth-plates Pseudarchaster
No median unpaired tooth Mediaster
5. No abactinal or marginal spines; terminal marginal plates enlarged Pentagonaster
Abactinal and marginal spines present; terminal marginal plates not enlarged Hippasteria